Mexico, lindo y querido! (Sweet and lovely Mexico!)


Hey Pet Society fans! Cinco de Mayo fever hits town this week with Mexican inspired items everywhere you look! Start with “?” in the Mystery Store, and start searching mystery boxes, because whichever way you look at it, the Mexican Chihuahua will fit right into any loving home! Sign onto Pet Society via Facebook now to see what you can find!

Small Flowering Cactus Pot Cactus Luchador Mask
Mexican Chihuahua Plushie (TWS) White Sombrero (TWS)

Taking a break from the fiesta for just a minute, there are also some new free gifts to send your friends! Whether some pretty poppies or blowing those little pig’s houses down sounds good to you are your friends, send some free gifts now!

Poppy Flower Crown Bad Wolf Plushie

The new mysterious items are just a taste of what’s to come, come Monday the stores of the village are going all out in preparation for the 5th of May (Cinco de Mayo), and where better to start with any celebration than with delicious food! For 10 Mexican treats purchase the Mexican Food Delivery Subscription from the Food Store today (May 3rd) and ensure you log in each day over the next 10 days to get each delectable dish! The fun doesn’t stop there though, Truffles also introduces the Candy Piñata, hang this in your garden (or anywhere really) and be sure to visit each day to receive a sweet a day for 10 days (starting May 3rd). Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 10th of May, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Beef Enchilada (from Mexican Food Delivery Subscription) Mexican Food Delivery Subscription (Grocery) (TWS) Agave Drink (from Mexican Food Delivery Subscription)
Strawberry Candy (from Candy Piñata) Candy Piñata (Grocery) (TWS) Lemon Lollipop (from Candy Piñata)
Berry Lollipop (from Candy Piñata) Pink Candy Piñata (Grocery) (TWS) Double Caramel Truffle (from Candy Piñata)

The Pond has a new resident whom is said to be slightly excited by delivered Mexican food, he can be elusive though, so don’t let him slip away, but cast in with some yummy food today!


If you are perhaps wanting a little more companionship than a fish, but still in true Mexican style, head to the Market where Felicity has an adorable Black Chihuahua Plushie ready to take home!

Black Chihuahua Plushie (Toys & Collectibles)

Head to the Furniture Store to purchase the finest Mexican tables and chairs in the village to lay your feast on! Plus, while there decorate your room with everything from Maracas to Terracotta!

Blue Mexican Wooden Table (Living) (TWS) Blue Mexican Wooden Chair (Living) (TWS)
Colorful Mexican Wooden Table (Living) Mexican Wooden Chair (Living)
Sun And Moon Wall Decor (Living) (TWS) Traditional Terracotta Collection (Living)
Sombrero Wall Decor (Living) Colorful Decorative Maracas (Living) (TWS)

To add even more colour to your Mexican celebration, head to the D.I.Y. Depot, where Grumble has decorative rugs wall hangings and more!

Colorful Mexican Rug (Walls & Floors) (TWS)
Pink Mexican Rug (Walls & Floors)
Light Stucco Wallpaper (Walls & Floors) Dark Red Terracotta Floor Tiles (Walls & Floors)
Serape Wall Hanging (Walls & Floors) (TWS)

Stepping outside, experience a little of Mexico in your own garden with the Papaya Tree now having a chance to grow from Tree Seeds! For some extra colour, and added bite, pick up the Chilli Peppers Pot from the Garden Store!

Papaya Tree (from Tree Seed) (Gardening) Papaya (from Papaya Tree) Chilli Peppers Pot (Gardening)

To spice up the fiesta even more, there’s another piñata in store! Terrence introduces the Mystery Pinata to the Boutique which contains five deluxe Mexican items, can you find them all?

Quetzal Bird (from Mystery Pinata) Mystery Pinata (Amazing Items) (TWS) Guitarrón (from Mystery Pinata)

Now that your home is ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, dress your pet in their best to party all night long! Lily has some great new Mexican inspired options in the Clothes Store, so be sure to stop by before the fiesta!

Colorful Sombrero (Boys) (TWS) Mexican Bandit Shirt (Boys) (TWS)
Mexican Mustache (Boys) (TWS) Mexican Brown Boots (Boys) (TWS)
White Lily Flower Crown (Girls) (TWS) Bright Mexican Dress (Girls) (TWS) Bright Mexican Shoes (Girls) (TWS)
Bright Blue Luchador Mask (Boys) (TWS) Luchador Cloak (Boys) (TWS) Red Luchador Top (Boys) (TWS)
Bright Blue Luchador Pants (Boys) (TWS) Red Luchador Boots (Boys) (TWS)
Pink Lily Flower Crown (Girls) Red Mexican Dress (Girls)
Black Mariachi Shirt (Boys) (TWS) Black Mariachi Pants (Boys) (TWS) Black Mariachi Shoes (Boys) (TWS)
White Mariachi Shirt (Boys) White Mariachi Pants (Boys) White Mariachi Shoes (Boys)

May Day has just past, but if you want to grab a couple of things to enjoy any spring breaks you may have, the May Day Cow Plushie and Daisy May Pole, or even the Lake Side Balcony should help!

May Day Cow Plushie (Market – Toys & Collectibles) (TWS) Daisy May Pole (Market – Party & Gifts) (TWS)
Lake Side Balcony (D.I.Y. – Windows & Doors) (PF-Cash)

While spring is in the air, head to the Mystery Store and indulge in some new Spring Faerie Mystery Eggs! There’s 11 bright new items to collect, so start hunting!

Spring Faerie Mystery Egg Vending Machine Spring Faerie Mystery Egg (Mystery Boxes & Eggs)
Spring Faerie Table (from Spring Faerie Mystery Egg) Spring Faerie Seat (from Spring Faerie Mystery Egg)

Mother’s Day is coming up in Pet Society this week, so prepare to spoil your mum, or any other special pet, with a range of lovely items in store. You can find a special selection of gifts in the Boutique which when gifted or purchased will remain wrapped in the Mother’s Day Mystery Gift box until the 9th of May, 2010.

Light Pink Heart Balloon (Market – Party & Gifts) (TWS) Mother’s Day Heart Cake (Food – Grocery) (TWS) White Heart Balloon (Market – Party & Gifts) (TWS)
Mother’s Day Daisy Bouquet (Market – Party & Gifts) (TWS) Pet Catrinas Plushie (Market – Toys & Collectibles) (TWS) Mother’s Day Daisy Card (Market – Party & Gifts) (TWS)
Mother’s Day Mystery Gift (Boutique) (TWS) Elegant Dinner (Mystery Gift)
Spa Bath Tub (Mystery Gift)
Summer Picnic (Mystery Gift)

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage and will have items from Whether for a Clock or a Shamrock in stores this week!

79 Responses to “Mexico, lindo y querido! (Sweet and lovely Mexico!)”

  1. merchas7m4 Says:

    😮 TWS Mystery Items?!?!?!
    Nice update! 😀

  2. Agus Says:

    25 de Mayo Argentina Day! hope you make something nice for Argentina lol (:
    Love this new items!

  3. Bob Says:

    They are very much like last years items..

  4. bam Says:

    wow.. love it..

    love the bird.. so cute..

    and spa too..

  5. Ferretbite Says:

    As much as I hate “5 de mayo”… THESE ITEMS RULE!!!

  6. Noemi Luna Says:

    WOOOOHOOOO!!! By far the cutest and bestest week ever!!! :/
    too bad I’m broke from the limited edition peter pan statue 😀

  7. Nenamty Says:

    Thanks for a mexican week playfish 🙂

  8. kiwipatra Says:

    love them all so much especially Mother’s day mystery gift 😉

  9. mariana mendez govea Says:

    esta padrisimoo ojala aya de todos los paises esta bn chidoo 😀

  10. Anseb Says:

    Todo esta hermosooooo!!!! (Everything is beautiful!!!) xD

  11. Mine Says:

    Catrina Pluchie *_*!!! so cute! *kyaaa!!*

  12. design_world Says:

    I love the items…but fishcash items are really great =/

  13. Too Cute! Says:

    The Mother’s Day Mystery Box is the cutest! I especially like the Spa Bath Tub!

  14. Mitchie Says:

    PF – cash again…again…again… and again…. huft 😦

  15. Lula Says:

    Viva México!!
    Thank you guys for mexican items. I am so happy!!!

    p.s. the name is SARAPE, no Serape 😉

    thank you again!!! I can’t wait untill sunday!!! 😀

  16. JLR Says:

    not bad… when are you going to do the philippines? many of your players are filipino… 😀

  17. krizia magbitang Says:

    i love the mother’s day items!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Michael Says:

    I love your items. 🙂

  19. alien Says:

    Things are pretty for next week but so many of the new release are to be found at Boutique!!

  20. mariam Says:

    i REALLY want the mothers day mystery gift, but it is for playfish cash! i can’t believe it……..the items in it are so nice…………..:(

  21. Pet Society Mystery Says:

    i don’t like cash items :p too many cash items playfish…
    and i don’t like mystery boxes TWS :pp

  22. ikay Says:

    do you time pet society we can buy that all thing try to think ??????

  23. Krystel Says:

    THANK YOU for FINALLY doing a really great release of boys clothes, and they AREN’T suits/tuxedos!! LOVE the mariache mustache!

    I have to say though that I HATE TWS mystery box items. One week to get them is NOT enough considering the chances of getting them are sooo small unless you cheat (which I don’t).

  24. Petu Nia Says:

    Nachooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! The afro wig dyed brown will fit perfectly!

  25. carolina Says:

    estan bonitos

  26. steffi-san Says:

    Very colorful and vivid. I love this update!

  27. Top Posts — Says:

    […] Mexico, lindo y querido! (Sweet and lovely Mexico!) Hey Pet Society fans! Cinco de Mayo fever hits town this week with Mexican inspired items everywhere you look! Start […] […]

  28. isidora Says:

    all the items are amizing!!

  29. FangShinobi Says:

    These are some really pretty items here! I can’t wait to drop a few G’s!

  30. paolichan Says:

    awesome!!! love it!!1

  31. mochanilla Says:

    GOSH ! i really want the spa tub . i wish i just can buy it . 😦 Pls make more wigs :)) thnx i wish u can make korean and filipino theme as well . :))

  32. tracyeevee Says:

    I wish the mother’s day mystery gift wasn’t cash IMO =P

  33. ian Says:

    boutique,boutique,boutique,boutique,all the goods items are in the boutique…hmph….give us a break..

  34. Sticky – Mexican enchilada! « Pet Society Mystery Says:

    […] Chihuahua Plushie and White Sombrero are Limited Mystery Items. Pet Society Blog say it is […]

  35. eduardo Says:

    hola me gusta las cosas nuebas yo digo que cada vez pet society es mas famoso

    que otros juegos esa es mi opinion del pet society el que aya enbentado esta pagina

    penso en toda la gente que estra a visitar a su pagina facebook 100pre sera la pagina

    mas visitada bueno chauuuuuuuuu saludos a todos y que tengan un buen fon de

    semana yo -_- EdUaRdO -_-

  36. Dove Says:

    I used to love Pet Society because there weren’t many cash items, but you guys are really ramping those up. Personally, I hate it.

  37. shinny Says:

    WOWWWW!!!!!I Love mystery egg and mystery gift^^ SO LOVELY!!!!!!

  38. shinny Says:

    I would like wedding party theme.I think It will so wonderful !!!

  39. cychua Says:

    What does TWS stand for? till now i still dont get it

  40. Nhoc tieu quy Says:

    helo Pet society ! mystery gift is so cuteee :X i hope you can more food fish :X LOve love

  41. Paul Says:

    I’m totally grabbing that mustache. Strangely, it’ll be a perfect fit with my Captain Hook outfit.

  42. ang Says:

    I love the items & I guess we have to wait till Monday? But the Papaya doesn’t really look like that in real life..shouldn’t it be more round? unless that’s the Mexican type? u can’t really tell what it is..

  43. ang Says:

    btw, what does mystery gift mean? is that a box or sth? I love the elegant dinner and spa bath aww they’re so cute!

  44. ang Says:

    oh nvm..mystery gift means playfish cash! I knew it was too good to be true.

  45. Cata Says:

    I love the items but may be playfish can add some typical items for other contries too.
    Yes, i’m jelous 😛

  46. Keen Says:

    I want Philippine theme. When is Philippine Week?

  47. -kodama Says:

    The Cinco de Mayo items don’t “grab” me, but May Day and Mother’s Day items are pretty… this theme being less interesting might give me time to recover from scrambling around hunting down items in all the mystery boxes… but I doubt it! LOL

  48. katiewill04 Says:

    just wishing for LESS cash items and more free items…there should never be more cash items than non cash items…thats not why most of us play the game…to pay for items we dont actually own…make more items that we can buy…i have over 50000 saved up and most ofthe items i want to purchase are cc…

  49. Lillian Says:

    OMG i love how you update us with the items before they come out!

  50. Awesomeness! Says:

    luv da mexican chihuahua plush!

  51. Karusa Says:

    Una semana dedicada a mi país! gracias!!

    A week dedicated to my country! Thanks a lot!!

  52. lyn Says:

    i like the spring fairy items , wonder if there’s gonna be winter fairy items ^_^

  53. mingie Says:

    it good beuitfull

  54. Jessy Says:

    wow~I love every theme you made!^^ Great job!!^^
    I hope there will be Egypt theme, too.^^It would be cool.^^

  55. yuha Says:

    i dont like cash item….. we wanna play not purchase… hahaha…

  56. nana Says:

    I love the items!but on the other hand I think that the mexican week is unfair.
    There was one before and there are so many other countries!!For example mine,Spain (which is usually confused with mexico,but that’s another story).

  57. Keen Says:

    When is Philippine Week. Lots of players are Filipinos. Nice items for Mexican Week & Mother’s Day.

    • ian Says:

      yeah,pet society believe the two of us many filipinos play and support pet society.

      Mabuhay ang Pilipinas..

  58. varun Says:

    hey…i cannot see the food delivery thing or the candy pinata!!!!!!!i live in the united arab emirates and reallly like to collect these sort of things…………wats rong???i really want the items which started on third may!!

  59. varun Says:

    srry about my previous comment…..i forgot that it is second….my brother changed the date on my laptop…

  60. wow Says:

    I love pet society and I love all the items (me encanta)

  61. Girl Says:

    ohhh sweet ..

  62. lyca-----xP Says:

    i would like to ask about a room. a neighbor of mine has a new room which i never seen before,. it has like a garden like theme. it lets you plant 2-3 more trees or plants like the regular garden room you have for your pet. do you think its from hacking?

    • -Serenity- Says:

      No, it’s a secret room and to unlock it you must buy 3 kind (vegetable, flower, fruit) fairy 😉

  63. online pet insurance Says:

    Great. What a an interesting post. I definitely adore pet society because of the fun stuff. My favorite part of the game was designing and buying things to make your house beautiful.

  64. caramel camille Says:

    what is the next theme?

  65. Rex Says:

    Thanks Im mexican

  66. Rex Says:

    Gracias soy Mexicano

  67. Lluvia Says:

    Love the items, specially the mustache, but
    what happen with the black mariachi sombrero,
    i hope find to it in the mystery boxes,
    and maybe should doing a Xoloitzquintle the hairless mexican dog.
    Whatever me encanta.

  68. Maracafish in Pet Society « Pet Society Anonymous Says:

    […] Mexican this week, and the funny-looking Maracafish makes a splash into the pond. The official Pet Society blog says that you can catch this mustachioed fish with items from the Mexican Food Delivery service, […]

  69. Ophelia Says:

    What is the mystery gift that you meant? Does is need playfish cash or just coins? I have no playfish cash. 😦

  70. livia Says:

    cte items :D..!
    but i can’t play it because if i click retry,it must be error 😦

  71. molly Says:

    i need playfish cash this game is so fun! VIVA MEXICO

  72. ikay Says:


  73. misaeltricks Says:

    Playfish team needs to promote FREE PLAYFISH CASH as what has the team done to earn PF in Hotel City, in Restaurant City or another games.
    I hope Playfish can support S-E Asian’s culture and languages. Good Luck!

  74. Janina Godeaux Says:

    Buenos días!. Excelente artículo, agregaré tu blog a mi lector de noticias. Saludos!

  75. Faza Says:

    Nice! Cool! Great! I like this game! 😀 ❤

  76. pet insurance for dogs Says:

    Very cute stuff.I will sign up now.I love the white sombrero and the mexican chihuahua.

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