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Help Playfish support WWF in protecting giant pandas with Pet Society!

August 31, 2009



Playfish is delighted to introduce a new release of giant panda themed items to Pet Society on Facebook to continue to support World Wildlife Fund’s efforts to protect many endangered animals. Ensure you do your part to help continue to raise awareness for this great cause by purchasing some World Wildlife Fund themed items today and publishing to your News Feed! For each WWF item you purchase, Playfish will donate 10% of the proceeds to WWF until December 31, 2009. Learn more at:

The giant panda is the rarest member of the bear family and among the world’s most threatened animals, facing both habitat loss and poaching. There are currently fewer than 2,500 in the wild. WWF has been active in giant panda conservation since 1980, and was the first international conservation organization to work in China at the Chinese government’s invitation. WWF is now helping the government of China to undertake its National Conservation Program for the giant panda and its habitat.

To learn more about this topic, visit World Wildlife Fund’s website where you can support WWF with a direct contribution or even make a symbolic giant panda adoption.

Fortunes and Fables

August 31, 2009

Hey Pet Society fans! The weekly item release has just occurred, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to run to the stores and discover everything that’s new! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 7th of September, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Playfish is delighted to introduce a new release of giant panda themed items to Pet Society on Facebook to continue to support World Wildlife Fund’s efforts to protect many endangered animals. For more information, click here.

Giant Panda Plushie

Panda Baby Plushie



Panda Wall Emblem

I Love WWF T-Shirt

Celebrate Malaysia this week by pretending to fly a Wau Bulan, eating some Nyonya Kuih, growing a Hibiscus (there is random chance of growing this from a flower seed) or dressing your pet is the amazing Malaysian clothes Lily has in store!



Wau Bulan (Furniture) (TWS)

Nyonya Kuih (Food) (TWS)



Hibiscus (from Flower Seed) (Garden)

Baju Kurung (Clothes) (TWS)




Songkok (Clothes) (TWS)

Baju Melayu (Clothes) (TWS)

White Trousers (Clothes) (TWS)

“?” introduces new Mystery Eggs this week with the Fortune collection! So imagine predicting the future of the village with the various items inside, which include the Fortune Teller Book and the Fortune Teller Wand.




Fortune Teller Book

Fortune Mystery Egg

Fortune Teller Wand

Continue the magic that’s been flowing through the village this past week with the adorable Unicorn Doll, and the enchanting Star Wand Decor in the Furniture Store.



Star Wand Decor (TWS)

Unicorn Doll

To start your own science lab, visit Preston in the Furniture Store to purchase the Mineral Bottles, Lab Poster and Hourglass Decor!




Green Mineral Bottle Decor

Grey Mineral Bottle Decor

Pink Mineral Bottle Decor



Lab Poster

Hourglass Decor

Terrence heats things up in the Cash Shop with the Traditional Brick Fireplace! Also, the Sunflower Painting is a classic piece which will give a spring feeling to your pet’s home all year round. And the exquisite Water Lily Pond will be the talking point of any garden!



Sunflower Painting

Traditional Brick Fireplace


Water Lily Pond

If you have a room, or an entire home, in need of a makeover the new Rosy Cute collection can transform your place!



Rosy Cute Sofa (Furniture)

Rosy Cute Table (Furniture)




Rosy Cute Chair (Furniture)

Rosy Cute Ottoman (Furniture)

Rosy Cute Lamp (Gadget) (TWS)




White Cute Lamp (Gadget)

Cute Bookcase (Luxury) (TWS)

Rosy Curtain (D.I.Y.) (TWS)



Heart Wall Decor (Furniture)

Cat Lady Wall Sticker (Furniture) (TWS)

Lily has expanded her range of wigs this week, with the Redhead Wig new to the Clothes Store. For a little bit of purple in every kitchen, visit Preston for the Purple Jar Decor. Plus, Perry has come up with another experiment, which he believes has turned out well enough to serve, with the Danish Pastry!




Purple Jar Decor (Furniture)

Redhead Wig (Clothes) (PF-Cash)

Danish Pastry (Café)

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items including:

  • Princess Table Lamp
  • Fruit Pictures
  • Basic Toilet Roll
  • Black Kitchen Bin
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Bin
  • Golden Fan Decoration
  • Classic Red Jukebox
  • Wooden Hot Tub
  • Black Classy Door
  • Black Classy Window
  • Red Terracotta Tiles
  • Gold Trimmed Bath Robe
  • Gold Trimmed Eye Mask
  • White Bath Robe
  • White Bath Mask
  • Zip Through Denim Dress
  • Pink Microwave
  • Stainless Steel Microwave
  • DVD Collection
  • Galaxy2000 Game Console
  • Galaxy2000 Game Controller
  • Game Collection
  • Flat Screen Monitor
  • PetUltra Desktop Computer

In stores this week!

* silence *

August 28, 2009

Hey Pet Society fans! The latest mysterious items have just been released, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to starting hunting for them!

Sirius was hanging around the Mystery Store today, buying a few boxes, in the hopes of talking to “?”. When she went to the counter to pay for her boxes though, and tried to ask him for some hints as to what could possibly be coming up next, he was simply silent. Determined, she started asking if she could just take a glimpse of the pictures. Strangely, “?” then took an envelope with a black seal from behind the counter and passed it to her (still without saying a word). Sirius ran home excitedly, certain that the images were inside. She was slightly disappointed upon ripping open the envelope once home though, as instead of beautiful images, there was just a piece of paper with some scribbles on it. Sirius has transcribed them as best she can, so see if you can guess what they might be!

  • Malaysian blossom (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Hop off the top (Decor) (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Hard to sweep away (Golden Mystery Box)

Updated! Here are the images!




Hibiscus Hairpin

Magic Bunny Hat

Flying Pet Wall Sticker

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

Abracadabra Alakazam!

August 24, 2009

Hey Pet Society fans! There’s something mystical in the air this week, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to check out the range of enchanted items in stores! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 31st of August, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Felicity introduces the Crow Decor to the Luxury Store this week! Crows have long been associated with magic, from healing to being bringers of omens, so the Crow Decor will fit right in to any magical place!


Crow Decor (TWS)

Preston has a great collection of items in the Furniture Store to start your own wizard’s chamber! With the wisdom of the Owl Wooden Bookends to help you study your spells, your pet is bound to be a star. Plus, for any budding witches, the Broom Decor is essential!




Owl Wooden Bookend

Broom Decor

Small Potion Pot (TWS)




Mystic Book Collection

Old Wooden Shelf

Ancient Books Decor



Ink Bottle Decor

Potion Shelf Decor (TWS)

Terrence has some luminous additions to ensure your magical world shines in the darkest rooms in the Cash Shop. And to grant wisdom, and embrace the power of time, purchase a Golden Goddess Clock for your pet’s chamber.



Luminous Potion Pot

Golden Goddess Clock


Luminous Rocky Fireplace

Whether as a single lone lamp post, or used to dimly light the streets, the Luminous Street Light definitely appears to come from a magical era! If you wish to give the feel of living in an enchanted land, make certain you check out the Luminous Gothic View Window in the D.I.Y. Depot.




Luminous Street Light

Luminous Gothic View Window (TWS)

Retro Wall Lamp

Lily has the perfect hats for all pets travelling enchanted roads with the Black Pointed Hat and Merlin’s Hat in the Clothes Store. She also understands that not every pet is fully trained in sorcery, and hence introduces some uniforms, perfect for Magic School, for all the budding magic enthusiasts. Also, Lily begins offering wigs this week; these can be worn along with other headwear, such as a hat and glasses.



Black Pointed Hat

Merlin’s Hat (TWS)




School Boy Uniform

Nerdy Boy Wig

School Boy Trousers




School Girl Uniform (TWS)

Golden Curl Wig

Black School Shoes (TWS)

Truffles has some possibly enchanted (he’s not quite sure, and prefers to focus on how yummy they are) Candy Beans in the Food Store this week! While Perry is now serving delicious Chocolate Brownies in the Café, which he guarantees are completely safe, with no magic involved!



Candy Beans (Food) (TWS)

Chocolate Brownie (Café)

Finally, Mrs. Appleblossom introduces the Small Greenhouse, perfect for displaying your newly potted flowers, in the Garden Store. Unlike Perry, she wasn’t quite able to escape from everything magical though, so be aware that there is now a possibility of growing a Petdrake when you plant a Vegetable Seed.



Small Greenhouse

Petdrake (from Vegetable Seed)

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items including:

  • Carnival Decoration (TWS)
  • Koala Doll
  • Mystic Blue Perfume Bottle
  • Gorgeous Pink Perfume Bottle
  • Deluxe Feather Half Mask (TWS)
  • Bird Half Mask
  • Giant Beads Top
  • Blue Beads Top
  • Black Long Coat
  • Dreamy Princess Bed
  • Bubblegum Pink Lip Couch (TWS)
  • Black Framed Gate
  • Black Framed Window
  • Deep Night Sky Wallpaper
  • Mystery Box Cake (TWS)
  • Practical Joke (TWS)
  • Chocolate Poo (TWS)

In stores this week!

Magic or fiction“?”

August 20, 2009

Hey Pet Society fans! There have been some peculiar things going on in the village today (or at least so Sirius tells me). Allegedly, she was being her normal self, and following “?” to try and gain some idea of what could possibly be the newest mysterious items; she spotted him with the images in hand, and while keeping her distance, waiting for an opportunity to glance at the pictures, a strange wind picked up and blew the pictures right out of “?”’s paws, spiralling up into the sky.

Apparently, this was no ordinary wind though, and appeared magical, and slightly green, as if it was created from the bubbles and steam of a cauldron. The pictures flew with this strange wind around the entire village, while Sirius chased after it (she tries hard)!

Supposedly, the wind whipped the pictures around town for an entire half an hour, before eventually calming, and dropping the images right in Sirius’ front garden, amongst the Coconut Trees.

I’m personally not too sure how much of the above story is true, I think Sirius may have just made it up as an excuse for presenting me with oddly blurred green images, so see for yourself and make up your own mind:




(Blue Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

These new mysterious items are available now, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook to see if you can find them!

Updated! Here are some clearer images that Sirius has managed to keep clean.



MI_retro oil lamp

Lab Flasks Decor

Merlin Doll

Retro Oil Lamp

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

A cultural awakening!

August 17, 2009

Hey Pet Society fans! The weekly item release has just occurred, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to discover the newest additions! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 24th of August, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Experience Indonesia this week with a range of Indonesian inspired items in store! If you love cats, Preston is the pet to visit this week, with a range of Wooden Cats available; Preston also has the delightful Jasmine Flower Decor in stock this week, so that you can elegantly add a touch of Indonesia to any room. In the Clothes Store, Lily has an amazing collection of Indonesian outfits to suit any pet. Truffles loves any food, but he did whisper that the Indonesian desserts he has in store this week are particularly delicious (in the same sentence as saying that he must be out of stock, despite the fact they are clearly visible on the shelves)! Terrence has been exploring Indonesia, and fell in love with the birds of paradise, and hence introduces the Cendrawasih to the Cash Shop this week (needless to say, the Red Parrot is delighted to have a new friend). Plus, the grand Gazebos available in the Luxury and Garden Stores will be a fantastic addition to any outdoor area.




Floral Wooden Cat Decor (Furniture) (TWS)

Dark Wooden Cat Decor (Furniture)

Small Wooden Cat Decor (Furniture)




Jasmine Flower Decor (Furniture) (TWS)

Bali Dancer Dress (Clothes) (TWS)

Bali Dancer Headdress (Clothes) (TWS)




Batik Shirt (Clothes)

Pink Kebaya (Clothes)

Pink Flower Hairpin (Clothes)




Kolak (Food) (TWS)

Cendrawasih (Cash Shop)

Cendol (Food) (TWS)



Bamboo Gazebo With Chair (Luxury)

Teak Gazebo (Garden) (PF-Cash)

Your pet may also choose to indulge in Arabic culture this week! Decorate with the colourful Bright Fanoos, or lay out some Arabic tea for your visitors! Additionally, Grumble introduces the Stencilled Wallpaper and Gold Foil Door and Window to give an entire room an Arabic transformation! Also, if your pet wants to treat itself to some new flavours, be sure to try the Samosa and Baklava in the Food Store!




Gold Trimmed Cup (Furniture)

Bright Fanoos (Furniture) (TWS)

Gold Trimmed Teapot (Furniture)




Gold Foil Door (D.I.Y.) (TWS)

Stencilled Wallpaper (D.I.Y.)

Gold Foil Window (D.I.Y.) (TWS)



Baklava (Food)

Samosa (Food)

If you are looking to re-style your living room, kitchen or bathroom, Preston has some brand new options with the Cute Blue Side Table, White Tall Shelf and Simple Wooden Basin Cabinet that are definitely worth checking out!




Cute Blue Side Table (Furniture)

White Tall Shelf (Furniture)

Simple Wooden Basin Cabinet (Furniture)

Finally, Mrs. Appleblossom has some new fencing options and a very handy wheelbarrow to help makeover your garden! And Perry has had a great result with his recent experimentation, and hence serves up a very delicious Waffle in the Café.



Wooden Fence (Garden)

Low Brick Fence (Garden)



Garden Cart Decor (Garden) (PF-Cash)

Waffle (Café)

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from Don’t be a fool, spring has sprung! in store this week!

Go bananas!

August 15, 2009

Hey Pet Society fans! It’s that’s time of week again, where mysterious things occur in Pet Society! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to see if you can discover what is new.

To try and help everyone out, Sirius paid a visit to the Mystery Store to see “?” earlier, especially to ask what mysterious things he may be introducing. He appeared pretty busy though, and quickly muttered a couple of words about each, so see if you can guess what they might be:

  • Balinese crockery (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Go bananas! (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Earthen fire (Golden Mystery Box)

These are all available now! Updated! Here are the images:




Kendi Pot Decor

Orangutan Doll

Clay Tealight Holder

As Sirius was walking home, she stopped to talk to the ducks by the fishing pond (did I mention she likes ducks?). Anyway, she left quite puzzled, as they told her there was something else new and mysterious around now, but she couldn’t work out what they were quacking about, can you?

Updated! The quacking has been translated, and you now have a chance of growing Jasmine from a Flower Seed!


Jasmine (from Flower Seed)

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

Ocean Wonders

August 10, 2009

Hey Pet Society fans! Take a journey to the ocean depths this week with the stores across Pet Society stocking new items to transform your home to a magical underwater destination! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to explore the ocean theme! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 17th of August, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

To ensure you are ready for an underwater adventure, Lily has the perfect outfits in the Clothes Store this week!



Mermaid Dress

Blue Goldfish Gown (TWS)



Shell Hairpin

Seastar Hairpin

To complete your fish or mermaid look, “?” has some new potions in the Mystery Store, so be sure to pay him a visit!



Blue Bubble Potion

Pink Bubble Potion

Give a room, or your entire house, an ocean makeover this week with the fantastic shell pieces in the Furniture Store. The new Lobster Doll would like to remind you that life is best in the ocean!




Conus Decor (TWS)

Lobster Doll

Nautilus Decor




Shell Hall Chest

Shell Collection Decor (TWS)

Shell Table




Shell Small Mirror

Shell Basket

Shell Jewellery Box Decor




Shell Wall Candle

Shell Wall Decor (TWS)

Shell Wind Chime

Felicity has the finest touches for your ocean paradise in Luxury Store with the gorgeous Shell Chair and Full Length Mirror (which you may wish to pretend to use when fixing your Shell or Seastar Hairpin in place).



Shell Chair

Shell Full Length Mirror

Terrence has the exquisite Luminous Sea Fan ready to light up the ocean floor in the Cash Shop this week! Plus, the Jellyfish Bowl and Shell Folding Screen will provide a slice of underwater life anywhere in your pet’s home!




Luminous Sea Fan

Jellyfish Bowl

Shell Folding Screen

To complete your ocean paradise, Grumble introduces the very fine Seaweed Curtains to the D.I.Y. Depot, along with the Seafloor, and to make your sea home fit for royalty, some Underwater Palace Wallpaper.




Seaweed Curtain


Underwater Palace Wallpaper

For all pets that prefer nature above the surface, the Garden Store also has some new additions this week! There’s now a chance that purchasing a Tree Seed could grow a Cherry Tree! Also, Mrs. Appleblossom has a couple of brand new pots for all of your homegrown flowers in store.


Cherry Tree (from Tree Seed)



Green Clay Pot

Pink Ribbon Pot

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from Mayor Doll! (What more can we say?) in store this week!

Birthday Competition Winners Announced!

August 8, 2009

Pet Society is now one year old, that’s right, exactly one year ago, Pet Society was released! As you can imagine, back then the stores weren’t nearly as packed, and some of our current stores didn’t exist at all! To celebrate our first birthday, we recently held the Pet Society Birthday Competition, and today it’s time to announce the lucky winners!

The level of enthusiasm and effort that was shown for the Pet Society Birthday Competition was unbelievable! With thousands of entries, we were overwhelmed by the talent shown! We received everything from short stories and poems to artwork, comics and videos to show us how you would spend a million coins! Whether you were planning on sharing with friends, buying everything in the luxury store, having the biggest ever cake, creating your own ATM, having a cheese supply that never runs out, taking over the village (poor Mayor), or simply being completely unsure how you would count so many coins, we loved reading and viewing your entries!

Now, the news you’ve all been waiting for, the winners! Our nine category winners will each receive a massive 100,000 coins each, and our lucky overall winner will be awarded with one million coins!

The overall winner of the competition and new Millionaire, for excelling in so many of the categories, and presenting it all in an incredible song and video production is Brett and his pet Bubbles! Everyone needs to see this outstanding entry, so be sure to check it out here! Congratulations Brett, ensure you spend your coins with “no regrets”!

The winner for Most Creative is Elizabeth with a very well written poem and a truck-load of fish which you can read here! Congratulations Elizabeth!

Taking home the title of Most Fun is Kirsten who sent her pet Yoda on a great adventure, you can check it out here! Congratulations Kirsten!

Making us all laugh, and hence winning the Most Humorous category is Diana, who knew an argument could be so entertaining. Ensure you laugh as well by viewing it here! Congratulations Diana!

Most Original has been won by Maged with an inventive video and countless seeds, ensure you watch it here! Congratulations Maged!

Ardy has taken the title of Best Use of Technology, to ensure you are well informed about Ardy’s pet’s plans, watch his skilfully crafted masterpiece here! Congratulations Ardy!

Demonstrating her dreams for a million coins in real life with her pet has won Hana the award of Most Resourceful, ensure you view the photographs of Oinky’s million coins plan here! Congratulations Hana!

The winner of Best Use of Cheese is Maegan with an intriguing piece of art of her pet Jayla which you can view here! Congratulations Maegan!

Gina has impressed us all with the fantastic visual journey she took us on to win the Most Impressive category, if you wish to be amazed, view her entry here! Congratulations Gina!

Most Cute has been won by Jorge who presented us with an adorable picture accompanied by some very sweet plans, you can read and view Jorge’s entry here! Congratulations Jorge!

Congratulations to all of our winners, Playfish will be contacting each of you shortly so that you can claim your prize!

Birthday Competition – Millionaire

August 8, 2009

Our grand prize winner, who has won an amazing 1,000,000 coins, is Brett and of course his pet Bubbles! Brett’s song and video excelled in many of the categories as it is very impressive, resourceful, original, creative, fun and makes great use of technology! We aren’t quite sure if Bubbles liked having his face replaced by Brett’s, but we could tell that Brett certainly enjoyed it. So we really hope he will be “one content civilian” now that he has “slightly less than 40 billion”! Congratulations Brett, enjoy the boxes, fish, ladybug, bunny, gadgets, koala, blue bubble chair and whatever else you choose to spend it on (we’re sure your friends are really hoping there is a little left over for your neighbour pets)! Playfish will contact you shortly so that you can claim your prize!