Sugar and Spice and all things nice!


Its sugar and spice and everything nice! Doesn’t matter if you have a sweet tooth or a craving for some hot chili, Pet Society has got it all here! Definitely a theme you want to take a bite out off! So make sure you don’t miss it!

The sugar and spice pals are here to play! And boy, are they a fun bunch! Eat some Hot Chili from the Spicy Chili Tree or build a Mountain of Sugar Candy! Mm mm, doesn’t that just make your mouth water? There’s a lot more stuff to check out, and all sweet or spicy! Just the way you like it!

11 Responses to “Sugar and Spice and all things nice!”

  1. Ivaaa Says:

    Items are not bad but we already had a lot of ‘food themes’ so I’m not that excited

  2. cindyconsidine Says:

  3. Icarus Wings Says:

    Please review some items as they didn’t match their names (spicy refrigerator, table, cloud, door, window, wallpaper). I don’t felt “spicy” on those blue ordinary items.

  4. Anthoo Says:

    SPECIAL PONY MAKER 4?!?!!? Oh my god…
    Otherwise I kinda like this theme, the trees are nice and the spice outfit too.

  5. Nichole Says:

    those ponies look madly deranged, please give us an updated dragon maker and stop producing uglier and uglier ponies. I already have enough cupcake and pink and baking stuff that I don’t display I also didn’t need a rehash…although I really like the pink tree.

  6. susan shaw Says:

    The spice is nice because it’s a little different, the sugar is a repeat many times over. I like the trampoline and slide though. Can we please go to Scotland or Norway? How about an owl week…I love owls! Or if that’s too narrow of a theme, how about owl and pussycat (nursery rhyme)? Or a dog show or cat show theme? I’m ready for another petling puppy …that doesn’t cost real money. Do any of the game creators ever read these comments? Hope so 😉

  7. ashley Says:

    It seems like we have all the same weeks over and over again……Please think of some new unquie themes!

  8. candydancer18 Says:

  9. cherrd Says:

    I am quite tired and bored with themes regarding food, already had a theme with bakery items, with strawberry and pink items. I think I will just buy the LE items only. I have not been spending at all because there has not been a theme worth spending alot on. I hope you creators really read these comments as you are not creating anything innovative.

  10. Toni Lyon Says:

    PLEASE give us some interesting fish and / or give us the old fish bait from older fish! The new stuff is cute but the girls dress is the same as the last one that was done a couple months ago. In fact the last one was cuter. I really want the old Valentine fish and others that are so beautiful! Give us something to look forward too PLEASE!

    Do you guys read this stuff at all? So many cool suggestions and you still don’t do any of it. I love the game but need some incentive to keep playing.

  11. Matthew Says:

    I have to agree with some other people here, we’ve had so many food weeks. It’s getting very boring. I wish you could start listening to some people’s ideas more often.

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