Terrence’s Treasure Trove


Hey Pet Society fans! Spring is in full swing, and it’s time for spring cleaning, or perhaps some redecorating! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 12th of April, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

“?” has just hidden away some new mysterious items in mystery boxes, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now and start searching to begin your cleaning or add a little colour to your pet’s home!

Capsules Detergent Rainbow Skateboard Decor
Beige Laundry Bin Pink Big Office Chair

Plus, there are even more new free gifts to send to your friends. This Pink Pig Plushie and Pens Pouch would love a new home, so send them to your friends using the Free Gifts icon on the left of screen today!

Pink Pig Plushie Pens Pouch

When wondering around town earlier, the ducks by the Pond quacked quietly to Sirius that there was a new fish in the Pond! Sirius hasn’t managed to catch one yet, but can you?

Saddle Valentini Puffe

Come Monday there’ll be plenty of new items in stores! Have you tried our new game, Hotel City? If you haven’t tried it yet, Sirius recommends giving it a go! To celebrate the release of this fantastic new Playfish game, from Monday, you will be able to buy a Hotel City Plushie from the Market or Furniture Store!

Hotel City Plushie

It seems some amazing treasures have been discovered at the bottom of the Pond, as if from a mermaid kingdom! If you want the chance to collect these treasures, visit Terrence in the Boutique from Monday to purchase a special magnet (Treasure Bait) to cast into the Pond and see what you can find! There are 15 beautiful treasures to collect.

Bubbles Volcano (caught with Treasure Bait) Treasure Bait (Amazing Items) Mermaid Bear Plushie (caught with Treasure Bait)
Deep Sea Golden Heart (caught with Treasure Bait) Mermaid Wig (caught with Treasure Bait) Sleepy Octopus (caught with Treasure Bait)

Preston has gone all out this week, with new bathroom sets in your choice of black, blue or pink in the Furniture Store, so you can renovate to gain a totally new look!

Elegant Black Sink (Kitchen & Bathroom) Elegant Black Bath Tub (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Elegant Black Room Scent (Kitchen & Bathroom) Elegant Black Recycle Bin (Kitchen & Bathroom) Elegant Black Toilet Paper (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Elegant Black Soap Basket (Kitchen & Bathroom) Elegant Black Bin (Bedroom)
Elegant Black Towel (Kitchen & Bathroom) Elegant Black Toilet (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Elegant Black Cabinet (Bedroom)
Sweet Blue Sink (Kitchen & Bathroom) Sweet Blue Bath Tub (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Sweet Blue Room Scent (Kitchen & Bathroom) Sweet Blue Recycle Bin (Kitchen & Bathroom) Sweet Blue Toilet Paper (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Sweet Blue Soap Basket (Kitchen & Bathroom) Sweet Blue Bin (Bedroom)
Sweet Blue Towel (Kitchen & Bathroom) Sweet Blue Toilet (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Sweet Blue Cabinet (Bedroom)
Sweet Pink Sink (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS) Sweet Pink Bath Tub (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS)
Sweet Pink Room Scent (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS) Sweet Pink Recycle Bin (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS) Sweet Pink Toilet Paper (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS)
Sweet Pink Soap Basket (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS) Sweet Pink Bin (Bedroom) (TWS)
Sweet Pink Towel (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS) Sweet Pink Toilet (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS)
Sweet Pink Cabinet (Bedroom) (TWS)

After completing your new bathroom, stay in the Furniture Store to check out a few new options for your laundry, plus some bright blue seating options to liven up any room!

Sweet Blue Washing Machine (Kitchen & Bathroom) Sweet Pink Washing Machine (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Sweet Blue Washing Bin (Kitchen & Bathroom) Sweet Green Washing Bin (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS) Sweet Pink Washing Bin (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Blue Detergent Bottle (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS) Pink Ribbon Rattan Bin (Kitchen & Bathroom) Yellow Detergent Bottle (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Summer House Blue Sofa (Living) Pet Skater Poster (Living) Summer House Blue Chair (Living)

With amazing new bathroom fittings, you may want to re-tile to match! Luckily Grumble was obviously talking at length with Preston this week, so there’s fitting new tiling options in the D.I.Y. Depot! Plus, for a beautiful beachside view from your home, install a new Beach Terrace Window or Sea View Window.

Elegant Bath Tiles (Walls & Floors) Sweet Blue Tiles (Walls & Floors) Sweet Pink Tiles (Walls & Floors) (TWS)
Elegant Black Floor Tiles (Walls & Floors) (TWS) Elegant White Floor Tiles (Walls & Floors)
Sweet Blue Floor Tiles (Walls & Floors) Sweet Pink Floor Tiles (Walls & Floors) (TWS)
Beach Terrace Window (Windows & Doors) (PF-Cash) Sea View Window (Windows & Doors) (PF-Cash)

The light, bright feeling continues in the Clothes Store, with Lily creating some stunning new spring fashions!

Blue Shiny Ribbon (Girls) (TWS) Blue Shiny Ribbon Dress (Girls) (TWS) Blue Shiny Ribbon Shoes (Girls) (TWS)
Purple Shiny Ribbon (Girls) Purple Shiny Ribbon Dress (Girls) Purple Shiny Ribbon Shoes (Girls)
Brown Detective Hat (Boys) Pink Detective Hat (Girls) (TWS)

To market, to market, to buy a… mole! Yes that’s right, Felicity introduces the cute new Mole Plushie to the Market this Monday! Plus, if you have a few pesky flies buzzing around, but you don’t want to pull your soap out to wash them away just yet, try the new Pet Deodorants in the Food Store! Using Pet Deodorant will transform your pet’s flies into tiny butterflies for a few days, perfect for spring! 😉

Flies into Blue Butterflies Potion (Food) (Magic Food) (PF-Cash) Mole Plushie (Market) (Toys & Collectables) Flies into Pink Butterflies Potion (Food) (Magic Food) (PF-Cash)

Truffles is feeling very pround of himself this week! Why? Well he’s just made his own stack of Chocolate Profiteroles, that are apparently very tasty as well as looking delightful! You can buy some for your pet to try in the Food Store come Monday.

Chocolate Profiteroles (Grocery)

With plenty of choice for Petlings now, Mrs. Appleblossom introduces more choices in Petling bedding this week to the Garden Store, so they can all sleep in style!

Black Modern Petling Bed (Petlings) (TWS) Romantic Petling Bed (Petlings) (PF-Cash) White Modern Petling Bed (Petlings)

Finally, is there a wig you love, but it’s just in the wrong colour? Terrence now has the answer, with a range of Wig Dyes now available in the Boutique! Make sure you wear the wig that you are considering dyeing when you visit the Boutique, and then if you like the preview, have it dyed!

Dark Brown Wig Dye (Amazing Items) Dark Ash Wig Dye (Amazing Items) Light Brown Wig Dye (Amazing Items)
Scarlet Red Wig Dye (Amazing Items) Carrot Red Wig Dye (Amazing Items) Golden Blonde Wig Dye (Amazing Items)
Black Wig Dye (Amazing Items) Silver White Wig Dye (Amazing Items)

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage and will have items from Bee Tribal! in store this week!

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91 Responses to “Terrence’s Treasure Trove”

  1. tareq ali Says:

    sonya why wont you forgive me

  2. moia Says:

    i really hate the fact that every unique item in the game become in the BOUTIQUE shop, it is really annoying

  3. Aida Says:

    Why are those updates not yet available?….and I’ve been having troubles to acces the game. It does not load.

  4. BS LIM Says:

    i signed in my facebook and couldnt find my pet society bookmark. i searched in the search box for it but i cant seem to find it. i tried to use pet society-facebook connect on this website but it doesnt work! but my other playfish games work,,, wierd. pLS HELP

  5. Katiewill04 Says:

    Way too much stuff that has to be bought with cc this week

  6. Ginger'sOwner Says:


  7. maria Says:

    todo hermoso y me encanta q pongan cosas nuevas,los articulos iteractivos basicos, me gustaria q pusieran otra actividad mas para la mascota como un parque donde ella tuviera q hacer ciertas cosas, saludos y todo hermoso felicidades.

  8. j3llie Says:

    Excuse me Sirius, I don’t know what is the problem but why is my Pet Society on Facebook doesn’t have the new items, or it will only be in the shops on Monday? If is not please tell me why because I’m afraid that I can’t get the items in time. Thank you

  9. preencesa Says:

    OH! i’ve been waiting for that change wig color option..i’m soooo glad that its now here…

    yet.. when i checked the blog..got soooo disappointed to know that its purchasable in the botique!

    oh PLEASE, PET SOCIETY im begging that you give us another option to have that wig dye by coins! Please Please!

  10. Uila Engel Says:

    make it a blue a pink and a purple one, for people like me that have coulored hair.

    i used to have pink hair, now its purple. i guess everybody would love if it had different color. but cheers anyway. i loved the idea. 😉

  11. Uila Engel Says:

    and we should be able to give the mermaid wig. i have a male pet, so, if i get the mermaid wig i should be able to trade it with a friend that has a female pet, or even give it as a gift, because i wont use it on my pet and would be sad to have it on my chest without being used at all!

    • Myriam Elisa Says:

      Hi, I just read about the wig I would love to have and I don´t have any magnet. Is it possible for you to exchange it for anything u like in my house^?

  12. Uila Engel Says:

    Please Pet Society, make the option to give the wig or keep in the moment we catch it on the lake, like we do with the itens at the boutique, that can only be gifted at the time of thew purchase. you can do like this with the treasures. we can only give them away in the moment we catch them, otherwise we will keep them. please please please!

  13. garven015 Says:


  14. Shelley Says:

    I agree to all who said about amazing items that must be bought by cash.

  15. Luke Says:

    can you gift those dyes…?

  16. Julie Says:

    The treasure bait items can be gifted at any point, the dyes aren’t giftable, however you can dye a non-cc wig and send it 🙂
    I’m loving all the new items! I have 3 mermaid wigs in 3 different colors (I dyed 2 of them)

  17. Moklo Says:

    I love the wid dye! But it is in botique… =(( so sad… so so so sad.

  18. Jasmine Says:

    You know what would be awesome? If when I bought the dye, and it took my money, it actually worked! What can I do to make this pipe dream a reality?

  19. geng Says:

    hey sonya… is the magnet bait can only be used at once…????

  20. Ash Says:

    I would like to suggest that there are more rooms and higher levels. I also like to suggest that we can buy the items that are not in shops. So, I would like to have a theme that would sell those items again except for those items that is for special occasion or it will be unfair to new players.

  21. Ash Says:

    If there were free gifts for the fan every week, it would be great.

  22. Ash Says:

    I hope all of you appreciate my ideas.

  23. Ash Says:

    If there are no items that is required to use playfish cash, it would be great.

  24. Ash Says:

    I would come up with more ideas to help improve pet society in future.

  25. Ash Says:

    There should be more rooms and higher levels because some people playing until level 47 or do not have enough room will not play. There will not be space to put their items.

  26. Ash Says:

    If there were free gifts for the fan every week, it would be great because it would attract most of them to play.

  27. Ash Says:

    If there are no items that is required to use playfish cash, it would be great because most of the people playing are children or teenager and they do not have stuff like credit cards.

  28. Anouk Says:

    Thanks for creating bathroom items PS! 😀 How ’bout Lord of the Rings-themed items Sonya?

  29. denise beck Says:

    I purchased the black dye for my gray wig while wearing it. Pet Society took my cash and left me with the gray wig and a bottle of dye in my chest. How do I change the color of the wig? I have tried everything I can think of.

  30. denise beck Says:

    I purchased the black hair dye while wearing the gray wig. It took my cash and left me with a bottle of hair dye in my chest, the wig remained gray. I have tried everything I can think of to get it to change colors. Any suggestions? By the way, this is the second time I have posted this comment. The first was removed by this website 10 minutes after I posted it.

  31. Sold Out Says:

    How about shop keeper doll……

  32. saga Says:

    hate that the hair colorse are PC and also the new bait :(!

  33. amandine Says:

    i’m a big fan of pet society & what i love is buying lovely clothes for my vitual pet.
    thing is, 2 weeks ago, i bought the 3 “weeks special” dresses with this beautiful “Red Party Dress (Clothes – Girls)”.
    I used it & some days ago, i dressed my pet with something else. today, i tried many time to find again that dress in my clothes box ya know & that dress isn’t there. i can’t figure out what the problem is & i can’t buy another one ’cause it’s over for the week special edition.
    if someone can halp me out with this, thank you! I spent my pet society money because i loved that dress & now the game seems like it didn’t happen grrr 😦
    thanks in advance

  34. Kathie Gregory Says:

    would like to receive weekly updates on upcoming items please! thank you 🙂

  35. taiocruzringtones Says:

    Hey, awesome article.

  36. Ervine Jan Acierto Says:

    why i cant sent dye wigs? >O give my money backiii

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