Dance around the globe!


Hey Pet Society fans! “?” has been up to his tricks once again, and there’s new mysterious items hidden away in mystery boxes! These are just a taste of what’s to come, with Prom fever taking hold of the village! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to start searching.

Golden Star Decor Purple Party Balloon
Classy Kitty Pink Prom Crown (TWS)

You’ve got pigs with straw and sticks already, so make sure you get the new Green Pig Plushie with bricks, apparently he’s quite smart! You can send him (or the new Apple Room Scent) to your friends as a free gift and hopefully they’ll return the favour!

Green Pig Plushie Apple Room Scent

The ducks by the Pond were making a lot of noise earlier, and when Sirius went to find out what it was all about, an intriguing new fish jumped out of the water. Can you catch one?

Danio Tinwini

Come Monday, there’ll be plenty of new items filling the stores, so make sure you check them out! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 26th of April, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Show your appreciation for the environment through your pet this week, with Earth Day coming up on April 22! Whether a cute “I heart Earth” Bear Plushie, some Playfish Eco Bags for those groceries, or your own Eco Tree, run to the stores to show your green side!

“I heart Earth” Bear Plushie (Market) (Toys & Collectibles) Playfish Eco Bag (Market) (Toys & Collectibles) Eco Tree Seed (Garden) (Gardening)
Eco Tree (from Eco Tree Seed) Eco Fruit (from Eco Tree)

In Pet Society, we love any reason to celebrate, but what better reason to hold a huge party than Prom! Prepare for your Prom by creating the perfect room with new wallpapers, floors, staircases, windows and columns in the D.I.Y. Depot!

Romantic Night Sky (Walls & Floors)
Rocky Garden Floor (Walls & Floors)
Golden Ballroom Wallpaper (Walls & Floors) (TWS) Blue Ballroom Wallpaper (Walls & Floors)
Golden Ballroom Carpet (Walls & Floors) (TWS) Blue Ballroom Carpet (Walls & Floors)
Golden Staircase (Fixtures & Fittings) (TWS) Blue Staircase (Fixtures & Fittings)
Golden Ballroom Window (Windows & Doors) (TWS) Blue Ballroom Window (Windows & Doors)
Golden Ballroom Column (Fixtures & Fittings) (TWS) Blue Ballroom Column (Fixtures & Fittings)

Time to put up the decorations with brilliant balloons, decorative lights and more in the Market!

Blue Party Balloon (Party & Gifts) Blue Star Decor (Party & Gifts) (TWS) White Party Balloon (Party & Gifts) (TWS)
Glowing Prom Decor (Party & Gifts) (TWS) Luminous Wall Light (Party & Gifts)
Golden Balloons Arch Decor (Party & Gifts) (TWS) Blue Balloons Arch Decor (Party & Gifts) (TWS)

Set up a fantastic feast and fruit punch with the Prom Buffet Table new to the Furniture Store!

Prom Buffet Table (Living) (TWS)

For a little something extra, pick up a Purple Rose Cake from the Food Store before Truffles devours it!

Purple Rose Cake (Grocery)

Stepping outside for a breath of fresh air? Set up a great Prom atmosphere in the garden with the Romantic Blue Gazebo and Bench as well as a gorgeous Lamp Post and matching fencing from the Garden Store!

Blue Ribbon Gazebo (Furniture) (PF-Cash) Romantic Blue Bench (Furniture)
Elegant Black Gate (Furniture) Elegant Black Lamp Post (Furniture) Elegant Black Fence (Furniture)

Now what’s left? The best dresses and suits in town of course! If only the latest fashion will do, rush down to the Clothes Store on Monday for plenty of new fashions just in time for one of the biggest nights in your pet’s life!

Pink Prom Ribbon (Girls) (TWS) Pink Lace Prom Dress (Girls) (TWS)
Black Prom Gloves (Girls) (TWS) Pink Lace Prom Shoes (Girls) (TWS)
Prom Tuxedo Shirt (Boys) Prom Tuxedo Pants (Boys) White Prom Shoes (Boys)
Black Prom Ribbon (Girls) Black Lace Prom Dress (Girls)
White Prom Gloves (Girls) Black Lace Prom Shoes (Girls)
Blue Prom Queen Crown (Girls) (TWS) Blue Prom King Crown (Boys) (TWS)
Queen Of Prom Purple Dress (Girls) (TWS) Queen Of Prom Blue Dress (Girls) (TWS)

For the final touch to your stunning outfit, try for the perfect corsage! Purchase a Mystery Corsage Pot from the Garden or Clothes Store and in four days it will have evolved into one of five beautiful corsages!

Purple Orchid Corsage (from Mystery Corsage Pot) Mystery Corsage Pot (Garden – Gardening) (Clothes – Accessories) Red Rose Corsage (from Mystery Corsage Pot)

Taken the party by storm? We knew you would! Pick up the Prom Crown Poster from the Boutique to put your pet in the picture on stage accepting this amazing honour!

Prom Crown Poster (Amazing Items)

Stepping back from the Prom excitement, Terrence has some exciting yet down to earth things in store with the new Flower Plot Pots in the Boutique! Pick your choice of exquisite Flower Plot Pot, and this will act as an extra plot especially for growing flowers!

Ladybug Flower Plot Pot (Amazing Items) Butterfly Flower Plot Pot (Amazing Items) Bumblebee Flower Plot Pot (Amazing Items)

If you love shopping, and think you deserve a little more reward for all that effort, the Shopaholic Credit Card may be for you! Owning this Card will mean that you earn 10% extra paw points on each item purchase you make! And finally, if you love a mystery and want a new chance to find some items that are no longer available in Pet Society Stores, try your luck with a Splendid Mystery Box in the Boutique!

Shopaholic Credit Card (Amazing Items) Splendid Mystery Box (Amazing Items)

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage and will have items from One enormous Pets’ party! in store this week!

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85 Responses to “Dance around the globe!”

  1. Dance Parties Says:

    Good article. I like this site the articles are always useful. Thanks

  2. Kids Dance Parties Says:

    Great article. I like this site the articles are always informative. Thanks

  3. I love pet society (Tyson) Says:

    If Earth Day is about going GREEN, then why is the Eco Tree blue?

  4. JLR Says:

    i love this theme! & the credit card is a great idea! ive been playing for years & hope itll be a little easier to level up! 🙂

  5. Love Says:

    I like the stuff as well, but yea, mostly garden not furniture. I like the trees and the credit card, wonder how much that is

  6. buluk Says:

    anybody knows what the bait to catch Danio Tinwini fish??? thanks.

  7. thu thuy Says:

    most of things are repeated so not interesting. no many cash-items for this week, so disappointed 😦

  8. bhem Says:

    anybody knows what bait to catch danio tinwini???

  9. yuha Says:

    purple n purple…

  10. petsociety cutie Says:

    i love this theme but then its sooooo expenisve and i dont have another room:(

  11. VERONICA Says:


  12. VERONICA Says:


  13. VERONICA Says:


  14. Asmodya Says:

    Pleaaaseeeeeeeeeeee a black floor ! PLEASE ! Pleaseee… TWT
    Or a very white wallpaper ! Please please please ! T.T

  15. amnart Says:

    bad times are in pet society sirius you made good things in past but not now sorry but im sad

  16. Girl Says:

    thanks playfish .. how should we get thos flowers from the mystery corsage pot ??

  17. Misaki Says:

    you make only stuff for pet girls, not pet boys. this week EVERYTHING it’s a copy from past stuff. the only cool things have to be payed, pet fans are angry.

  18. aldana Says:

    can sombody tell me how to use or what is the Mystery Corsage for???I dont get it =S

  19. Mireyyya Says:

    anyone knows how to get the corsage with the pot? I bought 3, but I dont know what to do with them

  20. ian Says:

    helo pet society love all the items especially the corsage pot,but how many flower corsage does it contain,,i mean how many corsages can we get???

  21. crn_cham Says:

    so cute but playfish is fl00ding players with playfish cash and that is.. really.. really.. really bad. T_T.

  22. crn_cham Says:

    so cute but playfish is fl00ding players with playfish cash and that is.. really.. really.. really bad. T_T. haha “plot pot”!. 🙂

  23. HuGapet Says:

    All pretty stuff need PFC to buy them ! 😦 that is so not fair !

  24. tamaosenpai Says:

    i really want my imaginary items to be in game!

    – library wall (D.I.Y.)
    – library floor (D.I.Y.)
    – pig petling (Garden, Petling) (playfish cash)
    – petling glow-in-the-dark potion (effect: 3 days) (garden, petling) (playfish cash)
    – library bookcase (furniture)
    – librarian plushie (market)
    – librarian table (furniture)
    – librarian chair (furniture)
    – school boy plushie (market)
    – school girl plushie (market)
    – teacher plushie (market) (TWS)
    – fish glow-in-the-dark potion (effect forever) (garden, fish) (playfish cash)
    – shopaholic member card (amazing items, boutique) (playfish cash) (effect: sell items 1 half times than normal)
    – lucky cash (amazing items, boutique) (playfish cash) (effect: shake trees. but, earn playfish cash. not coins)
    – mystery hat, uniform & shoes (clothes, boys & girls) (playfish cash) (unlock a special store)

    that’s it. hope you like it 🙂

  25. holey Says:

    how do you send free gifts to your friends? >.<

  26. aaron Says:

    podrian poner ropa de naruto shippuden y naruto cosas de naruto y eso hay muchas personas que quieren que pongan ropa de naruto en el pet society

  27. matias flores Says:

    qero jugar no me lo se crear

  28. Angeline Says:

    I love this but I’m like broke from buying all that stuff =(

  29. aaron Says:

    pongan ropa de naruto y naruto shippuden anime mas famoso del mundo

  30. Martina Says:

    Play Hotel City and ull get 2 pf cash!Go!

  31. saga Says:

    can you only have one Corsage from the Mystery Corsage Pot?

  32. JenJen Says:

    I’m a shopaholic in Pet Society as well, thanks to all the gorgeous fashion and luxurious interior items that gets released each week 😦

  33. ingrid Says:

    when is teh prom?

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