Happy Women’s Day!


Pet Society would like to wish you a Happy Women’s Day! We’ve tried to put together all things that will make you feel special! From pretty colors to gorgeous swings and a delicious spread of deserts! Give yourself a treat this Women’s Day!

Check out the Fair Lady Mystery Outfits, where outfits from around the world have been got just for you! Don’t have to walk this Women’s Day when you can fly instead! With gorgeous evolving wings! That and so much more is waiting for you in Pet Society!


22 Responses to “Happy Women’s Day!”

  1. Shaina Estévez Says:

    Woohoo! Great week!

  2. TheDisguisedFairy Says:

    I know this is really pointless, but a boy outfit on this week. Too good. xD

  3. Cyrina Ba Says:

    great idea and theme, we need more respect for the women in this world ,except for the saint plushie coin aka from pet society to religious society lol, when people will understand that games should be religious free ?
    PS : don’t think that i have something with mother teresa , I just don’t like the way religion get involved in the game !

  4. Cyrina Ba Says:

    something else that i forgot while looking at the kaftan , I hope u don’t mean the kaftan related to moroccan culture, because its totally different from the one presented here, u should have a look at different cultures before drawing some items sometimes, this looks typically as a senegalian or ivory coast dress more than moroccan , and btw in africa we have some differences like the rest of the world, hope u don’t mix things next time you make items !

  5. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:

    Me gusta todo, está bueno. Me encanta la muñeca que representa a la religiosa. Ojalá algún día pusieran una carmelita. Soy católica, pero me gustaría que, para evitar controversias, en otro juego, pongan musulmanes, judíos, budistas y otras religiones, de ese modo todos contentos.
    Bueno un poco rococó, pero las mujeres somos así, jajajaja.

  6. sharondeestefania Says:

    so cute! but there are many pink… btw there are girls that we don’t like pink

  7. crumble Says:

    Seriously? You’re grouping Michelle Obama in with Oprah Winfrey and Mother Theresa? No political bias there at all….

  8. Eiko Says:

    It’s women’s week and you’re giving us a kitchen? Seriously? -___-

  9. cindyconsidine Says:

    Sadly there are a few familiar looking items again with just slight changes made to them. Apart from that though, there are some great fresh ideas incorporated into this year’s Women’s Day week. The feminine pastel colour scheme is fresh and cool too, and pretty without being excessively pink.
    The tribute to a cross-section of women widely recognised for their achievements such as the Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Mother Teresa plushies is a nice touch, while acknowledging the unsung contributions women from various cultures also make is commendable. The contemporary take on traditional cultural costumes as we know them via the new mystery outfits ties in well with the fresh and modern tones of this theme, the costumes themselves are very detailed and appealing too. Well done to the designers!

  10. Matthew Says:

    Okay, so you made a nice, cute week for the girls! Thanks for leaving the boys out, Pet Society….:(

    P.S. I have to agree with Crumble, did you really have to put Michelle Obama, Oprah, and Mother Teresa plushies in? Can you please leave political bias out of a facebook game.

    • Cyrina Ba Says:

      We’re still lucky that they didn’t put a Romney plushie, or better a GW Bush thanks to PS bright ideas we are now discussing religion and politics,instead of putting plushies for women who did really fight for women equality , freedom and justice, like Simone de Beauvoir, Jannne d’Arc , or Marie Curie who sacrified their lives for human values, we see Michelle and Teresa, one is doing charity for elections, and the other to spread her religion…
      OH, I almost forgot someone who didn’t appreciate my comments, inboxed me to tell me that I’m a racist, because like Crumble, and others, I don’t like that religion or politics get involved in games !

      • Matthew Says:

        Excuse me Cyrina Ba, all I said was that politics shouldn’t be put in a game, why in the world are you bringing up Bush and Romney?! I didn’t say anything about them!( and for your information Bush was ten times a better president than Obama will ever be. At least he did his job.) Anyway, I don’t get what your point is with all of this information you brought up. This doesn’t have anything to do with Pet Society, I just made a point that you shouldn’t bring politics into a fun game! I don’t know why you’re getting political about this, this isn’t a political arena, it’s a game; so please calm down and don’t get so offensive.

    • Cyrina Ba Says:

      did u ever understand what I wrote in the previous comment and in the reply ? In case u didn’t , please re read again, you’ll find out that I said almost the same thing as Crumble and you. Besides, GW Bush is better than Obama ? in what ? bombing innocent people for exple? The point is the rest of the world is NOT american and therefore we don’t need either michelle plushie, or Oprah winfrey, for us they’re not idols , just humans like anybody else. Hopefully you get what I mean.. I pointed out that there are really women who did a lot for the humanity more than the ones shown in PS items..
      PS : for the fact that I made the first comment about Teresa someone inboxed me telling me that I’m racist, probably a conservative or republican like a lot of people in the planet :p

      • Matthew Says:

        Okay, sorry but I didn’t understand what you wrote in the previous note and I still don’t. One second it sounds like your against what I said and the other sounds like your for it. Sorry if I misunderstood, but it was kind of hard to read and understand, sorry about that. And by the way if your going to say that about Bush, then how do you justify Obama’s allowing for millions of innocent babies to die each year? Doesn’t make sense to me. Besides Bush didn’t bomb innocent people, he bombed terrorists who threatened the world. Anyway, I understand what your saying now, but that’s not what it sounded like in the previous note, so sorry for the misunderstanding. 🙂

    • Cyrina Ba Says:

      no problem 🙂
      but I’m a bit confused here, u say Obama is also killing babies I didn’t say that Obama is better than Bush, but yep its like comparing a cancer with influenza (cancer for bush for my side)..
      You say that Bush combed terrorists, do u call women who got raped, babies who got killed, children and so many innocent civilians accross irak and afganistan only because they have a different religion, or because beush doesnt consider them human enough, terrorists? and after he admitted that war in iraq was a mistake? i don’t know ur political views , but I would advise you to look at non biases medias, may be u’ll be able to understand more about the situation there !

      • Matthew Says:

        Ok I understand, but it’s opposite on my side.
        No, you don’t understand, I was referring to the terrorists who flew planes into the World Trade Center on September 11th. That’s what I meant when I said Bush was attacking Terrorism. I understand that no president is perfect. They all make mistakes, but in my opinion Bush is alot better than Obama. Obama is totally ruining America’s economy.

  11. ashley Says:

    Some of the things are nice, just not for boys. Why did you have to bring politics into an innocent game??Why couldn’t you have put women who have really contributed to America! I really agree with Matthew!

    • Cyrina Ba Says:

      or contributed to the rest of the world, since not everyone is american in this planet 🙂

    • Cyrina Ba Says:

      not having something against America or americans in general, certain politicians yes and that’s why the game should be free of politics and religion, plus its supposed to ne international, that’s the way it used to be when the game was still a playfish game !

  12. crumble Says:

    I’m not sure that it’s necessary for me to chime in again.. but I’d just like to reiterate something. Regardless of political affiliation, I think everyone can agree that Mrs. Obama has done nothing for the world to even begin to rank among the elite, most-respected women of the world, even someone as inconsequential as Oprah Winfrey. Mother Theresa is represented here, I’m sure, for her humanitarian efforts rather than her religious beliefs, and so I think she was an excellent choice. And I agree that women such as Marie Curie, Anne Frank, Aung San Suu Kyi, Harriet Tubman, Julia Child, or Eleanor Roosevelt (if you must have a United States First Lady represented.)

    • Cyrina Ba Says:

      the problem all religious women did and do humanitary acts, starting from our 2 very first saints Felicitas and perpetua to the recent missionaries, their job is to spread the word of evangile and help people like every nun all over the world, but in any case they did sacrifice their lives for a human cause that serves all humans, by discovering uranium, going blind like Marie Curie who was one of the first women to have influence in science field
      In my opinion , the figures should be more about a feminist icons, scientists who did their best to value the image of women in general, although what Mother Teresa did , she stays related to a certain religious background, so she didn’t make a real revolution and emphasized on the women’s rights like Simone de Beauvoir for example, or any of the women u did cite below ..
      i would even add the FEMEN group, who are fighting for freedom all over the world, although people don’t like them because of their “excentricity”

      As for Michelle, and Oprah , I do totally agree..

  13. Tasmia Tasin Says:

    I ㄴㅇㅅㅌ this theme so much and I’m proud of all the staff and the people behind this idea.I like to thank you all you of you for your hard work on this.
    。◕ ◡ ◕。

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