Be part of the Mysterious Menage!


Look who is visiting Pet Society! It’s the family that’s creepy, kooky and all together spooky! The Mysterious Menage are here to stay and they bring with them some awesome items got from their unusual mansion! Would you like a tour of their humble home?

It’s quite a chilly night, don’t you think? You should warm yourself up by the Menage Fireplace! Ah yes, that’s the family portrait! Don’t they all look just perfectly ghastly! You could be a part of this mysterious family with the Menage Mystery Outfits! So what are you waiting for? Head down to Pet Society and have a spooky time!

Remember if you have all the Cash Limited items from the Halloween 2012 Collection you stand to win the forever mysterious Lurking Shadow Room!

15 Responses to “Be part of the Mysterious Menage!”

  1. Vain Jayne Says:

    Recycled, recycled, recycled. Unfortunate for players like me who wait all year for the Halloween themes only to see the same stuff from years before. :\

    • Cyrina Ba Says:

      can’t agree more with the word recycled, unfortunately all PS seems to be recycled this year ,and even the year before !

    • Grifit Says:

      same here, I waited too long for halloween and you ruined it, all recycled items, not Halloween contest, not special logo or town decoration, you took all the fun away.

      • Vain Jayne Says:

        You know, I looked on the forum in anticipation this morning to see the costume contest they have every year & didn’t see anything!! Did they really not have players design this year??

  2. KoUme Hanasaku Says:

    Love it! I love the Addams family and this is a great little set up. I especially like that you can get Debbie’s outfit from the third movie and the stairs with Cousin It is fantastic. Good work!

  3. Susan Shaw Says:

    I agree with the repeat…but I saved my Addams Family items from last year, and many are better and the family is animated. I love this last week’s theme of the pumpkins, I miss the color this week. But for new players it might be fun. With so many of us who have played this game from the start, we should be able to create our own Halloween themes to suit our tastes, even if it isn’t something brand new. Happy Halloween, everyone!

  4. Bandarrita Says:

    It might be recycled, but I love it anyway.

  5. Celina Says:

    I like this theme! I have been playing since the summer of 2011 (I think) and this is somewhat new to me. I love the outfits but of course wish they were gold coins instead of cash coins. I hope I can get more than 2 on my 5 day bonus so I could buy one! lol

  6. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:

    Gracias por ahorrar mi tiempo y monedas. Los temas siguen siendo HO-RRI-BLES para mi gusto.y ya son como cuatro semanas.

  7. ansatsusama Says:

    LA FAMILIA ADAMS!!! *o* i wanna monster family!

  8. TheDisguisedFairy Says:

    What? I was so-o looking forward for the Halloween contest they have yearly! The costumes are always really gorgeous and unique and plus there’s always a chance to win a butt load of PS cash!

  9. candydancer18 Says:

    I lvoe this theme! check out my blog at

  10. Matthew Says:

    I can’t wait for Halloween to be over. *sigh*

  11. Toni Lyon Says:

    I love Halloween!!!! Let me just say it again! I love Halloween! And because I love Halloween I have saved all the stuff I bought from last year. PS does that mean anything to you?!!! Obviously you are copying so much! Is your staff so “out of ideas” that you can just run practically the same stuff the following year and color it differently? You must have the best and brightest working for you for all the wonderful ideas that are unleashed from their minds! But doesn’t anyone have any different ideas? I love the portrait and the Addams Family theme don’t take me wrong. But the tree is cool but why is it 9pfc? and you get the same tree three times in a row. You are getting greedy! Stop and make this a truly interactive game and you will double your membership. Be original! I love playing and growing the trees and dressing my pet in the outfits but it is truly time to start thinking outside the box if you are going to charge these amounts for everything!! My funds are limited and soon I will not be able to partake. But if it is unique and different, I can always find a reason to spend a little $’s.

  12. Katka Says:

    Pet Society,can you tell me why Halloween is not as beautiful as 3 years ago?
    Why not bare trees?
    Why do we not find in them the Halloween candy?
    Why is decorated main inscription?
    Where are the pumpkins, lights, costumes and food, they did the right Halloween?

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