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Things that go bump in the night…

September 30, 2010

Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!

Something’s going on in Pet Society.. something creepy. My poor Bella has been having nightmares all week long, she’s been complaining of eerie feeling that someone is watching her (It’s not Hideeni, she sleeps with her “Hideeni Repellent” every night), there are bats flying left and right, and for some reason, “?” from the Mystery Store has been cackling so loudly it makes the town petlings howl! There seems to be something wrong with the town river too, last time I checked the water was not slimy and green. And since when did candy fall from trees anyway?! You’d better take a walk  through the neighborhood and see for yourself!

Could this mean the theme we’ve all been anticipating this year has finally arrived? Could it really be… Halloween in Pet Society?! Well that explains it!  The first part of Halloween in Pet Society is inspired by a more… gentle Halloween, so to speak. We have lots more to come, and this week is only the beginning! Hang on tight and enjoy the ride folks, we’re all in for a scare! Muah ha ha ha!

Ok, exciting Halloween feelings aside for a second, I have a few things to tell you before I show you the amazing items..

First! New rooms have arrived at last! There are just so many items to choose from, and if your pet is a hoarder like Bella is, well then… this news will make you jump with joy! We have added two free rooms for those that reach level 70 and level 100. As well as the option to purchase 3 more cash rooms! That’s a possibility of 21 rooms, not even including the secret rooms. Insane! If you read a little further down below, you may find information on two additional rooms that are coming soon too! The cool part is, you now have an indicator telling you when you get the next free room, so there’s no guessing!

Second! There is a new location unlocked on our Digging Map. This new location includes items that have come to haunt us from our past! It’s called “Lost Treasures” and each day 8 old, NIS (not in store) items will be available for you to dig up. (Note that this does include TWS items, but NOT Limited Edition items!) There will be a countdown to let us know when the new day has started, and when it reaches zero, a whole new set of old items will be available! If there was ever an item you missed, now is your chance to find it! Have fun digging! This map is live now, and don’t forget, everyone gets 5 free shovels daily!

And now, onto the items I know you’re all anxiously awaiting! Halloween is here, and the festivities are already well underway! “?” has got the party started by hiding the first three Halloween items in the Mystery Boxes! Please note that any items marked Halloween Special will be around until November 1st 2010 only, but may return in the future. Mystery Items will remain in the boxes until November 4th.

Cute Halloween Toy Mic
(Blue Mystery Box)
Bat Ears Headband
(Gold Mystery Box)
Pink Candy Pillow
(Gold Mystery Box)

This Cute Black Halloween Cap is the perfect gift to spoil your friends with! Suitable for both genders, and super stylish too. Extra bonus? It’s free to send to your friends!

Cute Black Halloween Cap
(Free Gift)

Black Cats are totally predictable, stand out by digging up your very own Angel Cat Plushie from the Town Forest! This is a Weekly Digging Special, so make sure you get this one fast! It will only be available for a week. (…and because Black Cats are cool anyway, there’s a little friend for this cute kitty below!)

Angel Cat Plushie
(Weekly Digging Update)

If you give out the best treats on Halloween night, maybe your friends will help out by building this item with you! You only need 15 of your most hard working friends to click your feed, and voila! A free, beautifully decorated windowsill to gaze out of beneath the moonlight. The cool part is, it’s animated! Rumor has it that Hideeni carved those pumpkins himself.

Luminous Halloween Window
(Collaborative – 15 clicks)

The first Limited Edition item goes hand in hand with the Angel Cat Plushie from the Town Forest. Opposites attract right? The adorable Devil Cat Plushie says it was love at first sight, so make sure you grab one of each to make a love connection! It’s available on Tuesday, October 5th for 24 hours only, so make sure you sign on that day to grab yours before they’re all gone!
Decorate your house with style, the Luminous Halloween Front Door is the perfect item to make a grand entrance way for your friends when they visit! All of the pets in the neighborhood will be coming to your house for treats for sure! It’s available on Wednesday, October 6th for 24 hours only, so again, make sure you sign on that day to get one for yourself!

Devil Cat Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Limited – Tuesday)
Luminous Halloween Front Door (DIY – Windows & Doors) (Mystery – Glow in the Dark) (Boutique – Beautiful) (Limited – Wednesday)

Ewwwww! Looks like someone picked this little guy right out of the town river! Green and slimy, he may be kinda cute, but Bella will be fishing with gloves on and a bottle of antiseptic in her pocket. You can catch this slimy fish with any kid of food!

Halloween Slimy Fish
(Halloween Special)

Need more space for your clothes? White and purple not your taste? The new Oversized Walk-In Closet is perfect for you then! All you have to do is buy the closet door, and a special oversized secret room will unlock in your house. There is plenty of room for Halloween clothes from 2008, 2009 and 2010 in this baby!

Oversized Walk-In Closet Oversized Walk-In Closet
Oversized Walk-In Closet
(Furniture – Bedroom) (Boutique – Beautiful Items)

Terrence has a special promotion starting on Monday. The Spooky Ghost Fireplace is just 1 of 4 special items in the “Spooky Collection”. Each week we’ll release another part of the collection, and if you purchase all four by the time Halloween is over in Pet Society, he’ll award you with a free room! The fireplace is not only animated, it’s haunted!

Spooky Ghost Fireplace
(Furniture – Living) (Boutique – Beautiful Items)

There are four new furry friends on the prowl in Pet Society come Monday. Stop by the Boutique – WWF tab to purchase them one by one, or via the bundle and get a discount! Playfish is happy to donate 10% of all proceeds to World Wildlife Fund. Not only will you be helping support the future of nature, but you’d also have some spooky animals that tie in with the Halloween theme completely! Awesome fact – the Vampire Bat and Yawning Black Jaguar are animated, and Very Friendly Loris is a hat!

WWF Creatures of the Night Bundle
WWF Vampire Bat
(Boutique – WWF)
WWF Baby Black Jaguar Plushie
(Boutique – WWF)
WWF Yawning Black Jaguar
(Boutique – WWF)
WWF Very Friendly Slow Loris
(Boutique – WWF)

Don’t forget to transform the interior of your home too! Whether you want something sweet, or something more dark, there’s options for everyone! Just make sure to check under your bed before going to sleep. Maybe check under the sheets too. The phrase “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” never sat well with me.

Sweet Pink Halloween Bed
(Furniture – Bedroom) (Halloween Special)
Gothic Purple Halloween Bed
(Furniture – Bedroom) (Halloween Special)
Sweet Pink Halloween Bedside Table
(Furniture – Bedroom) (Halloween Special)
Gothic Purple Halloween Bedside Table
(Furniture – Bedroom) (Halloween Special)
Sweet Pink Halloween Throne
(Furniture – Living) (Halloween Special)
Gothic Purple Halloween Throne
(Furniture – Living) (Halloween Special)
Gothic Purple Halloween Feast Table
(Furniture – Living) (Halloween Special)

Deck the halls with… wait, wrong holiday..
The DIY Shop has everything you need to decorate your home from the ceiling to the floor. The Halloween Rugs will have you hypnotized into thinking those shelves are candy canes!

Halloween Pumpkin Curtain
(DIY – Windows & Doors) (Halloween Special)
Halloween Skull Curtain
(DIY – Windows & Doors) (Halloween Special)
Halloween Purple Curtain
(DIY – Windows & Doors) (Halloween Special)
Striped Gothic Halloween Shelf
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) (Halloween Special)
Striped Pink Halloween Shelf
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) (Halloween Special)
Gothic Purple Halloween Rug
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (Halloween Special)
Sweet Pink Halloween Rug
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (Halloween Special)
Halloween Bat Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (Halloween Special)
Halloween Pumpkin Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (Halloween Special)
Halloween Skull Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (Halloween Special)
Sweet Pink Halloween Baby Carriage
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Halloween Special)
Gothic Purple Halloween Baby Carriage
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Halloween Special)
Gothic Purple Halloween Bat Garland
(Market – Party & Gifts) (Halloween Special)

Halloween would not be complete without a Sweet Pink Halloween Scarecrow in your yard. Though I don’t think she’ll be spooky too many away, she’ll probably be attracting attention with a smile like that! Don’t forget to place a Luminous Sweet Halloween Mailbox outside your door to remind your friends to send their Halloween letters out this year! Maybe one of them will throw a party and you’ll get to taste the delicious, but rather creepy cake in the Food Shop! (Note that the Sweet Halloween Tiered Cake can be used to catch last years Halloween fish, the Jack-o-Lantern Fish.

Luminous Sweet Halloween Mailbox
(Outdoor – Furniture) (Halloween Special)
Sweet Pink Halloween Scarecrow
(Outdoor – Furniture) (OWO)


Sweet Halloween Tiered Cake
(Food – Grocery) (Halloween Special)

Since we didn’t reach 50,000 likes on the Lady PawPaw Veggie Meat Dress over the weekend, we’re throwing in the wig anyway as a compromise and token of our appreciation for all the fans out there that voted! To those that hated it, we meant no disrespect or harm to anyone. Halloween in Pet Society has always been about fun, games, laughter and the lighter side of life. We did not intend to offend anyone, and if we did, we are truly sorry! You gotta admit this wig is pretty cool though! Meeting in the middle isn’t so bad afterall. To those that are curious, yes, the tips remain blue when you dye the wig!

Lady PawPaw Two-Tone Wig
(Clothes – Hair Stylist)

Last, but certainly not least, Lily spent all night sewing her butt off to make these adorable Halloween inspired clothing sets for the boys and girls of Pet Society! How cute! Whether you’re heading off to a great party, or simply strolling through town waiting for candy to fall out of a tree, these clothes are perfect for any occasion. So make sure you stop by the clothing store on Monday to get your own!

Halloween Pumpkin Party Dress
(Part of Sweet Halloween Pumpkin Girl’s Outfit) (Halloween Special)
Halloween Pumpkin Ribbon Hat
(Part of Sweet Halloween Pumpkin Girl’s Outfit) (Halloween Special)
Halloween Pumpkin Party Shoes
(Part of Sweet Halloween Pumpkin Girl’s Outfit) (Halloween Special)

Again with the bundle..

Halloween Pumpkin Tee
(Part of Halloween Pumpkin Boy’s Outfit) (Halloween Special)
Halloween Black Pants
(Part of Halloween Pumpkin Boy’s Outfit) (Halloween Special)
Halloween Boots
(Part of Halloween Pumpkin Boy’s Outfit) (Halloween Special)
Halloween Pumpkin Cap
(Part of Halloween Pumpkin Boy’s Outfit) (Halloween Special)

Essen, trinken, fröhlich sein! (Eat, Drink and be Merry!)

September 23, 2010

It’s a brand new week in Pet Society, so sign on now via Facebook to view what’s new! Please note that new Shop Items will be hitting the shelves on Monday and this update only includes Mystery Boxes, Digging, Free Gifts and the Limited Items are available on Tuesday and Wednesday! Also note that any item marked “OWO” (One Week Only) will only be available until October 4th at 12 AM GMT, but may return sometime in the future.

Before we get to the update, I’d like to draw your attention to the bottom right hand corner of your Pet Society screen! You may notice that your tiny house (that holds the layout to your home) looks a little different! Things have been rearranged to help make things a little tidier. You can also zoom in and out if you want to make your “house” bigger or smaller depending on the amount of rooms you have! Let us know what you think of this new feature by commenting in our Weekly Release Thread!

It’s Back to School week in Pet Society and with the stress of studying, tests, socializing and dealing with grumpy teachers, our pet’s are looking for a way to let loose and have some fun! What a better time than celebrating the 200th birthday of Oktoberfest?! That’s right Pet Society Fans! This week we’re celebrating both Back to School and Oktoberfest! Our friend “?” has a head start on the fun and games, and word has it that he’s already hidden not three, but four new items in the Mystery Boxes for us to find! Start searching today to see if you can find all four! School is now officially in session! *ding* 😀

Wooden School Stool
(Red Mystery Box)
(Blue Mystery Box)
Brown Oktoberfest Hat
(Gold Mystery Box)
Red Pets College Flag
(Gold Mystery Box)

It’s time to say “Auf Wiedersehen” (Goodbye) to the Pelican Plushie, as we make room for the newest free gift the Green Double Ribbon Headband! This stylish ribbon is available now, so make sure you send one to your friends today for free!

Green Double Ribbon Headband
(Free Gifts)

Change out of your uniforms and into your digging attire! The Nerdy Bear Plushie is hidden somewhere in the Town Forest, eager to rise from the ground and hit the books! Don’t forget to wear your Town Forest Lucky Hat!

Nerdy Bear Plushie
(Weekly Digging Item)

With the help of your friends, you’ll never be late again for class with the newest addition to our Collaborative Collection, the School Scoreboard Clock! This item requires 20 clicks, and will keep time according to where you live! Make sure you help your friends by clicking on their wall feeds, and hopefully they’ll return the favor!

School Scoreboard Clock
(Market – Cool Stuff) (Boutique – Beautiful Items)

On Tuesday September 28th for 24 hours only, make sure you stop by the Market – Cool Stuff to pick up your very own Red Microscope, perfect for assisting your pet with all of their science homework needs! (Personally I would love to put the items floating in the bottom of the grocery counter under the microscope, I’ve always wondered was was lurking in there!) On Wednesday September 29th comes the Bunny in a Haystack, also available for 24 hours only, and features a cute (I’m assuming he’s cute, I can only tell so much from the rear end!) bunny who seems to be stuck in a haystack! Both items are animated!

Red Microscope
(Market – Cool Stuff) (Limited Edition – Tuesday only)
Bunny in a Haystack
(Outdoor – Furniture) (Limited Edition – Wednesday Only) (PFC Item)

Terrence has some amazing items in store for us this week for both of our themes. The Garden Farm Wallpaper & Floor are animated wallpaper and flooring items that are exclusively for your Garden Rooms Only! Transform your garden to have that warm, fall inspired feeling right at home.

Garden Farm Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (Outdoor – Gardening) (Boutique – Beautiful Items)
Garden Farm Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (Outdoor – Gardening) (Boutique – Beautiful Items)

When the weekend approaches, and your pet has finished his/her homework, allow them to loosen up and celebrate hard with the new Pets Oktoberfest Mug , this unique mug unlocks a new animation when worn/held. You can find it in your clothing chest, and when your pet is holding it, he/she will hop, skip and dance with glee! When the weekend is over, and your class is looking a little empty (you know… too much “wheat drinking” gets the best of us), you can use the Summoning School Bell to bring those sleepyheads to class in an instant! Simply place the Bell on your wall, and upon clicking it 3 random friends (from either your friends list, or even new faces from the cafe!) will appear in your room eager to learn!

Pets Oktoberfest Mug
(Clothes – Accessories) (Boutique – Amazing Items)
Summoning School Bell
(Market – Party & Gifts) (Boutique – Amazing Items)

The Win or Lose Boxes have been updated for the ladies including two very cute Pink and Blue Polka Dot Dresses! Bella will be spending the week wondering if these dresses will be making an appearance on her dear friend Kooki’s Fashion Blog. One of the dresses is pink, so I think there’s a good chance they will if she can find them!

Sweet Blue Polka Dot Dress
(Win Or Lose Box)
Sweet Pink Polka Dot Dress
(Win Or Lose Box)

Glug glug glug…. We’ve just thrown in a whole new species of fish into the pond called the Oktoberfest Drink Fish! These ice cold brewskies can only be caught with the new Oktoberfest Take-Out dishes. (You can find info below on the new take-out dishes)

Oktoberfest Drink Fish
(Catch with Oktoberfest Take-Out)

The Furniture Shop has everything you need to start lessons off in style with the Pink & Blue School Seats and School Blackboard. Wooden Oktoberfest Chairs and Tables also await us on Monday, perfect for housing all of the yummy food listed below!

Pink School Seat
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Blue School Seat
(Furniture – Living)
School Blackboard
(Furniture – Living)
Wooden Oktoberfest Chair
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Wooden Oktoberfest Table
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)

Hey! No kissing under the bleachers! “That is like, so cliche! OMG!”

Red Stadium Bench
(Outdoor – Furniture)
White Stadium Bench
(Outdoor – Furniture)
School Chain Link Fence
(Outdoor – Furniture)
School Classroom Door
(DIY – Windows & Doors) (OWO)
Classroom Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors) (OWO)
Wooden Oktoberfest Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
School Track & Field Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
School Track & Field Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Classroom Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)

Have you checked out Surviving High School WWYD? (What would you do?) Series on Facebook? Each chapter features a situation that YOU can take control of! Swap your decision, and the story changes.. but some decisions are wiser than others so be careful! So, Pet Society fans, WWYD? The full game is available on iPhone/iPod touch & most mobile phones! In honor of Back To School Week, we’ll be seeing some items from Surviving High School right in our very own town!

Surviving High School Cheerleader Locker
(Market – Cool Stuff)
Surviving High School Nerd Locker
(Market – Cool Stuff)
Surviving High School Jock Locker
(Market – Cool Stuff)
Basketball Hoop
(Market) – Cool Stuff)
Periodic Table Poster
(Market – Cool Stuff) (OWO)
Surviving High School Raven Poster
(Market – Cool Stuff) (OWO)

The weather is getting cooler which means that Oktoberfest is fast approaching! The traditional holiday, which takes place in Munich, Germany, is generally associated with the consumption of large amounts of beer and traditional German foods, along with general merrymaking. I’ve heard that a place called Kitchener Ontario (Canada), which is a town very close to where I live, (and probably as close as I’ll ever get to the real thing), has one of the biggest Oktoberfest celebrations in the world that takes place every year. I regretfully have never attended, though after looking at these delicious looking dishes that may soon change!

For your own endless supply of German food right at home, simply place the Oktoberfest Take-Out window in your home, and buy the food from there!

Oktoberfest Take-Out
(Food – Grocery)
Haxn Hendl
Kaasspotzn Oktoberfest Wheat Drink Reiberdatschi
Rinderroulade mit Knodeln Schweinsbraten Schweinsbraten
Weisswurst Wurstl

Every pet wants to fit in on their first day of highschool, and these new clothes will surely help boost their confidence! Who do you want to be? Amanda the Cheerleader? Or perhaps you’d rather be the Mysterious Bad Boy? You could even dress in the newest traditional Oktoberfest clothes to show your support! Whichever outfit you choose, as long as you’re good to other pets, surviving high school should be a breeze! Remember, you make your own luck! (But having great clothes will definitely give that extra boost. Thanks Lily!)

Surviving High School Amanda Wig
(Clothes – Girls)
Surviving High School Amanda Dress
(Clothes – Girls)
Surviving High School Amanda Shoes
(Clothes – Girls)
Surviving High School Spike Wig
(Clothes – Boys)
Surviving High School Spike Top
(Clothes – Boys)
Surviving High School Spike Pants
(Clothes – Boys)
Surviving High School Spike Shoes
(Clothes – Boys)
Short Old-fashioned Wig
(Clothes – Boys) (Clothes – Hair Stylist)
Lederhosen Top
(Clothes – Boys)
Lederhosen Pants
(Clothes – Boys)
Brown Oktoberfest Shoes
(Clothes – Boys)
Double Pigtail Maid Wig
(Clothes – Hair Stylist)
(Clothes – Girls)
Black Oktoberfest Boots
(Clothes – Girls)

Make sure you click “Like” on any of the items you’re particularly fond of in this release (or past ones too!) The Pet Society Team is watching carefully to see which items are popular and which ones aren’t, so if there’s something you’d like to see more of, like like like!

Hop into Modern Matsuri Week!

September 16, 2010

Hey Pet Society Fans! Celebrations are already well underway, but we’re going for another round! Japan Modern Matsuri Week begins now! To get us started off with a bang, our pal “?” has tucked away some new items in the Mystery Boxes for us to find. The super cute and cuddly Mochi Bunny Plushie and stylish(?) Pomelo Hat are in the Gold Mystery Boxes, and the Pink Bunny Ribbon can be found in the Blue Mystery Box. Good luck on your hunt, pet fans!

Make sure you check out the new LIKE feature in Pet Society this week. The feature can be seen when you click on any item in the shops, then wait for a second or two and you can click on a button that says “LIKE”. You will then be able to show your friends what items in the game that you like the most!

Please note that all items marked “OWO” (One Week Only) will be available until Monday, September 27th 12 AM GMT and may return sometime in the future.

Pink Bunny Ribbon
(Blue Mystery Box)
Mochi Bunny Plushie
(Gold Mystery Box)
Pomelo Hat
(Gold Mystery Box)

Garden need a little something extra? These Small Japanese Garden Fences might do the trick! Best of all, they’re free to send to your friends via the Free Gifting function. Perhaps your friends will send some for you too?

Small Japanese Garden Fence
(Free Gift)

Quick! Grab your Town Forest Lucky Hat and head out to the Town Forest! The stunning Luminous Chinese Bunny Lantern will only be around for one week! Bella plans on grabbing a lot of these to decorate her Japanese room with! Better get some for yourself before they’re all gone!

Luminous Chinese Bunny Lantern
Weekly Digging Item

If you’re not too tired after digging, make sure you ask your friends for some help building the PawPaw Revolution Dance Arcade! You’ll need 15 of your most helpful friends to successfully get this item. Fun fact – It’s animated and your pet will bust a move!

PawPaw Revolution Dance Arcade (Market – Party & Gifts )

What’s cooler than spending the day down at the pond catching fish? Fishing in your own backyard of course! With the Net-A-Fish Stall you can catch 4 different colors of Goldfish right in the comfort of your own home. Black, Orange, Red and Pink! This stall works similar to the Ice Cream Stand. You place the Stall in your home, and catch the fish by clicking on it!

Net-A-Fish Stall
(Outdoor – Furniture) (Boutique – Beautiful Items)
Black Goldfish Bag
Outcome of Goldfish Stall
Orange Goldfish Bag
Outcome of Goldfish Stall
Pink Goldfish Bag
Outcome of Goldfish Stall
Red Goldfish Bag
Outcome of Goldfish Stall

After you’ve collected all four colors, celebrate with a bang by setting off some awesome fireworks!

Fireworks Machine
(Market – Party & Gifts) (Boutique – Amazing Items)

School’s back! (Parents favorite words!) Send your pet back to school in style, you can collect up to five different looks! Which will your pet be? A trendy fashionista sipping on coffee? Cheerful cheerleader dressed in pink? Friendly french horn player? See if you can collect them all and have a uniform for every day of the week!

Japanese School Uniform Mystery Box
(Clothes – Girls/Boys) (Boutique – Beautiful Items)
Japanese Coffee Uniform
(Outcome of Japanese School Uniform Mystery Box)
Japanese Coffee Uniform Dress
(Outcome of Japanese Coffee Uniform)
Japanese Coffee Uniform Mobile Phone
(Outcome of Japanese Coffee Uniform)
Japanese Coffee Uniform Shoes
(Outcome of Japanese Coffee Uniform)
Japanese Pink Uniform
(Outcome of Japanese School Uniform Mystery Box)
Japanese Pink Uniform Dress
(Outcome of Japanese Pink Uniform)
Japanese Pink Uniform Purse
(Outcome of Japanese Pink Uniform)
Japanese Pink Uniform Shoes
(Outcome of Japanese Pink Uniform)
Japanese Winter Uniform
(Outcome of Japanese School Uniform Mystery Box)
Japanese Winter Uniform Dress
(Outcome of Japanese Winter Uniform)
Japanese Winter Uniform French Horn
(Outcome of Japanese Winter Uniform)
Japanese Winter Uniform Shoes
(Outcome of Japanese Winter Uniform)
Japanese Tan Uniform
(Outcome of Japanese School Uniform Mystery Box)
Japanese Tan Uniform Dress
(Outcome of Japanese Tan Uniform)
Japanese Tan Uniform Schoolbag
(Outcome of Japanese Tan Uniform)
Japanese Tan Uniform Shoes
(Outcome of Japanese Tan Uniform)
Gakuran Uniform
(Outcome of Japanese School Uniform Mystery Box)
Gakuran Uniform Glasses
(Outcome of Gakuran Uniform Outfit)
Gakuran Uniform Top
(Outcome of Gakuran Uniform Outfit)
Gakuran Uniform Pants
(Outcome of Gakuran Uniform Outfit)
Gakuran Uniform Shoes
(Outcome of Gakuran Uniform Outfit)

Bunnies, bunnies everywhere! These cute bunnies can be bought from home! (Much like the Ice Cream Stand) But don’t let some of the names fool you! They’re not edible! See if you and your friends can collect all 6 cute bunnies!

Buy-a-Bunny Dispenser
(Market – Toys & Gifts) (Boutique – Beautiful Items)
Caramel Bunny
(Outcome of Buy-a-Bunny Machine)
Cotton Candy Bunny
(Outcome of Buy-a-Bunny Machine)
Gumdrop Bunny
(Outcome of Buy-a-Bunny Machine)
Pickle Bunny
(Outcome of Buy-a-Bunny Machine)
Sugarsweet Bunny
(Outcome of Buy-a-Bunny Machine)
Violet Bunny
(Outcome of Buy-a-Bunny Machine)

In our recent Fashionista Competition we asked you, the players, to come up with your own interpretation of the hottest styles that you want to see in Pet Society! You voted for them, and here are the winners! We just want to thank everyone that participated. The creativity and sheer talent that you guys threw at us was mind-blowing! For more information about the winning designs, check here! Congratulations winners! We hope you enjoy seeing your designs in Pet Society for all to wear! Note however that the actual final outfits available in the shops will have been altered somewhat to fit within the Pet Society Style! (so not actual final look as per below)

Lord of the Bunnies Outfit
(Winner of Formal Category – Alma Baldares Lopez
Lord of the Bunnies Top Lord of the Bunnies Pants Lord of the Bunnies Shoes
Lord of the Bunnies Top Hat Lord of the Bunnies Monocle Lord of the Bunnies Cane
Autumn Bloom Outfit
(Winner of Haute Couture Category – Teresa De Sio)
Autumn Bloom Wig Autumn Bloom Dress
Autumn Bloom Shoes Autumn Bloom Hairpiece
Urban Chic Outfit
(Winner of Leisure Category – Dylan Bruno)
Casual Bun Wig Stylish Tee with Vest & Mirror Bangles Harem Pants
Stylish Black Sandals Boho Fish Cuff Paperboy Cap
Sweet Starry Night Pajama Outfit
(Winner of the Nightwear Category – Dulce Pedraza)
Sweet Star Pajama Cute Little Star Hat Cute Little Star Plushie
Blue Little Star Wig Cute Calm Moon Balloon
Le Rock & Chic Ensemble
(Grand Prize Winner – Leisure Category – Maria Jose Montiel)
Le Rock & Chic Wig Le Rock & Chic Top Le Rock & Chic Pants
Le Rock & Chic Hat Le Rock & Chic Boots Le Rock & Chic Sunglasses

The Limited Edition items are super cool this week. The Anime Heart Wig is not only stylish, but it is an exclusive color that you can’t find anywhere else! It makes it that much more irresistible, right? The Anime Heart Wig can be purchased on Wednesday September 22nd for 24 hours only. The animated Sashimi Boat is only available on Tuesday September 21st, also for 24 hours only.

Anime Heart Wig
(Clothes – Hair Stylist) (Boutique – Beautiful Items) (Limited Edition – Wednesday)
Sashimi Boat
(Market – Party & Gifts) (Limited Edition – Tuesday)

Phew! I don’t know about you, but come Monday I’m going to be exhausted from all the clothes shopping that is going to occur. Fact – Mooncakes = shoppers fuel! Plus they look really yummy! Bonus!

Chocolate Icecream Mooncake
(Food – Grocery)
Pink Icecream Mooncake
(Food – Grocery)

The Outdoor Shop is my favorite place to be during Japanese themed weeks. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, and this week is no exception to that! Grab a pretty Japanese Garden Parasol, take a seat on the Japanese Garden Bench, put your feet up on a Chinese Garden Early Autumn Stool and have yourself a tea party! Surround yourself with Cherry Blossoms and Lanterns! It’s paradise in your own backyard!

Japanese Garden Parasol
(Outdoor – Furniture) (OWO
Chinese Early Autumn Garden Table
(Outdoor – Furniture) (OWO)
Japanese Shrine Gate
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Japanese Garden Bench
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Chinese Garden Early Autumn Stool
(Outdoor – Furniture) (OWO)
Japanese Garden Flower Pot
(Outdoor – Gardening)
Luminous Tree with Chinese Lanterns
(Outdoor – Gardening)

The items in the Market this week can be summed up in just one word. “Awwwwwwww!” Don’t Oooh and Awww for too long though! The Buttercup Plushie and Lotus Painting won’t be around for too long! So make sure you snag them before they’re gone! Thankfully the super adorable Tanuki Plushie will be sticking around for a while!

Buttercup Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (OWO)
Lotus Painting
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (OWO)
Tanuki Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectibles)
Chinese Evening Orchard Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Chinese Evening Stone Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Japanese Tea Room Alcove
(DIY – Windows & Doors)

And finally, to finish off Matsuri Week, make sure you check out the Mystery Shop and indulge in the Japanese Garden Mystery Eggs! There are 11 in all to collect! See below to see what you can find!

Japanese Garden Mystery Egg
(Mystery – Boxes & Eggs)
(Completion Reward)

Livin’ Large!

August 12, 2010

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum!!! Are you ready, Pet Society fans, for a week filled with items fit for a giant? Oversized everyday items are making their way into town this week! These items will be hitting the shops on Monday August 16th at 12 AM GMT. But, as always, you can view a sneak peek here on the blog if you’re impatient like me!

Starting today, the search is on for the newest Mystery items! A Thimble Flower Pot, perfect for green thumbed pets, an oversized Pink Thread Seat (careful of the needle! Ouch!), and a Duck Stamp Picture can be yours if luck is on your side! Can you find them all? You’ll have to visit “?” in the Mystery Shop to begin the hunt. Good luck!

Thimble Flower Pot
( Mystery – BMB)
Pink Thread Seat
(Mystery – GMB)
Duck Stamp Picture
(Mystery – GMB)

What’s better than showering your friends with FREE gifts? Showering them with HUGE free gifts! Ok.. this one isn´t exactly HUGE, per se.. but that is definitely one of the biggest buttons I’ve ever seen! And for some reason… it actually looks cute when worn on the top of your head. This gift is available now to send to your friends.

Button Headband
(Free Gift)

It’s a good thing the shovels aren’t oversized this week. Digging is tough enough as it is! Phew. All of your hard work will pay off this week when you find the newest weekly item, which is a Diamond Ring Headband. Have you seen the size of that rock?! Any girl would be lucky to wear something that flashy on their head. This item is available in the Town Forest now, so get digging! And remember.. it’s only available for one week.

Diamond Ring Headband
(Weekly Digging)

Try your luck getting the newest adorable dresses added to the Win Or Lose boxes. One in pink, and one in black for the non-pink lovers out there! These items are already inside the boxes, so you can start searching today!

Black Frilly Dress
(Win Or Lose Boxes)
Pink Frilly Dress
(Win Or Lose Boxes)

Get your bait and fishing rod out, it’s time to start searching for our newest friend in the pond! The Safetypin Fish has arrived and can be found now with any food! Good luck!


You won’t have any trouble seeing the time with the new Limited Edition Oversized Clock, the clock displays your local time and will be available all day on Tuesday August 17th only. The larger than life Orange Juice Aquarium will be available all day Wednesday August 18th only. Remember these two items are limited edition and will only be available for 24 hours. So make sure you sign on those two days to ensure you get one for yourself!

Oversized Pocketwatch
(Market – Cool Stuff)
(Furniture – Living)
(Limited Items – Tuesday)
Orange Juice Aquarium
(Outdoor – Fish)
(Boutique – Beautiful Items)
(Limited Items – Wednesday)

Ask your friends for help if you’re looking for a new Car to put in your garage! Your pet will sit in this Roller Skate shaped vehicle, and best of all! It’s free (after 20 clicks of course!)

Roller Skate Car
(Market – Cool Stuff)
(Collaborative – 20 clicks)

If you’re looking for some mystical advice, the Mystic 8 Ball is the perfect toy for you. The 8 ball holds all the answers to your questions, simply click it and a message will appear above. (Cheaper than going to a psychic right?)

Need a place to display your favorite purses? To organize your most glamorous shoes? It’s every girl’s dream to have a walk-in closet, and now your pet can have one of their very own! Purchase the Wardrobe from the Boutique and a special Walk-In Closet room will appear before your very eyes! Note that multiple wardrobes will not give additional rooms.

Mystic 8 Ball
(Market – Toys & Collectibles)
(Boutique – Amazing Items)
Walk-In Closet
(Furniture – Bedroom)
(Boutique – Amazing Items)
Walk-In Closet Open
(Furniture – Bedroom)
(Boutique – Amazing Items)

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the incredibly large candlestick chair. Jack, whoever he is, can also take a bath in a giant bowl of cereal, sleep in an enormous book or have a seat on an oversized dice seat! All of these items can be found in stores on Monday!

Book Bed
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Dice Seat
(Furniture – Living)
Matchbox Dresser
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Candle Chair
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Green Thread Seat
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Teacup Table
(Furniture – Living)
Cereal Bathtub
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bath)

There is a surprise hiding behind the new Little Big Door, but you’ll have to see it for yourself! I don’t want to spoil everything. Check out the Giant Ceiling Light, I wouldn’t want to be the pet that changes that lightbulb.

Light Blue Stripes Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Light Pink Stripes Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Little Big Door
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Giant Ceiling Light
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings)
Safetypin Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Black Cherries Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
White Cherries Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)

Bigger is always better when it comes to Chocolate and Candy! Eat at your own risk! Playfish is not responsible for any tummy aches or teeth rotting!

Pink Giant Candy
(Food – Grocery) (OWO)
Giant Chocolate Block
(Food – Grocery) (OWO)
Giant Minicake
(Food – Grocery) (OWO)
Oversized Mayor Stamp
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (OWO)

Oversized head gear is the newest trend in Pet Society.. I don’t recommend going outside in the heat while wearing the Overgrown Strawberry Hat, if you want to turn your hair red, the new Dark Red Wig Dye is a much better solution! (and then you won’t attract bugs, be sticky and all of that mess!)

To reward our PFC OR Coin buyers, we are giving out a Short Bob Wig via email. So make sure you are subscribed! I will update you a little later on when these cute wigs will be given out!

Overgrown Strawberry Hat
(Clothes – Accessories)
White Flavia Dress
(Clothes – Girls)
Pet Soda Cap Hat
(Clothes – Accessories)
Short Bob Wig
(Given to PFC or Coin Spenders in the month of AUGUST via Email Subscription)
Dark Red Wig Dye
(Clothes – Stylist)
(Boutique – Amazing Items)

A couple of other updates to the game include a level increase, which has now been raised to level 100!
New Bonsai pots have also been added. They are not buyable in stores, but you will have the option to choose which one you want when you pull your tree out of the ground. There will also be a preview of the beautiful new pots in the Garden Shop.

I hope you have enjoyed this oversized update! See you next week, Pet Society fans!

Also, just a reminder that sometimes decisions are made at the last minute and things can work out differently than we originally planned. All information including pricing should be taken as guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.

Covering the village in pink… cherry blossom style!

April 9, 2010

Hey Pet Society fans! Celebrate the Hanami Festival this week with many Japanese inspired items filling the stores! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 19th of April, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Bringing the first of the Japanese items to town is “?”, he’s hidden these away in his mystery boxes, so to find your own Japanese Prince, or more, sign on to Pet Society via Facebook and head into the Mystery Store now!

Hot Spring Bucket Prince Doll Geisha Mask

Have you been sending your friends some great free gifts? If so we have more great additions that we are sure you’ll enjoy; if not, you are missing out, so select the free gifts icon on the left side of screen to start sending today!

Blue Pig Plushie Blue Wind Chime

Come Monday, take your pet’s cultural experience into top gear starting with the Garden Store! Cherry blossoms are key to the Hanami Festival, so try your luck planting a Tree Seed to see if you can grow your very own Sakura Tree. To add even more Japanese flavour to your garden, install the new Japanese Hot Spring, and place some Stone Lanterns around.

Sakura Tree (from Tree Seed) Cherry Flavoured Riceball (from Sakura Tree)
Japanese Hot Spring (Furniture) Stone Lantern (Furniture)

Heading inside with the D.I.Y. Depot, you can set up scenic Japanese view with either the Mount Fuji Scrolling Window or the Door on Zen Garden. Combine these with the Japanese Traditional Wallpaper and Tatami Floor or even some Sakura Lanterns for an authentic feel.

Mount Fuji Scrolling Window (Windows & Doors) (Animated) (PF-Cash)
Zen Garden Door (Windows & Doors) (TWS)
Japanese Traditional Wallpaper (Walls & Floors) Sakura Lantern (Fixtures & Fittings)
Tatami Floor (Walls & Floors)

Decorate your newly formed Japanese haven with your choice of Kotatsu Table and Ceremony crockery, Futon Beds, a magnificent Wave Painting depicting Mount Fuji, and your very own Manga collection in the Furniture Store.

Blue Kotatsu With Sleeping Cat (Living) Pink Kotatsu With Sleeping Cat (Living) (TWS)
Cerimonial Tea Cup (Kitchen & Bathroom) Cerimonial Teapot (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Modern Brown Futon Bed (Bedroom) Modern Pink Futon Bed (Bedroom) (TWS)
Wave Painting (Living) Manga Shelf (Living)

The Market is full of Japanese fun this week, with new dolls, Water Yoyos (small colourful water filled balloons on strings which are popular toys during Japanese festivals), traditional origami art in the form of Paper Cranes, new Teru Teru Bozus to bring good weather, and more!

Princess Doll (Toys & Collectibles) (TWS) Shiba Inu (Toys & Collectibles)
Purple Water Yoyo (Toys & Collectibles) (TWS) Pink Water Yoyo (Toys & Collectibles) (TWS) Green Water Yoyo (Toys & Collectibles) (TWS)
White Paper Crane (Toys & Collectibles) Pink Paper Crane (Toys & Collectibles) (TWS)
White Teru Teru Bozu (Toys & Collectibles) Pink Teru Teru Bozu (Toys & Collectibles) (TWS)
Electric Rice Cooker (Cool Stuff) Pink Pots (Toys & Collectibles)

Of course, when experiencing Japan you should ensure you treat your pet to unique Japanese food! He won’t admit to anything, but by packaging the amazing range of 8 new Japanese options in mysterious containers in the Food Store (Grocery tab), Sirius suspects that Truffles has been talking to “?” this week.

Pink Daifuku Mochi (from Mystery Bento Box) Ramen Cup Noodle (from Mystery Bento Box) Red Bean Dessert (from Mystery Bento Box)

To set up your own Japanese restaurant for your pet, visit Terrence in the Boutique for the Cool Rotating Sushi Bar!

Cool Rotating Sushi Bar (Beautiful Items) (Animated)

Back outside now, and once you have some Japanese treats, why not cast some into the Pond to see what you can catch! Plus, if you are looking to make some trees into Bonsais, perhaps even a Sakura Tree once you’ve grown one, there’s now a delightful new option with the Zen Garden Bonsai Pot.

Koi Fish (Pond) Zen Garden Bonsai Pot (PF-Cash)

Now that your home is decked out – Japanese style, it’s time to dress the part! It is unclear whether Lily has been travelling Japan recently, or had a visit from some Japanese merchants, but she sure has plenty of amazing outfits to have you looking your best in the Clothes Store, plus some new wigs!

Purple Traditional Headpiece (Girls) (TWS) Purple Kimono (Girls) (TWS) Pink Zori Sandals (Girls) (TWS)
Red Hachimaki (Boys) (TWS) Black Kimono (Boys) Grey Zori Sandals (Boys)
Pink Traditional Headpiece (Girls) Pink Kimono (Girls) Red Zori Sandals (Girls)
Sakura Headpiece (Girls) Green Kimono (Girls)
Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform (Girls) Japanese Schoolgirl Shoes (Girls)
Anime Girl Wig (Hair Stylist) Geisha Wig (Hair Stylist)

Love the colour of your Mermaid Wig or Anime Girl Wig? Come Monday you can dye any other wig you like similarly with the new Aquamarine and Sweet Pink Wig Dyes in the Boutique!

Aquamarine Wig Dye (Boutique) (Amazing Items) Sweet Pink Wig Dye (Boutique) (Amazing Items)

Feel like throwing a Ball, or just want some more space? Visit Terrence in Boutique to investigate the magical new Display Room Door. It is said that owning this Door will lead to a beautiful new room, but don’t take Sirius’ word for it, visit the Boutique and purchase the door to experience it for yoruself! Remember, you can only get 1 room, no matter how many you buy.

Display Room Door (Boutique) (Amazing Items) Display Room (Unlocked when owning the Display Room Door)
Display Room Shelf (D.I.Y.) (Fixtures & Fittings)

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage and will have items from Once upon a time… in store this week!

Colour your world!

January 6, 2010

Hey Pet Society fans! Sirius has been skating all over town this week, having an amazing time. She loves her Ice Skates so much, as not only are they fast (which is always important when you like following “?”), but super smooth, even with all the snow and ice around!

So as Sirius hadn’t seen “?” for awhile (she missed him last week), she set of skating around the village in search of him. She eventually spotted him (after skating around the entire neighbourhood, not that she minded) outside of Pudding’s house (hmm… déjà vu), and skated up to him, accidentally flicking some snow on him as she skidded to a stop. 😉

With soft white snow as far as they both could see, “?” then proceeded to say some very strange things, can you work out what he was talking about, as it couldn’t be the weather (or could it)?

  • Spectrum of light (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Carry your blues away (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Colour your world (Golden Mystery Box)

These mysterious items are now available in mystery boxes, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now and head to the Mystery Store to visit “?” and try and discover what he’s hidden away this time!

Updated! Here are the images of the mysterious items.

Rainbow Wall Sticker Cute Blue Basket Colour Pencil Decor

After her confusing encounter with “?”, Sirius decided to skate by the pond and talk to a few ducks, as surely they’d make more sense!

Passersby would have only heard a lot of chilled quacking, but Sirius knew exactly what the ducks meant, there was not only a new fish swimming in the Pond, but several special new Pro Fish as well! So she skated off home to change into her fishing gear before returning to cast away!

(And just in case you are wondering who Sirius is, she’s just a pet who lives in the village who loves to act as one of my sources! She also loves hugging her friends, fishing and talking to ducks, plus she thinks ice skating is pure awesomeness!)

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

Ice cold celebrations!

December 7, 2009

Hey Pet Society fans! The holiday celebrations continue throughout the village this week, with amazing new items now in stores. Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to decorate, decorate, decorate! Remember that any items labelled Holiday Special (HS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 28th of December, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Mrs. Appleblossom brings the Holiday spirit to town in the Garden Store this week, with Holiday Trees (if you were wondering what to do with your Holiday Countdown Ornaments, wonder no longer), as well as a range of amazing decorations, including glorious stars, fairylights, tinsel, bows and even some snow!

Gold Star Tree Ornament (HS) Silver Star Tree Ornament (HS)
Medium Holiday Tree (HS) Huge Holiday Tree (HS) Small Holiday Tree (HS)
Fairylights For Medium Tree (HS) Fairylights For Huge Tree (HS) Fairylights For Small Tree (HS)
Blue Tinsel For Medium Tree (HS) Blue Tinsel For Huge Tree (HS)
Gold Tinsel For Medium Tree (HS) Gold Tinsel For Huge Tree (HS)
Cute Purple Bow Ornament (HS) Clump Of Snow Tree Ornament (HS) Cute Red Bow Ornament (HS)

If it wasn’t obvious already that Mrs. Appleblossom has a little soft spot for holidays, it should be when you see that she has a mysterious Holiday Tree Ornament Vending Machine in store! The Holiday Tree Ornament Mystery Eggs have a variety of delightful ornaments inside to decorate your tree!

Blue Heart Ornament (from Holiday Mystery Egg) Holiday Tree Ornament Vending Machine Pink Horse Ornament (from Holiday Mystery Egg)
Golden Bow Ornament (from Holiday Mystery Egg) Holiday Tree Ornament Mystery Egg (HS) Blue Bauble Snow Ornament (from Holiday Mystery Egg)

And of course, Mrs. Appleblossom wants to spread the festive spirit throughout the gardens of homes across the village, so she also introduces the Festive Flower Seed and Festive Tree Seed to the Garden Store, so that you can grow your own winter wonders!

Festive Flower Seed (HS) Homegrown Festive Flower (from Festive Flower Seed)
Festive Tree Seed (HS) Festive Tree (from Festive Tree Seed) Homegrown Festive Fruit (from Festive Tree)

Preston continues the Holiday festivities in the Furniture Store, with plenty of decorations for your pet’s home, from holly and bells to candles and stockings! And there’s a very loveable Snowman Plushie in store for your pet to play with these holidays. Plus, see Preston to purchase a candelabra and some candles to help celebrate the holidays! 🙂

Happy Holidays Wall Sticker (HS) Festive Holly Wall Decor (HS)
Festive Bell Decor (HS) Snowman Plushie (HS) Winter Candle Set (HS)
Ribbons Sock Decor (HS) Heart Sock Decor (HS)
Blue Festive Candle (HS) Silver Festive Candelabra (HS) Green Festive Candle (HS)
Red Festive Candle (HS) White Festive Candle (HS)

Warm your pet’s home this holiday season with the Festive Fireplace in the Luxury Store! And if you are feeling particularly jolly, show it to the world with a Giftwrapped Sofa!

Festive Fireplace (HS) Giftwrapped Sofa (HS)

Snow is covering the village, and this week Grumble makes it possible to bring wintery snow right into your pets home with the new Winter Night Wallpaper and Floor in the D.I.Y. Depot!

Winter Night Wallpaper (HS) Winter Night Floor (HS)

E.M.I.L.I.A, with a love of anything that glows, gets festive with the Snowflake Wall Light and Festive Lamp Post in the Gadget Store! These would make great highlights for a snowy room!

Snowflake Wall Light (HS) Festive Lamp-post (HS)

For the avid fisherpet, a few more festive fish have recently made their way into the village Pond, so cast away with a Holiday Fish Biscuit to increase your collection!

Snowflakefish (caught with Holiday Fish Biscuit) Hollyfish (caught with Holiday Fish Biscuit)
Blue Tinselfish (caught with Holiday Fish Biscuit) Yule Logfish (caught with Holiday Fish Biscuit)

With 20 holiday fish now swimming in the pond, Terrence introduces the ideal festive home for them, with the Holiday Aquarium and Fishbowl now in the Cash Shop!

Holiday Aquarium (HS) Holiday Fishbowl (HS)

Need the perfect outfit for Christmas? Lily has the answer, with charming festive outfits in the Clothes Store!

Cute Festive Glove (HS) Cute Festive Jacket (HS) Cute Festive Pants (HS)
Cute Festive Dress (HS) Cute Festive Shoes (HS)

Truffles believes that holidays should really all be about delicious food (well he thinks everything should be about food), so ensure you taste some of his scrumptious new treats this festive season in the Food Store!

Raspberry Trifle (HS) Marshmellow Dreidel (HS) Panettone (HS)

WWF Ice Animals form our latest collection to help support WWF. To read more about this, see this blog post. Buy this special block of ice and it will evolve into one of five WWF Ice Animals before melting into a beautiful collectible WWF figurine.

WWF Ice Polar Bear WWF Ice Animal WWF Ice Panda
WWF Ice Snow Leopard WWF Ice Penguin WWF Arctic Wolf

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from From Egypt with love in stores this week!

Rock the shops until you drop!

October 5, 2009

Hey Pet Society fans! The ever-anticipated weekly item release is here! So sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to explore the shops and check out what is hot this week! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 12th of October, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Ever thought of starting a band with your friends? If so, ensure your pet picks up some fantastic equipment from the village stores this week, as the entire town is ready to rock!

Felicity, as normal, is leading the way with some brand new V Guitars and a full Drum Kit, perfect for budding rock stars, in the Luxury Store!



Red Pet V Guitar

Pink Pet V Guitar (TWS)


Drum Kit

Pick up an Electric Keyboard from the Furniture Store, and practise, practise, practise for your rock debut! And decorate your home like a rock star with the Vinyl Record Decor and Dark Rock Star Wall Sticker!



Electric Keyboard

Keyboard Stand



Vinyl Record Decor (TWS)

Dark Rock Star Wall Sticker

In preparation for the show, you’d better advertise, so that all pets know when to rock up! Terrence has just the thing, with the Rock Star Poster in the Cash Shop! This is no ordinary poster, we know you are the star, so this poster will have a picture of your pet on it! And when you change your look or outfit, the poster will change too, so it’s always up to date!


Rock Star Poster

Set up the stage for the big gig with top quality lighting and sound equipment in the Gadget Store!



Luminous Stage Light

Luminous Stage Rig



Microphone Decor

Amp Box Decor

For the sell out atmosphere, ensure you head to the D.I.Y. Depot and purchase some Concert Night Wallpaper! As every rock show needs an awesome crowd!


Concert Night Wallpaper

Rock may not be entirely what you’d expect from a knitting-loving Lily, but she always exceeds expectations, so this week, if you want to dress to impress, make sure you check out the Clothes Store!




Rock Girl Ribbon

Rock Girl Dress

Rock Girl Shoes




Rock Boy Pants

Rock Boy Jacket

Rock Boy Shoes




Red Rock Star Shades

Retro Red Wig

Black Rock Star Shades (TWS)



Black Earphone

Pink Earphone (TWS)

Outside the rock venue is the perfect place to set up a Food Booth, so if running a Lemonade, Candy or Ice Cream Booth sounds like your style, head to the Mystery Store and consider opening some brand new Food Booth Mystery Eggs!




Lemonade Jug

Food Booth Mystery Egg

Lollipop Assortment

Truffles thinks the new Food Booths look yummy, but he stills prefers food he can actually eat! Hence he introduces delicious new sushi to the Food Store!



Ebi Sushi

Tamago Sushi

To reel in fish faster while at the Pond, try the Pro Fishing Glove new to the Cash Shop this week! Just make sure that once you have your new fish home in the aquarium, that you don’t eat sushi in front of them, you don’t want to scare them! And to weigh everything from sushi to lemonade, candy and ice cream (and probably much more), visit the Gadget Store to buy the Red Kitchen Scale!



Pro Fishing Glove (Cash Shop)

Red Kitchen Scale (Gadget) (TWS)

For a change of pace, visit the Furniture Store for the dainty Green Cottage collection.



Green Cottage Wardrobe

Green Cottage Coffee Table



Green Cottage Dining Table

Green Cottage Dining Chair

Finally, Mrs. Appleblossom has come across some Red Celosia seeds which she has mixed into her Flower Seed collection in the Garden Store, so if you are lucky, you might be able to grow one!


Red Celosia (from Flower Seed)

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from Whether for a Clock or a Shamrock, it is time to shop! in stores this week!

Shiver me timbers!

September 7, 2009

Ahoy there Pet Society fans! New items have just hit the shores, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to be one of the first to get your paws on the new releases! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 14th of September, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Transform yer pet into an audacious pirate, seeking treasure, and sailing the seas, with a range of items in store to help ye create the finest ship on the ocean! Ensure ye recruit several Captain Pirate Dolls to help ye plunder yer loot! And, if ye be worried about looking the part, sail to Lily’s store for first-class pirate wear!




Treasure Chest Decor (Luxury) (TWS)

Captain Pirate Doll (Furniture)

Pirate Ship Decor (Furniture) (TWS)



Treasure Map Poster (Furniture) (TWS)

Luminous Miniature Lighthouse (Luxury)




Pirate Bandana (Clothes)

Captain’s Coat (Clothes)

Dreadlock Wig (Clothes)




Black Eyepatch (Clothes)

Dainty Golden Gown (Clothes) (TWS)

Captain’s Hook (Clothes) (TWS)




Rusty Oil Lamp (Gadget)

Old Ship Clock (Gadget) (TWS)

Rusty Hanging Lamp (Gadget)



Classic Dark Wood Railing (D.I.Y.)

Classic White Railing (D.I.Y.) (TWS)

Terrence introduces the Fish Biscuit to the Cash Shop this week. The Fish Biscuit can be used as fish bait when fishing at the Pond to catch several special fish including the Blue Betta, the Guppy, the Spotted Cardinalfish, the Lilac Starlet Fish, the Pink Seahorse, and more! To snare one of these amazing fish for your aquarium, ensure you bait your line with a Fish Biscuit and cast away!




Blue Betta

Fish Biscuit





Spotted Cardinalfish

Lilac Starlet Fish

Pink Seahorse

For a complete kitchen makeover visit Preston in the Furniture Shop, as he’s recently sourced the classy Glossy Black range of kitchen items! If you are just looking for a couple more smaller additions to your current kitchen, there’s also the Stainless Steel Pot Set and Ketchup Bottle in store.



Glossy Black Kitchen Counter

Glossy Black Wall Cabinet




Stainless Steel Pot Set

Ketchup Bottle

Glossy Black Chair



Glossy Black Table

Glossy Black Shelf

Mrs. Appleblossom has the elegant Wisteria Garden Arch new in the Garden Shop this week. Also, you now have the chance to grow beautiful homegrown Red Roses when planting Flower Seeds.



Wisteria Garden Arch

Red Rose (from Flower Seed)

The Rosy Cute collection is expanded this week with a luxurious bed, side table and even a flower stand to place your newly grown flowers in!


Rosy Cute Bed (Luxury)



Rosy Cute Side Table (Furniture)

Rosy Cute Flower Stand (Garden)

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from Bee Tribal! in store this week!

Underwater ‘Tails’!

August 6, 2009

Hey Pet Society fans!

“?” was walking a much safer distance away from the water’s edge when hurrying back to his store with the pictures of his newly ordered mystery items this week, as he didn’t want any Puppyfish causing him issues again! 😉 Today though, he should have been paying less attention to the water, and more to the sky, as the Red Parrot was circling, and while “?” was looking down at the water, swooped down to once again grab the pictures out of his paws.

The Red Parrot seemingly hadn’t learnt much since his last encounter with “?” though, as just two seconds later, he let out a victory squawk and the pictures went tumbling into the pond.

Sirius, as usual paying attention to everything “?” does around this time of week, saw the whole incident, unfortunately she had left her rod at home, so just dived into the pond to try and retrieve the pictures.

While searching the murky waters, she spotted some strange fish she hadn’t seen before, who swam away from her startled, luckily she had an underwater camera with her (very prepared, isn’t she?) and took a couple of snaps, but who knows what else may be in there!



Spotted Bass

Chocolate Fish

Eventually, she found the pictures the Red Parrot dropped, and brought them up to the surface. By that time though, they’d been in the water for quite awhile, so they may be a bit hard to make out.




(Blue Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

To try and discover what these newest mysterious items are, or to go fishing and see what you could possible catch in the pond, sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now! If you are currently playing, make sure you save and quit, and then reload Pet Society to have a chance at finding the latest mysterious items or catching some new fish.

Updated! Here are the images of the mysterious items:




Shell Pot

Shell Picture

Shell Tea Light

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.