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Mexico, lindo y querido! (Sweet and lovely Mexico!)

April 28, 2010

Hey Pet Society fans! Cinco de Mayo fever hits town this week with Mexican inspired items everywhere you look! Start with “?” in the Mystery Store, and start searching mystery boxes, because whichever way you look at it, the Mexican Chihuahua will fit right into any loving home! Sign onto Pet Society via Facebook now to see what you can find!

Small Flowering Cactus Pot Cactus Luchador Mask
Mexican Chihuahua Plushie (TWS) White Sombrero (TWS)

Taking a break from the fiesta for just a minute, there are also some new free gifts to send your friends! Whether some pretty poppies or blowing those little pig’s houses down sounds good to you are your friends, send some free gifts now!

Poppy Flower Crown Bad Wolf Plushie

The new mysterious items are just a taste of what’s to come, come Monday the stores of the village are going all out in preparation for the 5th of May (Cinco de Mayo), and where better to start with any celebration than with delicious food! For 10 Mexican treats purchase the Mexican Food Delivery Subscription from the Food Store today (May 3rd) and ensure you log in each day over the next 10 days to get each delectable dish! The fun doesn’t stop there though, Truffles also introduces the Candy Piñata, hang this in your garden (or anywhere really) and be sure to visit each day to receive a sweet a day for 10 days (starting May 3rd). Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 10th of May, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Beef Enchilada (from Mexican Food Delivery Subscription) Mexican Food Delivery Subscription (Grocery) (TWS) Agave Drink (from Mexican Food Delivery Subscription)
Strawberry Candy (from Candy Piñata) Candy Piñata (Grocery) (TWS) Lemon Lollipop (from Candy Piñata)
Berry Lollipop (from Candy Piñata) Pink Candy Piñata (Grocery) (TWS) Double Caramel Truffle (from Candy Piñata)

The Pond has a new resident whom is said to be slightly excited by delivered Mexican food, he can be elusive though, so don’t let him slip away, but cast in with some yummy food today!


If you are perhaps wanting a little more companionship than a fish, but still in true Mexican style, head to the Market where Felicity has an adorable Black Chihuahua Plushie ready to take home!

Black Chihuahua Plushie (Toys & Collectibles)

Head to the Furniture Store to purchase the finest Mexican tables and chairs in the village to lay your feast on! Plus, while there decorate your room with everything from Maracas to Terracotta!

Blue Mexican Wooden Table (Living) (TWS) Blue Mexican Wooden Chair (Living) (TWS)
Colorful Mexican Wooden Table (Living) Mexican Wooden Chair (Living)
Sun And Moon Wall Decor (Living) (TWS) Traditional Terracotta Collection (Living)
Sombrero Wall Decor (Living) Colorful Decorative Maracas (Living) (TWS)

To add even more colour to your Mexican celebration, head to the D.I.Y. Depot, where Grumble has decorative rugs wall hangings and more!

Colorful Mexican Rug (Walls & Floors) (TWS)
Pink Mexican Rug (Walls & Floors)
Light Stucco Wallpaper (Walls & Floors) Dark Red Terracotta Floor Tiles (Walls & Floors)
Serape Wall Hanging (Walls & Floors) (TWS)

Stepping outside, experience a little of Mexico in your own garden with the Papaya Tree now having a chance to grow from Tree Seeds! For some extra colour, and added bite, pick up the Chilli Peppers Pot from the Garden Store!

Papaya Tree (from Tree Seed) (Gardening) Papaya (from Papaya Tree) Chilli Peppers Pot (Gardening)

To spice up the fiesta even more, there’s another piñata in store! Terrence introduces the Mystery Pinata to the Boutique which contains five deluxe Mexican items, can you find them all?

Quetzal Bird (from Mystery Pinata) Mystery Pinata (Amazing Items) (TWS) Guitarrón (from Mystery Pinata)

Now that your home is ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, dress your pet in their best to party all night long! Lily has some great new Mexican inspired options in the Clothes Store, so be sure to stop by before the fiesta!

Colorful Sombrero (Boys) (TWS) Mexican Bandit Shirt (Boys) (TWS)
Mexican Mustache (Boys) (TWS) Mexican Brown Boots (Boys) (TWS)
White Lily Flower Crown (Girls) (TWS) Bright Mexican Dress (Girls) (TWS) Bright Mexican Shoes (Girls) (TWS)
Bright Blue Luchador Mask (Boys) (TWS) Luchador Cloak (Boys) (TWS) Red Luchador Top (Boys) (TWS)
Bright Blue Luchador Pants (Boys) (TWS) Red Luchador Boots (Boys) (TWS)
Pink Lily Flower Crown (Girls) Red Mexican Dress (Girls)
Black Mariachi Shirt (Boys) (TWS) Black Mariachi Pants (Boys) (TWS) Black Mariachi Shoes (Boys) (TWS)
White Mariachi Shirt (Boys) White Mariachi Pants (Boys) White Mariachi Shoes (Boys)

May Day has just past, but if you want to grab a couple of things to enjoy any spring breaks you may have, the May Day Cow Plushie and Daisy May Pole, or even the Lake Side Balcony should help!

May Day Cow Plushie (Market – Toys & Collectibles) (TWS) Daisy May Pole (Market – Party & Gifts) (TWS)
Lake Side Balcony (D.I.Y. – Windows & Doors) (PF-Cash)

While spring is in the air, head to the Mystery Store and indulge in some new Spring Faerie Mystery Eggs! There’s 11 bright new items to collect, so start hunting!

Spring Faerie Mystery Egg Vending Machine Spring Faerie Mystery Egg (Mystery Boxes & Eggs)
Spring Faerie Table (from Spring Faerie Mystery Egg) Spring Faerie Seat (from Spring Faerie Mystery Egg)

Mother’s Day is coming up in Pet Society this week, so prepare to spoil your mum, or any other special pet, with a range of lovely items in store. You can find a special selection of gifts in the Boutique which when gifted or purchased will remain wrapped in the Mother’s Day Mystery Gift box until the 9th of May, 2010.

Light Pink Heart Balloon (Market – Party & Gifts) (TWS) Mother’s Day Heart Cake (Food – Grocery) (TWS) White Heart Balloon (Market – Party & Gifts) (TWS)
Mother’s Day Daisy Bouquet (Market – Party & Gifts) (TWS) Pet Catrinas Plushie (Market – Toys & Collectibles) (TWS) Mother’s Day Daisy Card (Market – Party & Gifts) (TWS)
Mother’s Day Mystery Gift (Boutique) (TWS) Elegant Dinner (Mystery Gift)
Spa Bath Tub (Mystery Gift)
Summer Picnic (Mystery Gift)

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage and will have items from Whether for a Clock or a Shamrock in stores this week!

Never Grow Up!

April 23, 2010

Hey Pet Society fans! The game has just been updated, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to check out what’s new!

Sirius visited “?” in the Mystery Store earlier, and as if they had been sprinkled with Magic Fairy Dust, the images of the new mysterious items floated off of the counter and straight into Sirius’ paws. Sirius was quite surprised, but “?” had a knowing look, perhaps he’s more mysterious than even Sirius suspected!

Letter Cubes Pink Fairy Dress Brown Teddy Plushie

Shortly after leaving the Mystery Store, Sirius bumped into another interesting pet. She didn’t recognise him at first, as well she was expecting a bunny, but as soon as he told her that she could have an opportunity to post and out of this world free gift to her wall for her friends, she knew exactly who it was, Hideeni! So keep a close eye out for him when playing, as Hideeni really is livening up the Pet Society galaxy! There are 12 gifts to collect, can you collect them all?

Ursa Major Hideeni Small Asteroids

Hideeni’s latest offerings aren’t the only new free gifts in town though, there are also a couple of new additions, including an adorable Cream Teddy, to the free gifts icon on the left side of your game screen, so get sending!

Cream Teddy Plushie Pastry Headband

So Sirius thought the ducks were quacking loudly last week, but this were they were even louder! Wondering why she went to have a quack with them and find out the latest Pond gossip. Soon enough, all was clear, not only was there a new fish in the Pond, but some other new cool things including a pretty Orange Seashell as well!

Neon Tetra Jumbo Orange Seashell
Cypraea Englerti White Anemone

And there’s one more surprise today, we now have collaborative items, which you can only get with the help of your friends. Each day you can select one collaborative item (using the Hammer icon on the left of screen or by selecting the items in the Market) and post to your Facebook wall to ask your friends to help you obtain it, after a certain number of friends have helped, you will receive your item. All of your friends are awarded some coins for helping out. So help each other and together achieve Totem Poles and Pink Tepees now!

Totem Pole Pink Tepee

Come Monday we have some great items filling the stores! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 3rd of May, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

The Monarch Butterfly is threatened by climate change.  Hence the Monarch Butterfly is our latest collection to help support WWF. To read more about this, see this blog post.

Eternal Monarch Butterfly Wings (Amazing Items) Monarch Butterfly Flower Decor (Amazing Items) Monarch Butterfly Cocoon (Amazing Items)
Monarch Butterflies Garden (Amazing Items)

Wind back the years and never grow up as the store owners help you transform your home into Never Never Land this week! Start your journey in style in the Clothes Store, with outfits that may have other pets wondering if you really are Peter Pan stood before them (or Wendy, Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily, Captain Cook or his sidekick Mr Smee, or even a Raccoon)!

Peter Pan Hat (Boys) Peter Pan Shirt (Boys)
Peter Pan Pants (Boys) Peter Pan Shoes (Boys)
Wendy Ribbon (Girls) Wendy Dress (Girls) Wendy Shoes (Girls)
Tinker Bell Wig (Hair Stylist) (TWS) Tinker Bell Wings (Accessories) (TWS)
Tinker Bell Dress (Girls) (TWS) Tinker Bell Shoes (Girls) (TWS)
Tiger Lily Headdress (Girls) Tiger Lily Dress (Girls) Tiger Lily Shoes (Girls)
Captain Hook Hat (Boys) Captain Hook Shirt (Boys)
Captain Hook Pants (Boys) Captain Hook Shoes (Boys) Hook (Boys)

Mr Smee Bandana (Boys) (TWS) Mr Smee Shirt (Boys) (TWS) Mr Smee Shoes (Boys) (TWS)
Raccoon Costume Head (Boys & Girls) (TWS) Raccoon Costume Arm (Boys & Girls) (TWS) Raccoon Costume Leg (Boys & Girls) (TWS)
Gold Mermaid Dress (Girls)

With Peter Pan fever taking over the village, there’s a new item type that you need to know about –  Limited Edition items! These items are special in that only a certain number of these are released, plus you are only able to purchase a maximum of one per day. The first Limited Edition item is the Peter Pan Statue, make sure you purchase one while you can!

Peter Pan Statue (Furniture – Living) (Limited)

If wearing the Tinkerbell costume, or just feeling like floating around, check out the new Magic Fairy Dust from the Boutique which will allow your pet to float instead of walking for a few days!

Magic Fairy Dust (Amazing Items)

Set the scene for your adventure from London to a Tropical Island this week in the D.I.Y. Depot!

London At Night Wallpaper (Walls & Floors) (TWS)
London At Night Floor (Walls & Floors) (TWS)
Wendy’s Blue Window (Windows & Doors) Wendy’s Pink Window (Windows & Doors) (TWS)
Tropical Island Wallpaper (Walls & Floors)
Tropical Island Floor (Walls & Floors)

Recreate scenes from Neverland in your own home with the amazing new items in the Garden Store! From Skull cave to Mermaid’s Lagoon Mrs. Appleblossom has you covered! Plus, you can purchase the Tinkerbell Flower which will evolve over several days to produce a cute fairy which will add a bit of sparkle!

Skull Cave (Furniture) (TWS) Mermaid’s Lagoon (Furniture)
Island Vegetation (Gardening) Cream Tepee (Furniture) (TWS)
Tinkerbell Flower (Gardening) (PF-Cash)

For some friends (well even the crocodile looks friendly enough) in your travels, head to the Market for a Nana Plushie and Crocodile Plushie!

Nana Plushie (Toys & Collectibles) (TWS) Crocodile Plushie (Toys & Collectibles)

Back to sleeping London now, set up your own version of Wendy’s bedrooms with new beds, rugs and even a Toys Chest new to the Furniture Store!

Wendy’s Blue Bed (Bedroom) Wendy’s Cream Bed (Bedroom) (TWS)
Wendy’s Blue Rug (Bedroom) Toys Chest (Bedroom) (TWS) Wendy’s Cream Rug (Bedroom) (TWS)

If all the adventures have made your pet a little peckish, head to the Food Store where Truffles has the delicious Bagel Sandwich in store!

Bagel Sandwich (Grocery)

Finally, for something special for your garden, check out the new Topiary Seed in the Garden Store! When planted this amazing seed will grow into one of eight possible topiaries in just 24 hours. Plus, once grown, you can remove them and place them into a flower pot if you like.

Romantic Roses Topiary (from Topiary Seed) Topiary Seed (Gardening) (PF-Cash) Spiral Topiary (from Topiary Seed)

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage and will have items from From Egypt with love in stores this week!

Dance around the globe!

April 15, 2010

Hey Pet Society fans! “?” has been up to his tricks once again, and there’s new mysterious items hidden away in mystery boxes! These are just a taste of what’s to come, with Prom fever taking hold of the village! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to start searching.

Golden Star Decor Purple Party Balloon
Classy Kitty Pink Prom Crown (TWS)

You’ve got pigs with straw and sticks already, so make sure you get the new Green Pig Plushie with bricks, apparently he’s quite smart! You can send him (or the new Apple Room Scent) to your friends as a free gift and hopefully they’ll return the favour!

Green Pig Plushie Apple Room Scent

The ducks by the Pond were making a lot of noise earlier, and when Sirius went to find out what it was all about, an intriguing new fish jumped out of the water. Can you catch one?

Danio Tinwini

Come Monday, there’ll be plenty of new items filling the stores, so make sure you check them out! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 26th of April, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Show your appreciation for the environment through your pet this week, with Earth Day coming up on April 22! Whether a cute “I heart Earth” Bear Plushie, some Playfish Eco Bags for those groceries, or your own Eco Tree, run to the stores to show your green side!

“I heart Earth” Bear Plushie (Market) (Toys & Collectibles) Playfish Eco Bag (Market) (Toys & Collectibles) Eco Tree Seed (Garden) (Gardening)
Eco Tree (from Eco Tree Seed) Eco Fruit (from Eco Tree)

In Pet Society, we love any reason to celebrate, but what better reason to hold a huge party than Prom! Prepare for your Prom by creating the perfect room with new wallpapers, floors, staircases, windows and columns in the D.I.Y. Depot!

Romantic Night Sky (Walls & Floors)
Rocky Garden Floor (Walls & Floors)
Golden Ballroom Wallpaper (Walls & Floors) (TWS) Blue Ballroom Wallpaper (Walls & Floors)
Golden Ballroom Carpet (Walls & Floors) (TWS) Blue Ballroom Carpet (Walls & Floors)
Golden Staircase (Fixtures & Fittings) (TWS) Blue Staircase (Fixtures & Fittings)
Golden Ballroom Window (Windows & Doors) (TWS) Blue Ballroom Window (Windows & Doors)
Golden Ballroom Column (Fixtures & Fittings) (TWS) Blue Ballroom Column (Fixtures & Fittings)

Time to put up the decorations with brilliant balloons, decorative lights and more in the Market!

Blue Party Balloon (Party & Gifts) Blue Star Decor (Party & Gifts) (TWS) White Party Balloon (Party & Gifts) (TWS)
Glowing Prom Decor (Party & Gifts) (TWS) Luminous Wall Light (Party & Gifts)
Golden Balloons Arch Decor (Party & Gifts) (TWS) Blue Balloons Arch Decor (Party & Gifts) (TWS)

Set up a fantastic feast and fruit punch with the Prom Buffet Table new to the Furniture Store!

Prom Buffet Table (Living) (TWS)

For a little something extra, pick up a Purple Rose Cake from the Food Store before Truffles devours it!

Purple Rose Cake (Grocery)

Stepping outside for a breath of fresh air? Set up a great Prom atmosphere in the garden with the Romantic Blue Gazebo and Bench as well as a gorgeous Lamp Post and matching fencing from the Garden Store!

Blue Ribbon Gazebo (Furniture) (PF-Cash) Romantic Blue Bench (Furniture)
Elegant Black Gate (Furniture) Elegant Black Lamp Post (Furniture) Elegant Black Fence (Furniture)

Now what’s left? The best dresses and suits in town of course! If only the latest fashion will do, rush down to the Clothes Store on Monday for plenty of new fashions just in time for one of the biggest nights in your pet’s life!

Pink Prom Ribbon (Girls) (TWS) Pink Lace Prom Dress (Girls) (TWS)
Black Prom Gloves (Girls) (TWS) Pink Lace Prom Shoes (Girls) (TWS)
Prom Tuxedo Shirt (Boys) Prom Tuxedo Pants (Boys) White Prom Shoes (Boys)
Black Prom Ribbon (Girls) Black Lace Prom Dress (Girls)
White Prom Gloves (Girls) Black Lace Prom Shoes (Girls)
Blue Prom Queen Crown (Girls) (TWS) Blue Prom King Crown (Boys) (TWS)
Queen Of Prom Purple Dress (Girls) (TWS) Queen Of Prom Blue Dress (Girls) (TWS)

For the final touch to your stunning outfit, try for the perfect corsage! Purchase a Mystery Corsage Pot from the Garden or Clothes Store and in four days it will have evolved into one of five beautiful corsages!

Purple Orchid Corsage (from Mystery Corsage Pot) Mystery Corsage Pot (Garden – Gardening) (Clothes – Accessories) Red Rose Corsage (from Mystery Corsage Pot)

Taken the party by storm? We knew you would! Pick up the Prom Crown Poster from the Boutique to put your pet in the picture on stage accepting this amazing honour!

Prom Crown Poster (Amazing Items)

Stepping back from the Prom excitement, Terrence has some exciting yet down to earth things in store with the new Flower Plot Pots in the Boutique! Pick your choice of exquisite Flower Plot Pot, and this will act as an extra plot especially for growing flowers!

Ladybug Flower Plot Pot (Amazing Items) Butterfly Flower Plot Pot (Amazing Items) Bumblebee Flower Plot Pot (Amazing Items)

If you love shopping, and think you deserve a little more reward for all that effort, the Shopaholic Credit Card may be for you! Owning this Card will mean that you earn 10% extra paw points on each item purchase you make! And finally, if you love a mystery and want a new chance to find some items that are no longer available in Pet Society Stores, try your luck with a Splendid Mystery Box in the Boutique!

Shopaholic Credit Card (Amazing Items) Splendid Mystery Box (Amazing Items)

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage and will have items from One enormous Pets’ party! in store this week!

Covering the village in pink… cherry blossom style!

April 9, 2010

Hey Pet Society fans! Celebrate the Hanami Festival this week with many Japanese inspired items filling the stores! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 19th of April, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Bringing the first of the Japanese items to town is “?”, he’s hidden these away in his mystery boxes, so to find your own Japanese Prince, or more, sign on to Pet Society via Facebook and head into the Mystery Store now!

Hot Spring Bucket Prince Doll Geisha Mask

Have you been sending your friends some great free gifts? If so we have more great additions that we are sure you’ll enjoy; if not, you are missing out, so select the free gifts icon on the left side of screen to start sending today!

Blue Pig Plushie Blue Wind Chime

Come Monday, take your pet’s cultural experience into top gear starting with the Garden Store! Cherry blossoms are key to the Hanami Festival, so try your luck planting a Tree Seed to see if you can grow your very own Sakura Tree. To add even more Japanese flavour to your garden, install the new Japanese Hot Spring, and place some Stone Lanterns around.

Sakura Tree (from Tree Seed) Cherry Flavoured Riceball (from Sakura Tree)
Japanese Hot Spring (Furniture) Stone Lantern (Furniture)

Heading inside with the D.I.Y. Depot, you can set up scenic Japanese view with either the Mount Fuji Scrolling Window or the Door on Zen Garden. Combine these with the Japanese Traditional Wallpaper and Tatami Floor or even some Sakura Lanterns for an authentic feel.

Mount Fuji Scrolling Window (Windows & Doors) (Animated) (PF-Cash)
Zen Garden Door (Windows & Doors) (TWS)
Japanese Traditional Wallpaper (Walls & Floors) Sakura Lantern (Fixtures & Fittings)
Tatami Floor (Walls & Floors)

Decorate your newly formed Japanese haven with your choice of Kotatsu Table and Ceremony crockery, Futon Beds, a magnificent Wave Painting depicting Mount Fuji, and your very own Manga collection in the Furniture Store.

Blue Kotatsu With Sleeping Cat (Living) Pink Kotatsu With Sleeping Cat (Living) (TWS)
Cerimonial Tea Cup (Kitchen & Bathroom) Cerimonial Teapot (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Modern Brown Futon Bed (Bedroom) Modern Pink Futon Bed (Bedroom) (TWS)
Wave Painting (Living) Manga Shelf (Living)

The Market is full of Japanese fun this week, with new dolls, Water Yoyos (small colourful water filled balloons on strings which are popular toys during Japanese festivals), traditional origami art in the form of Paper Cranes, new Teru Teru Bozus to bring good weather, and more!

Princess Doll (Toys & Collectibles) (TWS) Shiba Inu (Toys & Collectibles)
Purple Water Yoyo (Toys & Collectibles) (TWS) Pink Water Yoyo (Toys & Collectibles) (TWS) Green Water Yoyo (Toys & Collectibles) (TWS)
White Paper Crane (Toys & Collectibles) Pink Paper Crane (Toys & Collectibles) (TWS)
White Teru Teru Bozu (Toys & Collectibles) Pink Teru Teru Bozu (Toys & Collectibles) (TWS)
Electric Rice Cooker (Cool Stuff) Pink Pots (Toys & Collectibles)

Of course, when experiencing Japan you should ensure you treat your pet to unique Japanese food! He won’t admit to anything, but by packaging the amazing range of 8 new Japanese options in mysterious containers in the Food Store (Grocery tab), Sirius suspects that Truffles has been talking to “?” this week.

Pink Daifuku Mochi (from Mystery Bento Box) Ramen Cup Noodle (from Mystery Bento Box) Red Bean Dessert (from Mystery Bento Box)

To set up your own Japanese restaurant for your pet, visit Terrence in the Boutique for the Cool Rotating Sushi Bar!

Cool Rotating Sushi Bar (Beautiful Items) (Animated)

Back outside now, and once you have some Japanese treats, why not cast some into the Pond to see what you can catch! Plus, if you are looking to make some trees into Bonsais, perhaps even a Sakura Tree once you’ve grown one, there’s now a delightful new option with the Zen Garden Bonsai Pot.

Koi Fish (Pond) Zen Garden Bonsai Pot (PF-Cash)

Now that your home is decked out – Japanese style, it’s time to dress the part! It is unclear whether Lily has been travelling Japan recently, or had a visit from some Japanese merchants, but she sure has plenty of amazing outfits to have you looking your best in the Clothes Store, plus some new wigs!

Purple Traditional Headpiece (Girls) (TWS) Purple Kimono (Girls) (TWS) Pink Zori Sandals (Girls) (TWS)
Red Hachimaki (Boys) (TWS) Black Kimono (Boys) Grey Zori Sandals (Boys)
Pink Traditional Headpiece (Girls) Pink Kimono (Girls) Red Zori Sandals (Girls)
Sakura Headpiece (Girls) Green Kimono (Girls)
Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform (Girls) Japanese Schoolgirl Shoes (Girls)
Anime Girl Wig (Hair Stylist) Geisha Wig (Hair Stylist)

Love the colour of your Mermaid Wig or Anime Girl Wig? Come Monday you can dye any other wig you like similarly with the new Aquamarine and Sweet Pink Wig Dyes in the Boutique!

Aquamarine Wig Dye (Boutique) (Amazing Items) Sweet Pink Wig Dye (Boutique) (Amazing Items)

Feel like throwing a Ball, or just want some more space? Visit Terrence in Boutique to investigate the magical new Display Room Door. It is said that owning this Door will lead to a beautiful new room, but don’t take Sirius’ word for it, visit the Boutique and purchase the door to experience it for yoruself! Remember, you can only get 1 room, no matter how many you buy.

Display Room Door (Boutique) (Amazing Items) Display Room (Unlocked when owning the Display Room Door)
Display Room Shelf (D.I.Y.) (Fixtures & Fittings)

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage and will have items from Once upon a time… in store this week!

Terrence’s Treasure Trove

April 1, 2010

Hey Pet Society fans! Spring is in full swing, and it’s time for spring cleaning, or perhaps some redecorating! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 12th of April, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

“?” has just hidden away some new mysterious items in mystery boxes, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now and start searching to begin your cleaning or add a little colour to your pet’s home!

Capsules Detergent Rainbow Skateboard Decor
Beige Laundry Bin Pink Big Office Chair

Plus, there are even more new free gifts to send to your friends. This Pink Pig Plushie and Pens Pouch would love a new home, so send them to your friends using the Free Gifts icon on the left of screen today!

Pink Pig Plushie Pens Pouch

When wondering around town earlier, the ducks by the Pond quacked quietly to Sirius that there was a new fish in the Pond! Sirius hasn’t managed to catch one yet, but can you?

Saddle Valentini Puffe

Come Monday there’ll be plenty of new items in stores! Have you tried our new game, Hotel City? If you haven’t tried it yet, Sirius recommends giving it a go! To celebrate the release of this fantastic new Playfish game, from Monday, you will be able to buy a Hotel City Plushie from the Market or Furniture Store!

Hotel City Plushie

It seems some amazing treasures have been discovered at the bottom of the Pond, as if from a mermaid kingdom! If you want the chance to collect these treasures, visit Terrence in the Boutique from Monday to purchase a special magnet (Treasure Bait) to cast into the Pond and see what you can find! There are 15 beautiful treasures to collect.

Bubbles Volcano (caught with Treasure Bait) Treasure Bait (Amazing Items) Mermaid Bear Plushie (caught with Treasure Bait)
Deep Sea Golden Heart (caught with Treasure Bait) Mermaid Wig (caught with Treasure Bait) Sleepy Octopus (caught with Treasure Bait)

Preston has gone all out this week, with new bathroom sets in your choice of black, blue or pink in the Furniture Store, so you can renovate to gain a totally new look!

Elegant Black Sink (Kitchen & Bathroom) Elegant Black Bath Tub (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Elegant Black Room Scent (Kitchen & Bathroom) Elegant Black Recycle Bin (Kitchen & Bathroom) Elegant Black Toilet Paper (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Elegant Black Soap Basket (Kitchen & Bathroom) Elegant Black Bin (Bedroom)
Elegant Black Towel (Kitchen & Bathroom) Elegant Black Toilet (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Elegant Black Cabinet (Bedroom)
Sweet Blue Sink (Kitchen & Bathroom) Sweet Blue Bath Tub (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Sweet Blue Room Scent (Kitchen & Bathroom) Sweet Blue Recycle Bin (Kitchen & Bathroom) Sweet Blue Toilet Paper (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Sweet Blue Soap Basket (Kitchen & Bathroom) Sweet Blue Bin (Bedroom)
Sweet Blue Towel (Kitchen & Bathroom) Sweet Blue Toilet (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Sweet Blue Cabinet (Bedroom)
Sweet Pink Sink (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS) Sweet Pink Bath Tub (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS)
Sweet Pink Room Scent (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS) Sweet Pink Recycle Bin (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS) Sweet Pink Toilet Paper (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS)
Sweet Pink Soap Basket (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS) Sweet Pink Bin (Bedroom) (TWS)
Sweet Pink Towel (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS) Sweet Pink Toilet (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS)
Sweet Pink Cabinet (Bedroom) (TWS)

After completing your new bathroom, stay in the Furniture Store to check out a few new options for your laundry, plus some bright blue seating options to liven up any room!

Sweet Blue Washing Machine (Kitchen & Bathroom) Sweet Pink Washing Machine (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Sweet Blue Washing Bin (Kitchen & Bathroom) Sweet Green Washing Bin (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS) Sweet Pink Washing Bin (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Blue Detergent Bottle (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS) Pink Ribbon Rattan Bin (Kitchen & Bathroom) Yellow Detergent Bottle (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Summer House Blue Sofa (Living) Pet Skater Poster (Living) Summer House Blue Chair (Living)

With amazing new bathroom fittings, you may want to re-tile to match! Luckily Grumble was obviously talking at length with Preston this week, so there’s fitting new tiling options in the D.I.Y. Depot! Plus, for a beautiful beachside view from your home, install a new Beach Terrace Window or Sea View Window.

Elegant Bath Tiles (Walls & Floors) Sweet Blue Tiles (Walls & Floors) Sweet Pink Tiles (Walls & Floors) (TWS)
Elegant Black Floor Tiles (Walls & Floors) (TWS) Elegant White Floor Tiles (Walls & Floors)
Sweet Blue Floor Tiles (Walls & Floors) Sweet Pink Floor Tiles (Walls & Floors) (TWS)
Beach Terrace Window (Windows & Doors) (PF-Cash) Sea View Window (Windows & Doors) (PF-Cash)

The light, bright feeling continues in the Clothes Store, with Lily creating some stunning new spring fashions!

Blue Shiny Ribbon (Girls) (TWS) Blue Shiny Ribbon Dress (Girls) (TWS) Blue Shiny Ribbon Shoes (Girls) (TWS)
Purple Shiny Ribbon (Girls) Purple Shiny Ribbon Dress (Girls) Purple Shiny Ribbon Shoes (Girls)
Brown Detective Hat (Boys) Pink Detective Hat (Girls) (TWS)

To market, to market, to buy a… mole! Yes that’s right, Felicity introduces the cute new Mole Plushie to the Market this Monday! Plus, if you have a few pesky flies buzzing around, but you don’t want to pull your soap out to wash them away just yet, try the new Pet Deodorants in the Food Store! Using Pet Deodorant will transform your pet’s flies into tiny butterflies for a few days, perfect for spring! 😉

Flies into Blue Butterflies Potion (Food) (Magic Food) (PF-Cash) Mole Plushie (Market) (Toys & Collectables) Flies into Pink Butterflies Potion (Food) (Magic Food) (PF-Cash)

Truffles is feeling very pround of himself this week! Why? Well he’s just made his own stack of Chocolate Profiteroles, that are apparently very tasty as well as looking delightful! You can buy some for your pet to try in the Food Store come Monday.

Chocolate Profiteroles (Grocery)

With plenty of choice for Petlings now, Mrs. Appleblossom introduces more choices in Petling bedding this week to the Garden Store, so they can all sleep in style!

Black Modern Petling Bed (Petlings) (TWS) Romantic Petling Bed (Petlings) (PF-Cash) White Modern Petling Bed (Petlings)

Finally, is there a wig you love, but it’s just in the wrong colour? Terrence now has the answer, with a range of Wig Dyes now available in the Boutique! Make sure you wear the wig that you are considering dyeing when you visit the Boutique, and then if you like the preview, have it dyed!

Dark Brown Wig Dye (Amazing Items) Dark Ash Wig Dye (Amazing Items) Light Brown Wig Dye (Amazing Items)
Scarlet Red Wig Dye (Amazing Items) Carrot Red Wig Dye (Amazing Items) Golden Blonde Wig Dye (Amazing Items)
Black Wig Dye (Amazing Items) Silver White Wig Dye (Amazing Items)

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage and will have items from Bee Tribal! in store this week!