Back To The Golden Age!


We’re traveling back in time this week! A time when clothes were classy and stylish, when hairdos were flowing and gorgeous! When Pets had swag and rode in hot convertibles! Yes, Pet Society fans. We’re going back to the golden ages!

So this week, check out the amazing outfits in the Golden Age Mystery Outfits, try out the awesome wigs and play some sweet tunes on the Golden Age Piano! There’s that and a lot more waiting for you in Pet Society!

Blog_Layoooout 1950s

9 Responses to “Back To The Golden Age!”

  1. susan shaw Says:

    For me, the Golden Age was the 30’s and 40’s when Hollywood was at its peak and flowy evening gowns and perfectly coiffed hair was in style…but most of you are younger so the decade moves up. I like the radio…………hope it works (as in, the pet able to dance when radio clicked on). Otherwise…meh.

  2. Toni Lyon Says:

    Absolutely love the idea! I can think of many decorating ideas in my head on how to have fun with this one! Plus thanks for the Easter fish bait – loved them!

  3. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:

    Ok, en general me gusta. No al automóvil, pero porque no me gustan los autos grandes, me encanta la ropa, pero…¿porqué tanta diferencia entre la que se compra con amarillo a los modelos en azul? ¿No pueden mejorar SIEMPRE la ropa económica? Gracias.

  4. candydancer18 Says:

    i love the ideas,but the outfits weren’t that good

  5. Dee Says:

    This is the first quest item I will NOT be completing.
    What a waste of collectibles.

  6. ashley Says:

    I really like all the furniture and clothes! great job!! 🙂

  7. Matthew Says:

    This week is nice! Good job Pet Society!

  8. sharondeestefania Says:

    general like!

  9. emma Says:

    LOVE everything except the clothes

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