Welcome To Patches And Stitches!


Would you look at the colors and patterns! Bring out the patterns, the colors and your sewing kit! This week it’s all about Patches And Stitches! A week you’re not going to want to miss out on with so many unique items to check out!

This week you could be relaxing on the Patch And Stitch Swing or flying through the skies in the Patched up Plane! You’re sure to look your best in one of the items from the Patch And Stitch Mystery Outfits! There’s also a cute puppy that’s a bundle of fun!

So what are you waiting for! Check out the awesome items sewn for you!


10 Responses to “Welcome To Patches And Stitches!”

  1. Shaina Estévez Says:

    Very colorful and original!!! Thumbs up guys!!!

  2. sharondeestefania Says:

    OMG!! is so cute and original! I love it!!! You really make it this time!! 😀

  3. Matthew Says:

    I wish you guys would do a winter theme, I’m getting kind of tired of seeing boring weeks. I mean there’s not much you can do with this theme. Yes it may be cute, but it’s just not interesting. Please take some advice and do a winter theme soon! 🙂

  4. Ambra B. Says:


  5. Blossom 23 Says:

    The idea of this week is nice. But the theme of the week was used too much on each item. If you just add touches of the theme to every other item people will be happy. Most people want weeks that are practical so they can decorate their pets home like a normal home. A few crazy weeks are nice, but normal ones should come more often. 🙂

  6. ashley Says:

    This week is cute but you can’t really do much with it. I really wish you would do more themes based on the time of year. 🙂

  7. susan shaw Says:

    I agree that it’s cute, but overdone on the individual items. Could have done a gingham lamp, then polka dot chair, etc…and it would still look patchwork. And I suppose it’s too late, but we haven’t seen new Petlings for a loooong time. This theme would have been a great opportunity to have petlings from the poem, “The Gingham dog and the Calico cat”…oh well, most younger ones wouldn’t even know that poem, but a little Google research would have given lots of ideas. Everyone has personal tastes in this game, and for that I’m glad you’re working on variety. 🙂

  8. LilyPotter Says:

    adorble! I think I need a patchwork room! looking forward to it!

  9. Celina Says:

    Very cute! I love how colorful it is. And just a suggestion, the holiday fish baits should be brought back! I absolutely love the Valentine’s fish that were able to be caught with the special biscuit but unfortunately wasn’t playing pet society yet when they were in stores. :/

  10. gigi & mike Says:

    hey how about a patchwork fish?? lol I really love this theme tho… I imagine the room smelling like freshly washed cotton 🙂 I’d actually LOOOVE to see a Jane & the Dragon theme! I got into the animated series I guess a little late… wish there were more episodes

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