Get Cozy in the Cupid’s Corner!


Are you ready for a fabulous Valentine’s Day?

With a little help from Cupid, we’ve gathered up some amazing items for you all! From spectacular bubble baths to romantic dinners for two – we’ve got it all. That’s right! Everything you could possibly imagine for a perfect romantic day. And it doesn’t end there… you don’t just get to celebrate for the day but an entire  week!

Go ahead and crack open those boxes of chocolates and bring out the bouquets, because its going to be a fun filled week of romance, starry eyed surprises and  spirit.

So are you ready to be bedazzled?



13 Responses to “Get Cozy in the Cupid’s Corner!”

  1. Bunnie Meow Says:

    This is so cute! I ❤ this!

  2. Stacy Says:

    I always love the holiday themes, the valentine one this year is so cute! i want that cute bed and sofa. 😀

  3. emma Says:

    very cute, the coins item are very lovely! =)

  4. cherrd Says:

    alot better than sketch week

  5. susan shaw Says:

    I love this week’s theme…very sweet! I wish the nicer outfits weren’t cash, but I have plenty saved up from other years so that’s ok. Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

  6. candydancer18 Says:

  7. Matthew Says:

    Finally, a nice week! This week is very nice! The only thing I don’t like is the boy outfit, but other than that it’s great! 😀

  8. ashley Says:

    I love this week! It’s so pretty!! 😀

  9. argendkurosaki Says:

    I dont like it at all. Too much pink! D:

  10. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:

    ¿Por qué los enamorados o recién casados siempre están en barcos? Podrían estar en una hamaca, o debajo de un arco o glorieta florida, o en una confitería. Además las flores son multicolores ¿por qué sólo color rosa? Demasiado “dulce” para mi gusto, pero prefiero que me empalague y no que me asuste. Besos

  11. v-chan Says:

    finally great clothes + WIG in COINS! thank you for that 🙂
    i know it`s valentine…but maybe just a little too much pink, and also we have some players with male pets so i don`t see this week so much for them…but overall the items are nice 🙂

  12. Tasmia Tasin Says:

    I ℒℴѵℯ this week because the items are better than the last year ones.My favorite is the Cupid Heart. ❤

  13. Usakoi Says:

    Queremos seguir jugando por favor no quiten Pet society!

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