Head Into The Wild!


Say good bye to civilization  this week we travel Into the Wild! Away from the concrete jungle and into the luscious green forests of Pet Society! Where animals roam free, wild and happy! Are you ready to go Into the Wild?

How about blending in with your animal friends with the awesome Wild Accessories Bundle?! In this jungle the animals you meet aren’t just super friendly, they’re fun too! Have a blast with the gang from the Wild Friends Bundle or eat some delicious berries from the Wild Mystery Tree!

Head into the wild!

That’s not all! A New Digging Map is waiting to be unlocked! The perfect digging map for the Pet who likes an adventure! All you have to do is finish crafting the Into The Wild Statue! Get your Shovels ready!


10 Responses to “Head Into The Wild!”

  1. Ivaaa Says:

    Love this. I’m a big fan of that cartoon :)))))

  2. susan shaw Says:

    Another great theme! Keep up the good work…love the detail and bright colors.

  3. Matthew Says:

    It’s alright, but it’s not great. Could you do some winter themes soon? After all, it is winter. Just asking.

  4. Εινα Ϝȋđεια☺ (@elvaeh) Says:


  5. candydancer18 Says:


  6. Kiley Cavanaugh Venturoli Says:

    I love it, have been a everyday player since 2009 and I gotta say we have never had this theme and for us to collected jungle animlas over the years this works perfectly. Great Job.

  7. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:

    ¡Me encanta! El lemur está precioso, y la hipopotamo y… TODO FANTÁSTICO, hoy les califico muy bien 10!!!

  8. Shaina Estévez Says:

    What about the penguins?! They are the best of the entire movie….

  9. ashley Says:

    this week is okay…..I really wish we could have themes based on seasons. Like last weeks theme was spring….couldn’t we have a winter week?
    I really hope you do a nice Valentines theme. 🙂

  10. ash Says:

    this sucks

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