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Mayor or Master Chef?

February 25, 2010

Hey Pet Society fans! “?” appears to have been talking with Perry this week! When Sirius and her Petling Tiger dropped by the Mystery Store to purchase some Stone Age Mystery Eggs, not only was “?” in a rather good mood, but he offered her some tea, and gave her pictures of the new mysterious items!

Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to start hunting for your own Tea Tray, or perhaps a very cute (shhh, don’t tell the Mayor we said that) Mayor Chef Plushie, or just brighten up your home in preparation for spring with the Hydrangea Pot!

Hydrangea Pot Mayor Chef Plushie Tea Tray

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

“Ribbit!” Not quite what you want to eat, or is it?

February 24, 2010

This is a story that we received from Jerome where he writes about his pet Tofu and his adventures with frogs! 😉

Written by: Jerome Lee Zhe Rong (mapo_tofu)

“Yawn!” Tofu sat on his soft beanbag. After a day of running at the stadium, gardening and visiting friends, he was so tired that he nearly sleepwalked all the way home.

He decided to check on his prized cupcake tree one last time before taking a long nap. Tofu saw a small object below the tree. “Ah! A cupcake! Just the thing I need to wake me up!” he said. Tofu picked up the cupcake and brought it closer to his mouth to take a bite. “Ribbit!” it croaked!

“That’s not a cupcake!” Tofu gasped. He realised that he was going about to eat a frog! Tofu dropped the slimy amphibian. It croaked and hopped onto his head. Tofu ran upstairs to his laboratory (which was also his bedroom) and placed the frog onto a bed of seaweed.

He ran to the kitchen to find some flies (other than his scientist friends, everyone avoided Tofu because of his habit of rearing insects of all shapes and sizes, including the most annoying ones). Once he had found a suitably large jar, he allowed the flies to buzz around the room. The frog quickly gobbled them up and licked his lips greedily.

This was how a long-lasting friendship began. Tofu found more and more frogs under the cupcake tree.

Sometime later while Tofu was relaxing, “Ahh… Time for some bubble tea…. Hey, this isn’t tapioca pearls! Aaack! Oh wait… this is kind of tasty… but what is it? Let’s keep some…”

After a few days Tofu checked on the tapioca pearls that he had kept aside, “Huh? Those ‘tapioca pearls’ turned into tadpoles! Oh no… Aaack! Well, at least I can boast to my friends that I ate frog eggs!”

Win gold and go wild!

February 22, 2010

Hey Pet Society fans! Celebrate the Winter Olympics, explore the Wild West, party for Carnival, and venture into the Stone Age; there’s a bit of everything in stores this week, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to see what’s new! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 1st of March, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

The 2010 Winter Olympics are in full swing in beautiful Vancouver! Give your pet a taste of the action and glory with a few special items to celebrate the Olympics in the Furniture Store!

Olympic Torch (TWS) Ice Skater Poster (TWS)
Ice Skater Dress (TWS) Winner Shirt (TWS)

From the snowy slopes to the Wild West, there’s something for everyone this week! You would think Lily would need a holiday after putting together all of those movie costumes last week, but it’s not to be, she’s pulled on her cowgirl boots and is ready to roll with amazing new Cowboy and Cowgirl outfits in the Clothes Store!

Pink Cowgirl Hat Pink Cowgirl Dress Pink Cowgirl Boots
Brown Cowboy Hat Brown Cowboy Shirt
Brown Cowboy Pants Brown Cowboy Boots
Cute Cowgirl Hat (TWS) Cute Cowgirl Dress (TWS) Cute Cowgirl Boots (TWS)

After a long days labour, where better to go to relax and wind down than the local Saloon! Build your very own Saloon with Grumble setting the scene in the D.I.Y. Depot!

Saloon Door (TWS) Saloon Window
Saloon Shelf Saloon Wooden Fence Wooden Saloon Wallpaper
Wooden Saloon Floor

Deck out your Saloon with fitting furniture, be ready for action with your own Lasso, rule the town as Sheriff, or just pick up a cute new horse friend, with barrels of new items in the Furniture Store!

Saloon Sofa (TWS) Pink Wooden Bench (TWS)
Saloon Table Saloon Chair
Cowboy Lasso (TWS) Wooden Trough (TWS) Wooden Barrel
“Sheriff’s Office” Decor (TWS) Sheriff’s Badge Decor (TWS)
Blue Wooden Mirror (TWS) Country Horse Plushie
Saloon Wall Unit

E.M.I.L.I.A. will light up your Saloon with a hardy Chandelier in the Gadget Store. Plus Mrs. Appleblossom will have your outdoors area in theme with the Flowering Cactus in the Garden Store.

Saloon Chandelier (Gadget) Flowering Cactus (Garden) (TWS)

For a more laid back, and less wild experience of the Old West, perhaps a Rocking Horse is your style. Or take your western world up another notch with the trendy Red Stagecoach Decor in the Luxury Store!

Wooden Rocking Horse Cute Rocking Horse (TWS)
Red Stagecoach Decor (TWS)

If your pet is a bit of an outlaw, Terrence is ready to put your pet in the picture with the “Wanted” Poster! To give a wow factor to whatever Wild West environment you create ensure you add a Western Landscape Decoration, which is now available in the Cash Shop!

“Wanted” Poster (TWS)
Western Landscape Decoration

Rounding up the Wild West theme is some delicious munchies in the Food Store, which you may well need after a hard day working with cattle! The western fever has also hit the Pond with a new spiky fish, the Cactusfish, swimming around.

Cowboy Nachos (TWS) Cactus Juice (Food) Cactusfish (Pond)

If all your pet wants to do this week is dress up and party, Lily introduces some new Carnival wear to the Clothes Store!

Golden Carnival Headdress (TWS) White Carnival Mask (TWS)

Travel back in time to the Stone Age with the Stone Age Mystery Eggs mysteriously appearing in the Mystery Store! The comfort of some of the items may be debatable, but the dinosaurs look friendly, so crack a few eggs today!

Rock Armchair (from Stone Age Mystery Egg) Stone Age Vending Machine and Mystery Egg Green Dino Plushie (from Stone Age Mystery Egg)
Stone Age Male Shirt (from Stone Age Mystery Egg) Stone Age Window (from Stone Age Mystery Egg)

Petlings are being adopted throughout the homes of the village! If you are looking for a new Petling pal, perhaps take home a brand new Coyote Petling! And, if your current Petlings are looking for somewhere comfortable to sleep, there are now some soft, warm beds for your Petlings in store!

Coyote Petling (Garden)
Red Petling Bed (Garden / Furniture) Rattan Petling Bed (Garden / Furniture)

The weeks really do fly by quickly. If your pet has as much trouble keeping track of time as Sirius does, ensure you purchase the new PF Countdown Clock available in the Gadget Store! This complex piece of technology will tell you your own time and Playfish time (so you know what time the game day resets); plus it gives a countdown of the time remaining until the shops update each week!

PF Countdown Clock

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from Whether for a Clock or a Shamrock in stores this week!

Search ‘til it comes home!

February 19, 2010

Hey Pet Society fans! Are you enjoying dressing your pet up in all sorts of costumes and putting him / her in the spotlight? We hope so! Ensure you check out the Pet Society Movie Competition where you could win up to 1000 Playfish Cash and a Golden Mayor Award for recreating your favourite movie in Pet Society. For more details, check out the Facebook page!

Unfortunately, despite showing up at the Mystery Store in a Tiger Costume, Sirius couldn’t manage to scare “?” into handing over the images of this week’s new mysterious items!

Instead of running away terrified as she’d hoped, “?” just stood firmly behind the counter, greeted her by name, and gave her a few clues! So here they are:

  • Fresh from the Farm! (Red Mystery Box)
  • Prickly Pink! (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Join the Parade! (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Search ‘til it comes home! (Golden Mystery Box)

Sirius has since decided that she should probably take along her Tiger Petling next time, once he’s fully grown, maybe that will scare “?”.

These mysterious items are now available in mystery boxes, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook and search ‘til it comes home!

Updated! Here are the images of the new mysterious items.

Milk Tank Cactus On A Rock
Black Carnival Mask Cute Cow Plushie

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

And the Petabulous award goes to…

February 15, 2010

Hey Pet Society fans! Welcome to a new week in Pet Society, which means new items filling the stores! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to try and recreate your favourite movie moments! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 22nd of February, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

2010 is the Year of the Tiger. There are as few as 3200 tigers left in the wild and they need our help to survive! Therefore tigers form our latest collection to help support WWF. To read more about this, see this blog post.

WWF Tiger Cub Plushie WWF Tiger Poster WWF Adult Tiger Plushie
WWF Tiger Costume Hat WWF Tiger Costume Top WWF Tiger Costume Pants
Petling Tiger

Hollywood is in the midst of the awards season, so what better way to celebrate than to pick up some scenes and props for your very own movie set in the various stores across Pet Society!

City Street Wallpaper (D.I.Y.)
City Door (D.I.Y.) Park Bench (Garden)
City Street Floor (D.I.Y.)
Cloudy Sky (D.I.Y.)
Black Bar Counter (Luxury) (TWS) White Bar Stool (Luxury) Red Bar Counter (Luxury)
Futuristic Motorbike (Gadget) Cute Ghost Toy (Furniture) (TWS)
Strawberry Pancake Stack (Food) Pancake Pan (Furniture) (TWS) Vintage Camera (Gadget)
Red Bicycle (Furniture) Wrapped Newspapers (Furniture) Pink Bicycle (Furniture) (TWS)

Dress the part with world class costumes for a variety of top roles now available in the Clothes Store! The Pet Society Fashion Team have (well Lily has) been working night and day to have these ready for day one of filming.

Dark Shades Green Feathered Cap Wooden Bow and Arrow
Kung-fu Shirt (TWS) Kung-fu Pants (TWS) Kung-fu Shoes (TWS)
Chic Black Hat Chic Black Dress Chic Black Glove
Camouflage Beret Camouflage Shirt Camouflage Pants
Black Leather Boots Doctors Coat
Stylish Male Wig Bunches Wig (PF-Cash)

From the city streets to the stars, movies have it all! Set your pet up for a space bound adventure with Alien Spaceships flying around your room and futuristic space gear!

Green Alien Spaceship (Furniture) Pink Alien Spaceship (Furniture) (TWS)
Jupiter Wall Sticker (Furniture) (TWS) Saturn Wall Sticker (Furniture)
Spaceship Control Panel (Luxury)
Spaceman Helmet (Clothes) (TWS) Spaceman Shirt (Clothes) (TWS) Spaceman Pants (Clothes) (TWS)
Spaceman Shoes (Clothes) (TWS) Alien Jelly (Food) Alienfish (Pond)

Back at sea level, the movies would have you understand that pirates rule the waves! So toughen up, join the crew and find the treasure!

Colourful Parrot Plushie (Furniture) Buried Treasure (Furniture) Luxurious Pirate Hat (Clothes) (TWS)
Island Cave (Garden) Pirate Cannon (Furniture) (TWS)
Pirate Lantern (Gadget) Pirate Punch (Food) (TWS) Porthole Window (D.I.Y.)

If all the fame and bright studio lights just has you wanting to hide away, Terrence has the answer in the Cash Shop with the amazing new Tree House. The Tree House has a cosy little room inside to enjoy (there is only one room no matter how many Tree Houses you own)!

Tree House

Finally there’s some brand new treats in the Food Store, Petling Tigers are especially fond of these!

Lamb Shank Chicken Drumstick

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from From Egypt with love in stores this week!

Out of this world!

February 12, 2010

Hey Pet Society fans! Roses are being sent around the village at a rapid pace, hearts are everywhere, it can only mean one thing, Valentine’s is near!

Unfortunately, this didn’t mean that “?” was feeling particularly nice when Sirius went to visit him earlier; that or the fact that she was a chocolate pet due to drinking one of his potions a couple of days earlier meant that he didn’t really recognise her and hence didn’t want to give too much away!

When she tried to ask him what he was adding to the mystery boxes this week, he just started muttering some strange words over and over again. Can you work out what he means?

  • Top defence! (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Out of this world! (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Sky high! (Golden Mystery Box)

These mysterious items are now available in mystery boxes, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook and visit “?” to see if you can find them!

Updated! Here are the images of the mysterious items!

Classic Shield Alien Mask Aviator Goggles

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

Let your love shine!

February 8, 2010

Hey Pet Society fans! Love surrounds pets in the village this week, with even more breath taking Valentine’s items hitting the stores! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to check them out! Please remember that any items labelled Holiday Special (HS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 15th of February, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

What better way to show love and compassion at this special time of year than with a gift to help those in need! On Tuesday 12 January 2010, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck near Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince, causing catastrophic destruction and leaving many people without even the most basic amenities. This week Terrence and Preston introduce the Help for Haiti Plushie with 100% of proceeds going directly to Mercy Corps to help with their efforts helping the people in Haiti recover from this saddening disaster! For more information see this page! Please note that this Plushie is only available until February 21st, 2010 GMT. 😉

Help for Haiti Plushie (PF-Cash)

Valentine’s is not only full of love, but chocolate, flowers, hearts and more! Fill your pet’s Valentine’s, or a special pet friend’s Valentine’s with chocolate with the I Love Chocolate Box or Valentine Chocolates containing 14 delightful and delicious chocolates (one per day) in the Furniture Store!

Too Cute (from either Chocolate Box) I Love Chocolate Box (HS) Be Mine (from either Chocolate Box)
Secret Admirer (from either Chocolate Box) Valentine Chocolates (HS) You Make My Day (from either Chocolate Box)

To prepare your home for the very special day, start off with heartfelt wallpaper, or take your love sky high with the Cloudy Wallpaper and Floor available in the D.I.Y. Depot!

Red Hearts Wallpaper (HS) Lovely Window (HS) Lovely Wallpaper
Cloudy Wallpaper
Cloudy Floor

No one seems to know who Preston’s Valentine is, but from the range of truly lovable items he has this week, we can only imagine that if he has one, they will be one spoilt pet this Valentine’s! So if you want to decorate your home with love, or find a gift for that special pet, ensure you check out what Preston has for you in the Furniture Store this week!

Small Valentine Bouquet (HS) Perfect Valentine Bouquet (HS) Luxurious Valentine Bouquet (HS)
Lovely White Bear Plushie “I Heart You” Wall Sticker (HS) Lovely Red Bear Plushie (HS)
Cute Candle Set Pink Heart Wall Sticker (HS) Romantic Candle Set (HS)
“I Love You” Wall Hanger (HS) “Love” Wall Hanger (HS) “Be Mine” Wall Hanger (HS)
Lovely Red Cage (HS) Modern “Ai” Painting Set Lovely White Cage
Romantic Stone Chair Romantic Stone Column Romantic Stone Table
Lovely Chair Lovely Table

To add a little luxurious pampering to your pet’s Valentine’s, there’s only one pet to see, Felicity of course! So head on in to the Luxury Store today to indulge this Valentine’s!

Crystal Heart (HS) Romantic Stone Columnade
Heart Sofa (HS) Lovely Bed

For an extra special touch, ensure you check out the Blowing Bubbles Statue in the Cash Shop, which, when placed in your room, will produce heart bubbles for a great atmosphere! The Luminous Pink Hearts String in the Gadget Store is another must-see item (yes, it appears even E.M.I.L.I.A has a soft side, however much her robotic side denies it). Plus the glorious Red Roses and Heart Cactus in the Garden Store will help fill your garden and home with love!

Blowing Bubbles Statue (Cash Shop) Luminous Pink Heart String (Gadget)
Red Roses (Garden) (HS) Heart Cactus (Garden) (HS)

As expected with any celebration in the village, Truffles has some very delectable and gorgeous treats! Stop by the Food Store and mark the occasion with cake and lovely soda!

Pink Soda Glass (HS) Lovely Pink Cake Pink Soda Bottle (HS)

If you are still umming and ahhing over what to wear on February 14th, Lily may just have the answer in the Clothes Store! From outfits for the perfect romantic evening to Cupid costumes, she seems to have it all this Valentine’s!

Lovely Red Headband Lovely Red Date Dress Lovely Red Shoes
Lovely Tuxedo Shirt Lovely Tuxedo Pants Pink Heart Shades (HS)
Lovely Pink Headband (HS) Lovely Pink Date Dress (HS) Lovely Pink Shoes (HS)
Cupid Circlet (HS) Cupid Golden Wings (HS) Cupid Bow and Arrow (HS)
Cupid Tunic (HS) Girly Cupid Tunic (HS) Cupid Sandles (HS)

For a change of pace, light up your night life! Terrence introduces the Glowing Potion to the Cash Shop this week! If your pet drinks this mysterious potion, your pet will be able to glow in the dark (use a light switch to turn off the lights) for three days!

Glowing Potion

Last, but most certainly not least, are you enjoying your Petlings? We hope so! Do you love your pet’s Petling, but just wish it was a slightly different colour? Well if you do, this may be the perfect solution for you! You can now find Coloured Petling Biscuits in the Garden Store, feed your Petling a biscuit of the colour you would rather your Petling be, and its coat will magically transform! To help you select the colour that’s right for you, we’ve included some pictures of an example Kitten and Puppy in each available colour!

Example Coloured Petling Biscuit (PF-Cash)
Example Black Kitten Example Blue Kitten Example Grey Kitten
Example Dark Brown Kitten Example Brown Kitten Example Light Brown Kitten
Example White Kitten Example Pink Kitten
Example Black Puppy Example Blue Puppy Example Grey Puppy
Example Dark Brown Puppy Example Brown Puppy Example Light Brown Puppy
Example White Puppy Example Pink Puppy

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from One enormous Pets’ party! in stores this week!

Boxes of Love!

February 4, 2010

Hey Pet Society fans! The reindeers are gone! Yes, that’s right, Hideeni has something new! What? Well he’s ready for Valentine’s and handing out roses for your friends! And there are 12 different roses to collect! So sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to see if you can find him today!! 😉

Long Stem Red Rose Hideeni Long Stem White Rose

The reindeers aren’t the only thing gone though; they decided to take the remaining anteaters back to the North Pole with them! And that means there’s a brand new special prize on the lottery wheel! Spin to win! 🙂

And if you are wondering just what happened to “?”, well he surprised everyone this week by introducing new mysterious items on Monday! If you haven’t found any yet, get searching, as these items are available for a limited time only (they will be removed from boxes when the mysterious items are updated during the week that begins on February 15th)!

Red Heart Wall Sticker Heart Pouch
Cupid Bear Plushie Pink Heart Mobile

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

Love your Pets… and Petlings!

February 1, 2010

Hey Pet Society fans! Love is floating in the air of the village! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to check out the cute new Petlings and the romantic new Valentine’s items, and to start celebrating Lunar New Year! Please note that any items labelled Holiday Special (HS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 15th of February, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Have you ever wanted your pet to have its own pet to keep it company? Yes, well you’ll be ecstatic to hear that you can now purchase a Petling for your pet! Baby Petlings are available to purchase in the Garden Store, for now you can choose either an adorable Kitten or Puppy (the minimum level requirement for a Cat is level 5, and the minimum level requirement for a Dog is level 10) to take home for your pet to care for. What type of Cat or Dog you will grow (i.e. colour and breed) is random! 😉

Here are a few things you need to know about Petlings! You will need to name your Petling, so start thinking of the perfect name! Plus, all pets require care, so each day your Petling will ask for a food that it wants, feed it that food to keep it happy. Your Petling infant takes 4 feedings (one per day) to grow into a fully grown Petling, and you can only have one Petling growing at any one time; once your Petling is fully grown, you can purchase and grow another if you like. Ensure you feed your Petling when it asks for food, if you don’t feed a Petling for 3 days it will get very sad and run away. 😦 If your Petling/s run away, you be able to find it/them by either posting a feed to your Facebook wall, and having a friend help your find it/them, or by paying some coins to retrieve your Petling/s.

Petling Cat Petling Dog

Set the mood for the perfect Valentine’s Day, with beautiful flowers, mystical creatures and a range of romantic items in stores to create an idyllic atmosphere and fall in love.

Romantic Castle Flower Decor (Furniture) Baby Unicorn Plushie (Furniture) (HS)
First Kiss Statue (Furniture) (HS) Romantic Castle Terrace (Luxury)
Romantic Castle Staircase (Luxury) Romantic Castle Railing (D.I.Y.) Romantic Castle Wallpaper (D.I.Y.)
Romantic Sky (D.I.Y) (HS)
Romantic Castle Floor (D.I.Y.)

Don’t stop with your home though; give your garden a passionate make over with Love Trees and Bleeding Hearts growing from special seeds available in the Garden Store!

Bleeding Hearts Seed (HS) Bleeding Hearts (from Bleeding Hearts Seed) Love Tree Seed (HS)
Love Tree (from Love Tree Seed) Love Cherries (from Love Tree)

Re-enact the most romantic dreams with a range of Romeo and Juliet clothing to help sparks fly this Valentine’s in the Clothes Store!

Romeo Shirt Romeo Pants Romeo Shoes
Juliet Dress Pink Juliet Dress (HS)
Juliet Headpiece Juliet Shoes

Give your loved one a very special gift this Valentine’s, with Terrence stocking a range of gorgeous presents, that you can give to a friend and will remain wrapped in a beautiful gift box until opening up on February 14th, in the Cash Shop!

Valentine Bunny Plushie (HS) Mystery Gift Box (Gift Box only) Valentine Cake Rack (HS)
Angels Fountain (HS) Valentine Jacuzzi (HS)

And what’s a holiday in Pet Society without some special occasion fish? See if you can work out what the Valentine Heartfish loves to eat, or buy a Valentine Fish Biscuit and cast away for one of 15 amazingly romantic fish!

Valentine Heartfish (Pond) Valentine Fish Biscuit (Cash Shop) (HS) Rosefish (with Valentine Fish Biscuit)
Ringfish (with Valentine Fish Biscuit) Cupidfish (with Valentine Fish Biscuit) Eel In Love (with Valentine Fish Biscuit)
Romantic Fishbowl (Cash Shop) (HS) Romantic Aquarium (Cash Shop) (HS)
Big Romantic Aquarium (Cash Shop) (HS)

Valentine’s is known for delicious treats and chocolates, of course that gets Truffles excited, but did you expect “?” to get excited as well? Well he has, and you can transform your pet into a chocolate pet for a few days with the new potion in the Mystery Store!

Cupid Icecream (Food) (HS) Chocolate Pet Potion (Mystery) Cherry Icecream (Food)

This is just the beginning of our Valentine’s items in Pet Society though, there’s plenty more to come next week! So get visiting, brushing, washing, racing, cooking, tree bumping and gardening to save plenty of coins to ensure you can buy everything you want for this very special occasion!

Valentine’s isn’t the only Holiday just around the corner though, so you can prepare for Lunar New Year this week as well! Celebrate the coming Year of the Tiger with delightful tigers, glorious lanterns, a delicious feast and stunning clothing throughout the stores of the village!

Chinese Knot Decor (Furniture) Lunar New Year Wall Decor (Furniture) (HS) Prosperity Plushie (Furniture) (HS)
Golden Dragon Lantern (Furniture) ‘Luck’ Red Lantern (Furniture)
Lunar New Year Feast Table (Luxury) (HS)
Double Buns Wig Tiger Bib Tiger Shoes

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from Once upon a time… in stores this week!