Welcome To The Butterfly Meadow!


This week we travel to the Butterfly Meadow! There’s nothing more beautiful than watching butterflies flutter around this gorgeous Meadow where the colors are bright and beautiful! So take a look at all the pretty items in store for you!

Your Pet is sure to look fabulous in the Butterfly Lady Outfit! You also get to fly with the butterflies thanks to the Evolving Butterfly Wings and once the day is done, unwind by relaxing in the Butterfly Gazebo! That and a lot more awaits you in next week’s theme!

Flutter By in the Butterfly Meadow!

12 Responses to “Welcome To The Butterfly Meadow!”

  1. susan shaw Says:

    Love it!! I enjoyed the bee theme and this one is just as nice. Lots of fine detail which I love…gives it more dimension and depth. My favorites are the butterfly chairs and the ceiling lamp…..Great job, PS!!

  2. Ivaaa Says:

    Adore this. I’m so playing this week.

  3. LilyPotter Says:

    Absolutely adorable!!! I love the butterfly wings on the evolving chairs! I wish those are wings we could buy. I’m really going to enjoy this week!!!!

  4. candydancer18 Says:

    I love it! http://www.petsocietystar101.wordpress.com

  5. Toni Lyon Says:

    I love it! Last week was hard for me to get into so didn’t decorate much. The butterflies are colorful and very cute! Love the outfits and wings! Great job PS!

  6. Shaina Estévez Says:


  7. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:

    Hermoso, hermoso, hermoso!!! Gracias por recordar que en otros países estamos en pleno verano, gracias por las mariposas, tan leves y coloridas.

  8. Matthew Says:

    This week is very nice! The furniture is beautiful! Good job PS.

  9. TheDisguisedFairy Says:

    I’m going to say this here and now, I’m a butterfly geek.

  10. Marina James Says:

    I love everything, except for the coin outfits. Is it me, or is it getting uglier and uglier everyweek?

  11. cindyconsidine Says:

    ❀。¸.•´❀ ჱܓ εїз ✬°*°•. this is way better and more interesting than the Sugar and Spice theme, thanks PS! ❀。¸.•´❀ ჱܓ εїз ✬°*°•.

  12. cherrd Says:

    yeah it is nice for girl pets but my pet’s a boy, it would not be interesting to be a butterfly boy

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