Welcome To Totems And Tikis!


This week Pet Society is going to visit the wonderful world of Totems and Tikis along with other tons of other Tropical delights! Its going to be all about sitting back with a chilled mock tail, enjoying the sun and sights of a Tropical Paradise

Grab one of the deliciously refreshing drinks that are available at the Tiki Bar while enjoying the sights to the Tropical World outside your window! It’s time to bring out those grass skirts out with some amazing outfits got from the Tropical Lands!

So what are you waiting for? Head down to Pet Society now to check it out!

14 Responses to “Welcome To Totems And Tikis!”

  1. Icarus Wings Says:

    love it!

  2. Anthoo Says:

    😥 Why, why, whyyyyy???

  3. Cyrina Ba Says:

    if I’m not wrong, they did this theme like 2 times, playfish and insipiration = 2 :p, the question is when you miss inspsiration, you can always dig ideas from the suggestions part in the official forum !!

    • Matthew Says:

      I agree with you, we’ve had this theme too many times! and besides it’s not summer any more. I really like the idea of a having a scotland week!

  4. Susan Shaw Says:

    This weeks repeat theme…Meh. How about….India? Norway? Scotland? Or themes around specific animals: bears, lions, giraffes, OWLS (very popular now, you see owls everywhere!)

  5. Hana Says:

    will save my money for the next week

  6. Hana Says:

    by the way, I really agree with Cyrina Ba ♥♥

  7. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:

    Está bastante mejor que las 3 semanas anteriores, aunque no llene las espectativas. Apoyo totalmente la sugerencia de Susan Shaw. Seguiremos ahorrando algunas moneditas. Que los ángeles les sugieran mejores temas. Hasta la semana entrante.

  8. frampitwilighter Says:

    *O* it´s greate, have so much style and the colors are beautiful

  9. ashley Says:

    Why are we having summer in November?! I think you should do something that has to do with fall. I loved the thanksgiving week last year! I hope you do another week like it. I like the idea of a Norway or Scotland week. 🙂

  10. Nichole Says:

    There are a few small things that I like but don’t have interest in making a tiki room at this time of year. Nice looking but I have holiday decorating to start.

  11. ansatsusama Says:

    repeaaaaat i wanna Star trek!!!!!!!

  12. Kate Says:

    The fruit bowl and parrot are both cute but I really can’t get into the whole tiki bonanza going on in November lol

  13. Fred Says:

    …..Really? We do better stuff in high school. Come on, guys. 😦

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