Welcome To The Dark Christmas!


The holiday season is finally upon us! Where the streets are filled with Christmas decorations, lights and cheer! Or maybe not just yet! Pet Society is going to celebrate the holiday season with a little twist! Welcome to the Dark Christmas!

Hang out with The Dark Christmas Pals! They’re a lot of fun and definitely pals you want around the holidays! Soar through the skies with the help of the Black Skull Wings and take a ride on the Evil Santa Carriage! There’s a lot more in store for you on this Dark Christmas!

Dark Christmas

That’s not all, the Mayor was recently digging around in the Treasure Map and strayed a little away from the location, only to stumble upon another Dark eerie swamp. Unfettered, he dipped his feet into the slush and started digging…. He was so excited when he found some never-seen-before treasures in that swamp! Here is a glimpse of what he dug out!

Dark Christmas

28 Responses to “Welcome To The Dark Christmas!”

  1. BC Says:

    I love it! Thank you for made my days! 🙂 keep up good work .

  2. BC Says:

    I forgot.. But why the Dark Christmas diggin site is cash shovel?? owh,… 😦

  3. emma Says:

    the only think pretty is the window and the new digging site. all the rest is just horrible! disrespectful to christmas, time of the year where families are together and there is supposed to be happiness and joy! >=( I thought that last year was enough of this death inspired thing. christmas is about life!
    btw I hope that the collaborative room won’t have the bloody “merry christmas” sign there. All the people hate it! the room should be without it. It’s very DISRESPECTFUL. really pet society. you should think about it a bit!!!

  4. Toni Lyon Says:

    Bravo! Really different this year and original! Can we please have some ornaments? I’ve had to get rid of so much stuff because of the item limit, I’ve hardly anything to decorate the trees with. And PLEASEEEEEE some fish would be awesome with this theme!

    Great Job PS!

  5. Ivaaa Says:

    Hate it! Christmas is time of joy and happines and this is so not it

  6. Kate Says:

    Ugh I am really not into this whole evil X-mas thing…if the team wanted to do an evil theme so badly why couldn’t you have done it during Halloween? Some of the digging site stuff looks cute but that’s about it. Many of these themes lately have just been off the mark or too outrageous. I haven’t seen that many things I can put in a normal house lately lol

  7. Matthew Says:

    I hate this weeks theme too! This isn’t Halloween guys, it’s Christmas time! Why are we having dead things represent Christmas?! Christmas is almost here and I have been waiting for a good traditional Christmas theme, but instead we all get this sorry excuse for a theme. Oh and btw we already had a theme like this last here, it was the twisted Christmas theme. I hope next week will be better. 😦

  8. susan shaw Says:

    This is not Hallowmas , it’s Christmas. As with many of the other comments………………Boooo! I hope there will be something joyful after this, now that all of the blood and gore zombie lovers have been appeased. The only one in all of this that’s ok is the Grinch…and that’s only because at the end of the story he realizes what Christmas is all about.

  9. Goldfish Says:

    Wonderful artwork as always but… I have to agree with the other comments. I was looking forward to a happy Christmas theme- not a dark one. The darkness of this theme does to represent the joy of Christmas! Christmas is about all things good and joyful…not bad. I am very disappointed this week 😦

  10. Vale JM Says:

    I wanted Christmas, not Halloween….. so sad with this update, the only thing that I like are the wings and the carriage´s ghost horse 😦

  11. daniel alan esquivel Says:

    Chicos no seamos tan pesimistas,tomemos el tema como algo chusco en Mexico siempre hacemos de las cosas desagradables una broma:Que este tema sea pues un momento de humor despues de todo es un juego y es para la diversion o no?

  12. sharondeestefania Says:

    Love it!! But I hope next week will be something cute for Christmas n.n

  13. cherrd Says:

    we already had twisted christmas i thought this year would be less halloween themed christmas, kinda boring

  14. Kiley Cavanaugh Venturoli Says:

    i am not a fan of this week either, we wait all year for this holiday and its dark and evil not what i want to feel this time of the year. I also think there are too many cash items. Its sad that all the members in my neighborhood are hating this mean spirited theme.

  15. Linda Says:

    Enough! You did this last year and this year too!!! NO!!! Christmas is joy and merry! Christmas is sharing and laughing. What kinda of christmas do you have that you want to ruin ours!

  16. Lola.J Says:

    I want white Xmas, I want angel’s, big xmas tree, nice things,, Why black christmas???
    I´m sad, christmas is a time for love and hope, not for dark or Evil !!!

  17. ashley Says:

    We already had 4 weeks of halloween isn’t that enough??? I love Christmas and was looking forward to some Christmas weeks.

  18. grapegummydrops Says:

    Dark Christmas girl outfit is sooo cute!

  19. LilyPotter Says:

    Love it!!! My kids and I just can’t wait to decorate the bloody christmas room with these and add our twisted christmas stuff to it. I love all the various different christmas, we have been playing for three years now and each year it’s so brilliant, thanks for all the fun things you do!!! I can’t wait!

  20. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:

    No me gusta. NAVIDAD ES NACIMIENTO DEL HIJO DE DIOS PARA LOS CRISTIANOS, rogamos se sepa respetar nuestra fe. Seguramente no se animan a jugar con la fe musulmana ¿qué les hace pensar qué pueden jugar tan feo con la nuestra???


    nada de oscuridades, ni hallowines, ni arañas, ni negro ¡¡¡BASTA!!!

  21. candydancer18 Says:

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  22. fadeli Says:

    The best christmas is the christmas on 2010

  23. BC Says:

    I need Christmas tree..

  24. ansatsusama Says:

    i don’t like it… i wanna something colorfull and lighting bulbs and very cute

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