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Welcome To The World Of Sketch!

January 31, 2013

It’s black, white and oh so colorful  Where the rose looks more red, the sky more blue and the trees more green! An amazing theme, where we look at Pet Society through the eyes of an artist! Head over there and check out the awesome items in store for you!

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you were a sketch? Wonder no more! There’s more! Make your own work of art on the Sketchy Easel! And you’ll never see a more beautiful view, than the one outside your Sketched Time Changing Window!



Welcome To Patches And Stitches!

January 24, 2013

Would you look at the colors and patterns! Bring out the patterns, the colors and your sewing kit! This week it’s all about Patches And Stitches! A week you’re not going to want to miss out on with so many unique items to check out!

This week you could be relaxing on the Patch And Stitch Swing or flying through the skies in the Patched up Plane! You’re sure to look your best in one of the items from the Patch And Stitch Mystery Outfits! There’s also a cute puppy that’s a bundle of fun!

So what are you waiting for! Check out the awesome items sewn for you!


Head Into The Wild!

January 17, 2013

Say good bye to civilization  this week we travel Into the Wild! Away from the concrete jungle and into the luscious green forests of Pet Society! Where animals roam free, wild and happy! Are you ready to go Into the Wild?

How about blending in with your animal friends with the awesome Wild Accessories Bundle?! In this jungle the animals you meet aren’t just super friendly, they’re fun too! Have a blast with the gang from the Wild Friends Bundle or eat some delicious berries from the Wild Mystery Tree!

Head into the wild!

That’s not all! A New Digging Map is waiting to be unlocked! The perfect digging map for the Pet who likes an adventure! All you have to do is finish crafting the Into The Wild Statue! Get your Shovels ready!


Welcome To The Butterfly Meadow!

January 10, 2013

This week we travel to the Butterfly Meadow! There’s nothing more beautiful than watching butterflies flutter around this gorgeous Meadow where the colors are bright and beautiful! So take a look at all the pretty items in store for you!

Your Pet is sure to look fabulous in the Butterfly Lady Outfit! You also get to fly with the butterflies thanks to the Evolving Butterfly Wings and once the day is done, unwind by relaxing in the Butterfly Gazebo! That and a lot more awaits you in next week’s theme!

Flutter By in the Butterfly Meadow!

Sugar and Spice and all things nice!

January 3, 2013

Its sugar and spice and everything nice! Doesn’t matter if you have a sweet tooth or a craving for some hot chili, Pet Society has got it all here! Definitely a theme you want to take a bite out off! So make sure you don’t miss it!

The sugar and spice pals are here to play! And boy, are they a fun bunch! Eat some Hot Chili from the Spicy Chili Tree or build a Mountain of Sugar Candy! Mm mm, doesn’t that just make your mouth water? There’s a lot more stuff to check out, and all sweet or spicy! Just the way you like it!