Thanksgiving Outfit 2012 Competition Winners Announced!


Thanks to everyone who entered our Thanksgiving Outfit Competition- there were so many wonderful and imaginative designs! We’re sure you’ll agree that the winners below are most deserved! The outfits will be available in Pet Society soon- look out for them!

8 Responses to “Thanksgiving Outfit 2012 Competition Winners Announced!”

  1. Cyrina Ba Says:

    the second entry is amazing, a lot of creativity congrats 😀

  2. Ibraim Piñango Says:

    Hermosos *w*

  3. Grifit Says:

    they took off the eagle and the squirrel from the 3rd and forum winner… sad… at least one outfit is for boys, I love the wig this kind of competition should have been done for Halloween (yes, i’m still mad over the crappy halloween, I can’t get over it)

  4. Hana Says:

    is this outfit will available on store?
    I love them ♥♥♥

  5. candydancer18 Says:

    i love the 2nd on the best! check out my blog:

  6. ash Says:

    the 3rd one is very ugly it looks like a oufit i already have on the game *sigh* but i love the 2nd 1

  7. animeink Says:

    why i can’t see them now

  8. Katka Says:

    Dear Pet Society,
    Please,can be one week with theme of Marvel Comics? Like Captain America, Iron Man, Thor atc.
    Thanks, Katka

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