Welcome To Shifus Closet!


Welcome young Pets; are you ready to begin your training? The only training that is super fun and cute! Welcome to Shifu’s Closet!

There’s a lot to learn! First you must begin with the Shifus State of Bliss Tree! The best place to find inner peace! Then you must be brave enough to ride on Shifus Rocket Chair! Don’t worry, it’s a lot of fun all you have to do is hold on!

So what are you waiting for? Head down to Pet Society and let the training begin!

There’s also a clearance sale at Paw Mart! So hurry there now! Some of your favorite items will be up for sale for the last time!


That’s not all! There’s also a new quest waiting for you! Some amazing new pals from the Shifu’s Pal Set are waiting to be found!

Shifu-Pal Shifus-Tigress-Pal Shifus-Monkey-Pal

Shifu Pal

Shifus Tigress Pal

Shifu’s Monkey Pal

Shifus-Bear-Pal Shifus-Pal-Set-Surprise

Shifus Bear Pal

Shifus Pal Set Surprise!

13 Responses to “Welcome To Shifus Closet!”

  1. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:

    ME GUSTA!!!

  2. candydancer18 Says:


  3. Shaina Estévez Says:

    *insert sarcasm* This exactly what we needed, more chinese stuff!

  4. Zai Evers Says:

    First set in awhile that I’d probably like to buy most of. ^^

  5. Matthew Says:

    Oh great, just what we need, more Chinese items. Everything looks just like the items we already have had in the past except that it’s based of another movie. What happened to creative Pet Society? Everything lately has been based off a movie or show, I ‘m sick and tired of it! You know it’s winter time and we haven’t hade one decent winter theme! I don’t understand it. I’m sorry if I’m complaining too much, but I just can’t stand seeing the same, un-original, and boring weeks that keep coming out!

  6. ashley Says:

    We’ve had alot of themes similar to this one. Everthing seems to be the same now, PS used to be so creative. Please do some better weeks with more detail and creativity!

  7. jaid Says:

    it’s irritating that people complain about a free facebook game’s weekly themes if you are not creative enough to do something with the items it gives you opportunity to save up your coins and cash

    • Matthew Says:

      Jaid, I know this is just a facebook game, but when you’ve been playing Pet Society pretty much since the game got started, and you’ve put time and cash into decorating your home, it’s kind of hard just to wait for a good week. I’ve been waiting so long I want to spend my money on something! I understand that not every week is going to be good, but when you’ve been waiting a couple months for a decent theme and it doesn’t come, it’s a little irritating. This has been going on for awhile now so its annoying to see the same themes repeated over again. Sorry if I’m complaining too much but I like Pet Society and I don’t like seeing it go downhill like this.

  8. Cyrina Ba Says:

    there are some interesting items, for me the craft items always rock, and thank God they’re free, but something I’m really pissed off at , is the wings seriously I’m tired of these , every digging map the rare is wings, how many cc limited items are wings , mostly a lot !! so please come up with new ideas, we ‘ve had enough of the wings, these for exple look pretty much similar to the dark swan wings !

  9. cherrd Says:

    I have to agree the CC items are always wings it is kind of boring. Sadly there has not been a theme that has been very attractive. The Fruit Week Theme was really nice but it has been a long time already. VDay items were not too bad. I understand why ppl are frustrated, I mean I also have been a long fan of this game since 2009.

  10. emma Says:

    oh I LOVE it! the craftable and coin items are incredible!
    and to all the complainers: I for one really enjoy movie based themes! thank you pet society =)

  11. ansatsusama Says:

    the chinesse stuff are older fashion… i wanna something tecnho like star trek or something cute like a lolita theme and no one theme of planet are ugly and don’t have imagination… is a sad…

  12. sharondeestefania Says:

    Petlings for next week please!! or things for Petlings or something different!

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