Ready For A Pet Odyssey!


Hello Pets! It’s time to get your adventure hats out because this week we’re going to be going on a Pet Odyssey! Travel to mysterious lands and meet people, princesses and animals you have never seen before! Are you ready to embark on your adventure?

Look out your window at the amazing scenes of your adventure! From snow-capped mountains to green valleys! It’s going to be quite a journey! Don’t worry Pet, if you get tired Piggyback Jack is happy to give you a lift! From Two Headed Ducks to Rainbow Unicorn Fairies there’s so much to see!

So hurry down to Pet Society and start your adventure!


26 Responses to “Ready For A Pet Odyssey!”

  1. LilyPotter Says:

    What time is it? Adventure Time!!! Great Theme!!!!!

  2. candydancer18 Says:

    visit my blog:

  3. sarah grenouille Says:

    amazing world of gumball theme please!!! bet,that would be awesome

  4. florencia Says:


  5. Markinhos Rocha Says:


  6. Caia Summer Says:

    The theme is okay, but the Odessey girl and boy outfit are terrible! And the mystery outfit box-Vampire girl is awful! Girl On Fire is very nice! 🙂 Vampire boy….pink pink pink! Love the scene-changing window.

  7. frampitwilighter Says:

    WOW!!! adventure time !!! 😀 its awsome

  8. christian Says:

    Why chage name Of the Character ??

  9. Teagan Says:

    Oh my glob, this may be the best theme ever.

  10. RubyDragon Says:

    This is an odd one. I’ll be saving my coins for something better.

  11. NotFromMars Says:


  12. Petal Says:

    WANT *-*

  13. Susan Shaw Says:

    I must be old or out of the loop or something…what is this them supposed to be? I don’t get it…Bring on Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  14. Argentina Morales Says:

    Oh my glob! pet society, finally, thats something unexpected, and sooooooooooooo cool! I love you1 I love this week is so awesome1 Im in love with this week :3

  15. Toni Lyon Says:

    Really weirdly different! Love all the colors! Don’t have kids so if this is based on a book or movie I don’t know it but don’t care. Can’t wait to put in my house. Love the limited for each day – great idea! Good Job PS!

  16. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:

    Mmmm, algunas cosas son lindas, las otras no. No gastaré muchos dinerillos. No me gustan los muebles, estoy cansada de cosas con aspecto miserable o de miedo.
    No entiendo ¿por qué elegir lo oscuro y tenebroso cuando existe la luz y la alegría? Se pueden vivir mil aventuras en días y sitios diáfanos y alegres, canotaje, montañismo etc.
    Porqué no visitar los naturales de la América, sioux, mayas, diaguitas, onas? Porqué no visitar países y sus ropas tradicionales México, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia?
    Porqué no ir a Europa, o a Asia, o a Oceanía, para ver sus costumbres, ropas y comidas autóctonas? El juego entretendría a los adultos y sería instructivo para los niños y/o jóvenes.
    El mundo, la vida son una Creación llena de amor y luz, alegría, amistad, insisto ¿que afán de andar siempre entre tinieblas y seres de aspecto cuasi maléfico?
    Con amor mi crítica y sugerencias.

  17. Kiley Cavanaugh Venturoli Says:


  18. Matthew Says:

    Okay, this week is very strange and the items are very odd. I’m really hoping next week is a Christmas theme of some sort because this theme and last week’s theme are very strange. Come on PS, I’ve been saving my coins for something good and it still hasen’t come yet. Bring on Christmas! 😦

  19. emma Says:

    AWESOMEEEEE!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  20. moi Says:

    Very good job! I think i will play Pet Society again

  21. Argentina Morales Says:

    I Think that those who say that this week is awfull, havent seen Adventure time, if you dont see it, you dont got the theme :p And I love this, I think that avatar week was my favorite theme of the year, but definetly this is my favorite week 😀

  22. Brandy May Says:

    i love this weeks theme ,just wished i got the princess bubble gum outfit ,so many try’s wasting cash ,wish there was a three times a try guarantee 🙂 other than that love the items thanks ps

  23. Alex Says:


  24. cherrd Says:

    other than the plushies will be saving up money already got lots

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