Never Grow Up!


Hey Pet Society fans! The game has just been updated, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to check out what’s new!

Sirius visited “?” in the Mystery Store earlier, and as if they had been sprinkled with Magic Fairy Dust, the images of the new mysterious items floated off of the counter and straight into Sirius’ paws. Sirius was quite surprised, but “?” had a knowing look, perhaps he’s more mysterious than even Sirius suspected!

Letter Cubes Pink Fairy Dress Brown Teddy Plushie

Shortly after leaving the Mystery Store, Sirius bumped into another interesting pet. She didn’t recognise him at first, as well she was expecting a bunny, but as soon as he told her that she could have an opportunity to post and out of this world free gift to her wall for her friends, she knew exactly who it was, Hideeni! So keep a close eye out for him when playing, as Hideeni really is livening up the Pet Society galaxy! There are 12 gifts to collect, can you collect them all?

Ursa Major Hideeni Small Asteroids

Hideeni’s latest offerings aren’t the only new free gifts in town though, there are also a couple of new additions, including an adorable Cream Teddy, to the free gifts icon on the left side of your game screen, so get sending!

Cream Teddy Plushie Pastry Headband

So Sirius thought the ducks were quacking loudly last week, but this were they were even louder! Wondering why she went to have a quack with them and find out the latest Pond gossip. Soon enough, all was clear, not only was there a new fish in the Pond, but some other new cool things including a pretty Orange Seashell as well!

Neon Tetra Jumbo Orange Seashell
Cypraea Englerti White Anemone

And there’s one more surprise today, we now have collaborative items, which you can only get with the help of your friends. Each day you can select one collaborative item (using the Hammer icon on the left of screen or by selecting the items in the Market) and post to your Facebook wall to ask your friends to help you obtain it, after a certain number of friends have helped, you will receive your item. All of your friends are awarded some coins for helping out. So help each other and together achieve Totem Poles and Pink Tepees now!

Totem Pole Pink Tepee

Come Monday we have some great items filling the stores! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 3rd of May, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

The Monarch Butterfly is threatened by climate change.  Hence the Monarch Butterfly is our latest collection to help support WWF. To read more about this, see this blog post.

Eternal Monarch Butterfly Wings (Amazing Items) Monarch Butterfly Flower Decor (Amazing Items) Monarch Butterfly Cocoon (Amazing Items)
Monarch Butterflies Garden (Amazing Items)

Wind back the years and never grow up as the store owners help you transform your home into Never Never Land this week! Start your journey in style in the Clothes Store, with outfits that may have other pets wondering if you really are Peter Pan stood before them (or Wendy, Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily, Captain Cook or his sidekick Mr Smee, or even a Raccoon)!

Peter Pan Hat (Boys) Peter Pan Shirt (Boys)
Peter Pan Pants (Boys) Peter Pan Shoes (Boys)
Wendy Ribbon (Girls) Wendy Dress (Girls) Wendy Shoes (Girls)
Tinker Bell Wig (Hair Stylist) (TWS) Tinker Bell Wings (Accessories) (TWS)
Tinker Bell Dress (Girls) (TWS) Tinker Bell Shoes (Girls) (TWS)
Tiger Lily Headdress (Girls) Tiger Lily Dress (Girls) Tiger Lily Shoes (Girls)
Captain Hook Hat (Boys) Captain Hook Shirt (Boys)
Captain Hook Pants (Boys) Captain Hook Shoes (Boys) Hook (Boys)

Mr Smee Bandana (Boys) (TWS) Mr Smee Shirt (Boys) (TWS) Mr Smee Shoes (Boys) (TWS)
Raccoon Costume Head (Boys & Girls) (TWS) Raccoon Costume Arm (Boys & Girls) (TWS) Raccoon Costume Leg (Boys & Girls) (TWS)
Gold Mermaid Dress (Girls)

With Peter Pan fever taking over the village, there’s a new item type that you need to know about –  Limited Edition items! These items are special in that only a certain number of these are released, plus you are only able to purchase a maximum of one per day. The first Limited Edition item is the Peter Pan Statue, make sure you purchase one while you can!

Peter Pan Statue (Furniture – Living) (Limited)

If wearing the Tinkerbell costume, or just feeling like floating around, check out the new Magic Fairy Dust from the Boutique which will allow your pet to float instead of walking for a few days!

Magic Fairy Dust (Amazing Items)

Set the scene for your adventure from London to a Tropical Island this week in the D.I.Y. Depot!

London At Night Wallpaper (Walls & Floors) (TWS)
London At Night Floor (Walls & Floors) (TWS)
Wendy’s Blue Window (Windows & Doors) Wendy’s Pink Window (Windows & Doors) (TWS)
Tropical Island Wallpaper (Walls & Floors)
Tropical Island Floor (Walls & Floors)

Recreate scenes from Neverland in your own home with the amazing new items in the Garden Store! From Skull cave to Mermaid’s Lagoon Mrs. Appleblossom has you covered! Plus, you can purchase the Tinkerbell Flower which will evolve over several days to produce a cute fairy which will add a bit of sparkle!

Skull Cave (Furniture) (TWS) Mermaid’s Lagoon (Furniture)
Island Vegetation (Gardening) Cream Tepee (Furniture) (TWS)
Tinkerbell Flower (Gardening) (PF-Cash)

For some friends (well even the crocodile looks friendly enough) in your travels, head to the Market for a Nana Plushie and Crocodile Plushie!

Nana Plushie (Toys & Collectibles) (TWS) Crocodile Plushie (Toys & Collectibles)

Back to sleeping London now, set up your own version of Wendy’s bedrooms with new beds, rugs and even a Toys Chest new to the Furniture Store!

Wendy’s Blue Bed (Bedroom) Wendy’s Cream Bed (Bedroom) (TWS)
Wendy’s Blue Rug (Bedroom) Toys Chest (Bedroom) (TWS) Wendy’s Cream Rug (Bedroom) (TWS)

If all the adventures have made your pet a little peckish, head to the Food Store where Truffles has the delicious Bagel Sandwich in store!

Bagel Sandwich (Grocery)

Finally, for something special for your garden, check out the new Topiary Seed in the Garden Store! When planted this amazing seed will grow into one of eight possible topiaries in just 24 hours. Plus, once grown, you can remove them and place them into a flower pot if you like.

Romantic Roses Topiary (from Topiary Seed) Topiary Seed (Gardening) (PF-Cash) Spiral Topiary (from Topiary Seed)

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage and will have items from From Egypt with love in stores this week!

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81 Responses to “Never Grow Up!”


    hey! pet society why is my corsage pot not evolving?!!!!it looks like the same as when it is in the shop?!why is it like that?!

    • may Says:

      mine too its been 6 days and it looks like the same as the one in the market..why is it like that???pet society please fix this problem…

  2. loving pet Says:

    Yes, there are more and more cash items, but I also think that’s one of my greatest hobbies, so i thing that I’ll buy something even if it will cost real money.
    A friend read that a good payment method for Pet Society and for the Playfish Games in general, but before buying it I’d like to know some other opinions about it, too. Can somebody help me? Thanks in forward!

  3. greenighs Says:

    The Captain Hook hook shown here isn’t the one in the shop. The one here is all gold, and shorter. The one in the shop is the same one they had months ago, silver hook with gold base.

  4. Jess Says:

    ^^ I want to pa next week the topic is of naruto! or Card Captor Sakura! would be good ;DD

  5. Venom53 Says:

    Hey PF, I was just wanting you to know I cant buy the skull and mermaid furniture, it’s not showing up in stores for me. I have been thru them all. This seems to happen every week I go visit my friends I see something I like and I cant find it or buy it. Please I will take any help, I need that skull! =]

  6. Ginnie Rivera Says:

    Pet Society rocks:)) and…pleaaase…pllleeease have TWSs of the historical outfits in pet society from the month of october to febuary:)))) PLLLEEEAAASSSEE! my friends in Pet Society(facebook)also nwant this to happen…pleease!

  7. Ginnie Rivera Says:

    the october-febuary thing is from year 2009.

  8. design_world Says:

    I think is a great idea…i love Naruto so cool anime 😀 please pet society make that team. Omg i woul be so happy!!

  9. ikay Says:

    ngayon mag tatagalog ako kc pilipino ako hindi ko gusto yung mga bagay sa pet society na puro playfish masyado na atang mabigat yan ang mamahal na nga d2 ang mga gamit tapos mahal pa kayo mag presyo d2 sa petsociety kaya ako sumali para mabili ko man lang ng magagandang gmit yung pet ko para kahit hindi totoo ang nagagmit hindi na nga ako makabil ng expensive na gamit sa totoong buhay pet socirty pa kaya

  10. ikay Says:

    please try to low your price try to have 20 coins all item to your anniversary and limit to sell cute item in play fish cash i will campaign to that so when you don’t understand may filipino try to understand us in pet society

  11. ikay Says:

    🙂 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ 🙂 i love you all and if you want to be a good follower do not use cheat try to work diligently to go to the highest level

  12. Niluh Says:

    i feel disappointed with pet society because i already send letter for playfish but they no have reply my letter..
    i’m said them to help me..restore back my pet society because i’m join block application..and i’m could not play my pet society..please give the solution..
    thx u..

  13. Charalambos Says:

    Getting more and more cash items.. that’s very bad!

  14. nana Says:

    I love the items!but on the other hand I think that the mexican week is unfair.
    There was one before and there are so many other countries!!For example mine,Spain (which is usually confused with mexico,but that’s another story).

  15. Keen Says:

    I love the London Wallpaper

  16. greenighs Says:

    Hellooooo? Hook? Answer?

  17. Mitchie Haruno Says:

    100…!!! for Thania Hinata!!! because I am is NARUTO and PET SOCIETY fans!! good job Thania!!

  18. Awesomeness! Says:

    aawww the pink fairy dress iz so cute why is it in da mystery box?

  19. reemona Says:

    i whot

  20. acquisitions Says:


    Never Grow Up! « Pet Society’s Blog…

  21. Pet Society Addict Says:

    I need the Tinkerbell Items. Please send me them ALL!

  22. cat licking Says:

    cat licking…

    […]Never Grow Up! « Pet Society’s Blog[…]…

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