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The Pets Retreat!

September 27, 2012

Do we have a surprise for you! Pet Society is expanding! For the first time in Pet Society your Pet can have two houses to live in! We are very proud to announce the inauguration of the Pets Retreat! It’s bigger, better and has some amazing rooms and garden up for sale! These new gardens will have 9 whole plots!

Finally a place for your Pet to sit back and relax in a big spacious room, or plant trees in the garden! Oh, and it gets better! The first room in the Pets Retreat is yours for FREE! All you have to do is claim it! And my god! It is one beautiful room! Where luxury has no bounds! So what are you waiting for? Visit your Pets retreat!

Just remember though to place the Lavish Angel Figurine within your room! Your friends will only be able to visit if the figurine is placed within the Secret Room!

Will it be Lavish or Lazarus!

September 27, 2012

This week Pet society is going to combine the elegance of grandeur and the beauty in simplicity! To either live the comfort that a lavish lifestyle offers or the warmth that modest living will provide is the choice you have to make in the next theme!

No matter what you choose, be assured that some beautiful items are in store for you this week! From the gorgeous Evolving Lavish Outfit, to the out of this world Mystery Evolving Lazarus Convertible! You can be sure to find beauty in both the Lavish and Lazarus style of living!


A Victorian Tale Begins!

September 20, 2012

Pet Society is travelling back in time to the Victorian Era! So this week you get to live your Victorian Tale! Be the brave Knight coming back from battle, or the fair maiden who embodies wit and charm! It’s your Victorian Tale to live out! Make it an exciting one!

With the Victorian era comes many exquisite items! So decorate your house with the Victorian Chandelier or the Victorian Grandfather Clock! Or try out the many Victorian Hairstyles! And make sure you live out your tale in style with the Victorian Tale Mystery Outfits!



Start a Winery – Quest Refresh!

September 17, 2012



The quest has been refreshed again! So you know what that means! New stages to be completed, new collectibles to be got and a gorgeous room to be won! The Vineyard Field Room will be unlocked at the end of this quest! And what a beauty it is! Your Pet will fall in love with the amazing scenery!

Waste no more time guys! Hurry on to Pet Society to win your Vineyard Field!

For more information about the quest, refer to the Start a Winery Quest Guide



Welcome To An Angelic Sleepover

September 13, 2012

Grab the pillows and blankets, order some pizza, and get into your pyjamas because this week Pet Society is going to have An Angelic Sleepover! The angels have invited us for a sleepover and it’s going to be an exciting one so make sure you don’t miss out!

This week there will be big comfy beds to sleep on, giant teddy’s to play with and a Crescent Moon to swing on! Of course no sleepover is complete without an Ultimate Sleepover Tent and a Bouncy Pillow Fort! And once the night is done rest your head on the Angelic Dream Pillow and have some sweet Angelic Dreams!


Its Raining Collectibles!

September 7, 2012

The Mayor is impressed by your hard work on the Quests and has decided to lend a helping hand! So from now on, you will get a FREE Collectible when you log into Pet Society on Mondays! It doesn’t end there! He’s also going to give you a FREE Collectible along with your “Day 2 and Day 3” Daily Log-in Bonus!

What if my “Day 2 and Day 3” Daily Log-in Bonus lands on a Monday you ask! Well then, it’s going to be one happy Monday with Two FREE Collectibles in your backpack!

So what are you waiting for guys! Only two more days till Monday! Try nabbing those two collectibles!


Welcome To The Wine And Cheese Festival!

September 6, 2012

Crack open a bottle of wine, get that slice of cheese, sit back, relax, breath in the fresh air mixed with that sweet smell of grape juice and enjoy the beautiful Vineyard scenery! This week Pet Society visits a Vineyard and it’s all about Wine and Cheese!

There are so many beautiful items this week it’s hard to know where to start! This week have a romantic dinner for two on the Vineyard Dinner Table, then head on down to the Vineyard Saloon Bar to taste some fine vintage wine! Come morning sit and relax in the Vineyard Gazebo and then join in the fun and learn to make wine with the Grape Stomping Barrel! So what are you waiting for! Head on down to Pet Society to the most beautiful Vineyard you will ever see!