Welcome To Pandora’s Treasure!


Hello all, are you ready to travel into the depths of a mysterious jungle? The likes of which have never been seen before by any mortal Pet! But now, we shall go forth and discover what lies in the depths of this mysterious forest!

The best way to travel here is definitely upon the Pandora Bird! What a majestic creature, wouldn’t you say? Travel through the Land of the Lost and eat the delicious fruit that grows upon the Tree of Life! Blend in with the locals of this mysterious land with the Red Pandora Potion! There is so much to see, so don’t waste another second! Discover Pandora’s Treasure!

Oh, and make sure you don’t forget to check out the PetsApp! It’s an awesome new item the let’s you write down what’s on your mind or send messages to your friends with personalized banners!

14 Responses to “Welcome To Pandora’s Treasure!”

  1. purkine87 Says:


  2. daniel alan esquivel Says:

    Hola, me gustaria que renovaran los tesoros en las diferentes islas ya que a los que somos fan ya lo conseguimos todo.Saludos.

  3. argendkurosaki Says:

    The true, you really do the best theme in all the year, I just can love it! Im not a big fan of the movie, but, all the items are so awesome! You finally did a very very week, Thank You! 😀

  4. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:

    Alguien me puede explicar ¿ porqué estoy varada en el aeropuerto ¡ya completé no sé cuántos y no recibo otras cosas que mis vecinas sí, adecuadas a cada semana!??

  5. Icarus Wings Says:

    Love the avatar themes! Great work on the wallpaper/room (two thumbs up). Sadly lots of cash item :(. Great works anyway 😉

  6. candydancer18 Says:

    I love the avatar week!check outmy blog : http://www.petsocietystar101.wordpress.com

  7. Matthew Says:

    I’m not too crazy about avatar and the theme, but I will say that it is creative.

  8. Toni Lyon Says:

    ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! Love it and can’t wait to start buying stuff to decorate my room! Thanks for having such a creative week!

  9. frampitwilighter Says:

    it`s wonderful, awsome, the movie is amazing, i realy love this week

  10. Maria Dolores Hernandez Flores Says:

    La semana de Pandora, por lo menos es algo distinta, espera
    mos pasarlo bien

  11. Joel Says:

    i want all the RARES MPC

  12. Marina James Says:

    Can you make a week of Avatar the last airbender and legend of korra? Cause that would be so awesome!!

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