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Quest Refresh!

August 31, 2012

Hey guys! Guess what! There’s another quest in Pet Society! And it’s going to be an exciting one! With all new collectibles that have to be gained and all new stages that have to be completed! And lets not forget an amazing prize at the end! The Angelic Slumber room will be unlocked at the completion of this quest! And oh boy! Is it a beauty! So hurry! Play the game and reach for the stars!

Good Luck Guys!

Creep Out in the Carnival of Horror!

August 30, 2012

First time in Pet Society!

Check out the gorgeous Time-Changing Room! Available at a Discount until Sunday 2nd Sept 11:59 PM only!

Come one, come all! Are you ready to enter into a Carnival of no other? Where ghosts and ghouls roam and the clowns will scare the pants off you! Step into the Carnival of Horror! It’s going to be scary, thrilling and bone chilling! But all in all it’s going to be fun!
This week ride the Horror Carnival Ride and pass through the Horror Clown Gate! And if you’re brave enough turn on the Carnival of Horror TV! Become one of the carnival’s performers with the creepy outfits this week!  So what are you waiting for? Take a deep breath… and join us in the scariest carnival you will ever see!

We hope you have a horrifying time! Muhahaha!


Decorate Your Room!

August 27, 2012

Hey Guys! Guess what? We are having another competition on the Forum!  And this time it’s going to be an Outdoor Competition! So go crazy with it! What are you waiting for guys? Hurry to the forum and submit your amazing designs!

Decorate your room with any Outdoor Theme and stand a chance to win 250 PSC! Submissions end on 2nd September, 11:59pm GMT!

P.S :- Don’t forget to read the Rules and Regulations before you enter!


Welcome To Splashes Of Color!

August 23, 2012

It’s going to be a colorful week in Pet Society! So get out your paint brushes, pull out those cans and paint the town red with Splashes of Color! It’s vibrant and colorful plus cute and creative! With so many amazing items you just wouldn’t believe it!

It’s all about adding some color to your life next week, It can be your hair with the Color Splash Wig Dye Table or to your look with the Make Up Kit! Oh hell! How about your entire pet while we’re at it with the Color Splash Body Paint Kit! Next week’s theme is going to make a splash in Pet Society so make sure you’re there to enjoy it!


You’re Cordially Invited to the Beach Wedding!

August 16, 2012

Salty toes, sandy kisses are some of the few things a Beach Wedding would be about! You and your Pet are cordially invited to Pet Society’s Beach Wedding! It’s going to be a beautiful celebration by sandy waters! A wedding that shouldn’t be missed!

This week enjoy the beautiful beach scenery! Watch the Champagne flow with the Champagne Fountain, listen to the soulful sounds of the Jazz Band, and sit by the Dolphin Pond and flaunt the beautiful outcomes of the Mystery Evolving Bride Wigs! Now what are you waiting for? Go enjoy the festivities!

Welcome To Dragons And Vikings Week!

August 9, 2012

Mythical creatures born to fly and breathe fire! Are you afraid yet? Yes? Well, guess what! In Pet Society you shouldn’t be! The dragons here are cute and friendly and want to play! This week it’s all about Dragons and Vikings!

So get yourself a pair of Dragon Wings and fly around with the adorable Dragons from the Baby Dragon Bundle! Watch the Naughty Baby Dragons play with fire or try to find the Cute Chameleon Dragon in your room! See the hungry little dragon catch his food from the Dragon Pond! It’s all about Dragons! So remember if you can’t take the heat don’t tickle the dragon!

Decorate Your Room!

August 6, 2012

Hey guys! It’s time to show us your designing skills with Pet Society’s Decorate An Indoor Room Competition! Decorate your room based on any theme you like, and with so many awesome themes to choose from, its going to be one hell of a competition! Post your cool designs on the Pet Society Forum!

The Best room will gain a chance to win 250 PSC! So hurry guys! Submissions end on 12th August, 11:59pm GMT!

PS :- Don’t forget to read the Rules and Regulations before you enter!

It’s Pet Society’s 4th Birthday!!!

August 2, 2012

It’s Pet Society’s 4th Birthday!!!

And boy, do we have some

amazing coin items for you!

And we also have everyone’s

favorite…The Special Pony Maker!

Join us for a week of celebration

and some incredible coin items!

FREE coins every day!

There is also a BRAND NEW  Digging Map! The Vanilla Choco Pond! A delicious looking map if ever there was one! The treasures are equally delicious! So hurry! Grab those shovels and head there!

It’s all about the BIG FOUR this week! So next week, from 6th Aug- 10th Aug GMT, it’s assured that your 5th day bonus will be 4PSC’s and 4 cash shovels! Don’t forget to log in everyday to claim this offer!