Welcome To The World Of Sketch!


It’s black, white and oh so colorful  Where the rose looks more red, the sky more blue and the trees more green! An amazing theme, where we look at Pet Society through the eyes of an artist! Head over there and check out the awesome items in store for you!

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you were a sketch? Wonder no more! There’s more! Make your own work of art on the Sketchy Easel! And you’ll never see a more beautiful view, than the one outside your Sketched Time Changing Window!



25 Responses to “Welcome To The World Of Sketch!”

  1. Tasmia Tasin Says:

    This is very unique theme;it’s new and interesting.I love this theme.

  2. susan shaw Says:

    Not sure about this one…were you aiming for Anime? Different though…it just looks incomplete, like you went for an early coffee break…lol. But kudos for trying something different. I really like the sketchy easel!

  3. sharondeestefania Says:

    so weird… I feel like everything is incomplete

  4. LilyPotter Says:

    interesting!!!! I like it, it reminds me of comics! I think a room like this will be a keeper!!!

  5. Kiley Cavanaugh Venturoli Says:

    i dont like it at all, all the items are mostly just past items that u just took the color out of. If the items were animated it look like a live comic book, or if it had the bam zap boom like a comic it would be cool. But the lack of imagination is really starting to make this 4 year long term player yawn.

  6. crumble Says:

    This theme is awful! The developers are not even trying to hide their laziness, every single item is an old item redrawn! Pathetic. Certainly hope no one is getting paid for this idea.

    • Cecilia Says:

      I think the point of this theme is that they are putting sketches of their past items into Pet Society, so they’re supposed to look like incomplete replicas of past items…. personally this is my favorite theme so far o u o

  7. Ivaaa Says:

    Don’t like it, it’s so incoplete and items are just past items without colour. I think it would be more interesting to make a theme ‘items from past’ and give us something that was 2-3 years ago

  8. candydancer18 Says:


  9. Matthew Says:

    I have to agree with everyone else, this theme is kind of weird and incomplete. Personally I don’t even think this theme is very creative or interesting. Come on Pet Society, the past couple of weeks have been such a let down. Please do a intersting theme next week! 😦

  10. v-chan Says:

    when i saw it my first tought on it was, that you guys just had no new idea what to do….why? they are past items, just with no color…when i saw the name of the week i was really looking forward to some great new stuff, because i like sketches :)…when you say sketch i was thinking more like black and white and also pencil shadowing etc., like something you draw almost to the real thing…sometimes it also has more lines. this just looks like a drawn line and boom finished -_- not liking it at all

    oh and just one more thing…it would be nice for more space in our chest and wardrobe…i have many item that i love and not enough space in the house….so a lot more is stored away but. because i love it, i don`t want to sell it, so that i have space for new stuff…could you please do something about it? thank you 🙂

  11. Usakoi Says:

    todo reciclado!

  12. Toni Lyon Says:

    Very weird theme! Am I missing something? Guess I won’t have to spend money this week.

    WHAT IN HEAVEN’s NAME do you do with all the ideas that players give you and say that they want? Throw them at the wall and see if they stick?

    Sign me very disappointed!

  13. argendkurosaki Says:

    The idea of make sketches was fine but you were unable to create items appropriate to the topic, rather than recycling other.

  14. argendkurosaki Says:

    We want an anime week e_e In which way do we got to say it? I say it all the weeks e_e
    -Dragon ball(Z,GT)
    -And a lot of other greats animes
    Is really difficult to you do an anime week? e_e

  15. Bunnie Meow Says:

    Cute looking I think i will like this can’t wait to come out than i can start buying the things

  16. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:

    Vaya, señores, otra vez me han decepcionado ¿Para qué pidieron ideas? les llovieron miles y no han tomado ninguna!!! Este tema, sencillamente, no lo comprendo. Parece que no tiene sentido, está inconcluso. Además, por su fuese poco, los dibujos pertenecen a otros juegos anteriores. ¡POR FAVOR, PONGAN A TRABAJAR LA IMAGINACIÓN Y SI SE LES AGOTÓ, BUSQUEN OTRAS PERSONAS QUE HAGAN EL TRABAJO!

  17. cherrd Says:

    I guess I will be saving up some money this week.

  18. cindyconsidine Says:

    looks like the graphic artists missed the deadline to submit a new week’s theme and decided to go with their half-drawn outlines rather than the finished products….I recall the Wednesday fan gift was delayed a day too, did something go wrong with your computer systems or servers this week to cause this? I would prefer to wait another day or so for decent items if there was a choice between incomplete items or late items. I guess you would worry people would complain if the theme was late, whereas less people would complain about an incomplete theme-hey, some may even like it! I won’t part with any cash this week at least, not sure if I will spend coin either to be honest. Hope next week is better! 😉

  19. gigi & mike Says:

    seems a tad… shall we say ‘sketchy’? lol I’ll have fun with it tho… clever, if maybe slightly sheisty PS staff…

  20. ashley Says:

    The idea is creative but nothings new. There’s nothing fun to decorate to decorate with. We’ve had so many rainbow, fruit, color weeks. Please to a Valentines Day theme!

  21. Goldie Says:

    Can you please make better clothes! If there are any nice ones they’re always in those mystery boxes. 😦

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