A New Quest: A Space Expedition!


The Quest has been refreshed! So buckle up and prepare for take-off, because you’re going to Mars!

The Red Planet is your destination so prepare yourself to be the first Pet to travel to outer space and get the chance to explore the wonders of the universe! All you have to do is complete all the stages of the Quest and win the collectibles!

7 Responses to “A New Quest: A Space Expedition!”

  1. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:


  2. ferretbite Says:

    Buenísima, a Draco DeFuret le va a encantar

  3. Cyrina Ba Says:

    weird , ugly, as if we didn’t have these theme before at least 2 or 3 times in additon to the digging map, is that so hard to make a week for every country ??? at least that’s innovative

  4. bintang11 Says:

    Why do I not see a new quest?
    My crafting and collab is new, but no new quest.

  5. candydancer18 Says:

    check out my blog http://www.petsocietystar101.wordpress.com

  6. ansatsusama Says:

    well… this is good but is not like i think… i wanna a spaceship wallpaper… the exteriors wallpapers are not very good

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