Welcome To Pumpkins Hallow!


Welcome Pets! You are about to enter a land where it’s Halloween throughout the year! Welcome to Pumpkins Hallow! Would you like to have a little tour? The first thing you should do before you enter through the Hallow Gates is make sure you look like the locals! The Pumpkin Hallow Make Up Kit should help you out there with some scary new looks!

Your Pet will love the playing with the special Pumpkin plushies you only find here, in the Pumpkin Plushie Maker! Oh! And remember in Pumpkin Hallow we don’t walk but fly with the help of the Pumpkin Hallow wings! And once the day is done left your feet up and rest in the Pumpkin Hammock! Enjoy your stay at the Pumpkin Hallow!

33 Responses to “Welcome To Pumpkins Hallow!”

  1. BC Says:

    I like it! awesome! thank you!

  2. Anthoo Says:

    The wings look great…

  3. Meowmidas Says:

    THIS.. IS.. SP…

  4. Monkey Says:

    No black cats 😦

  5. argendkurosaki Says:

    Finally! a great halloween week, thats what we were waiting for 😀

  6. cozcatzin Says:


  7. Matthew Says:

    Compared to last week this week doesn’t look that bad. At least it’s creative and some of the items that aren’t too bad.

  8. mary Says:

    they must be kidding, i mean.. there are really nice stuff but WHY MAKE ITEMS THAT HAVE BEEN MADE LAST YEAR?!?!?!?! did they run of creativity???? where is the new and inventive stuff??? where are the werewolfs, and all the monsters they could have donne? where are the new stuff? why are they making candles they have made before? and why last week happened the same thing?? this must be a JOKE!!!!

  9. Susan Shaw Says:

    I like it!!! It’s nice to see something brighter and less creepy, and I like pumpkins and orange 🙂 . Great work, PS

  10. Wang Jhih-ling Says:


  11. lily potter Says:

    Nice! I’m so excited!

  12. candydancer18 Says:

    Check out my blog at http://www.petsocietystar101.wordpress.com

  13. juan Says:

    Y la ropa ?

  14. PetSocietyFan Says:

    Some things are repeats from last year, but overall, live it!

  15. KoUme Hanasaku Says:

    Cute and lovely!

  16. belinda boelman Says:

    Im in love with the pumpkin stuff. i think its time to buy some blue coins =)

  17. ,LMN Says:

    bad. Bad. BAD!

  18. Grifit Says:

    Again, recycled halloween items… but the new stuff is awesome so I’m happy

  19. Eiko Says:

    The Pumpkin Maker is awesome!

  20. Olga Says:

    No clothes????

  21. Toni Lyon Says:

    Love the pumpkin maker!

  22. Dance in the Dark (@FR_DelRey) Says:

    Where’s the clothes? 😦

  23. Samii Morales Says:

    se ve linda esta semana no trae muchos items pero de perdida es mejor que la pasada, las calabacitas estan hermosas ❤

  24. Fred Says:

    I like it, but I still think you can do better. 🙂 Also, where is the third fairy? Hahahaha.

    Me gusta, pero sigo pensando que podemos hacerlo mejor. 🙂 Además, ¿dónde está el hada tercero? Jajajaja.

    أحب ذلك، ولكن ما زلت اعتقد يمكنك القيام به على نحو أفضل. 🙂 أيضا، حيث هو الجنية الثالثة؟ كخخخخخخخخخخخخخ.

    Gusto ko ito, ngunit tingin ko pa rin na maaari mong gawin mas mahusay. 🙂 Gayundin, kung saan ang ikatlong engkantada? Hahahaha.

  25. Karen Says:

    I want some new cute clothes about Halloween theme.

  26. pepa dlf Says:

    The information about Wings is wrong. The star is yellow and it is confusing with coins when the real way to pay it is with cash (blue star)

  27. pepa dlf Says:

    I mean blue fish logo

  28. ansatsusama Says:

    i like it very much the pumpkin are great and colorful, awesome week! i wanna something more items!!!

  29. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:

    Tercera semana que no me gustan los motivos.

  30. MazdaTiger Says:


    no clothes?

  31. MazdaTiger Says:


    no clothes?

  32. Argentina Morales Says:

    so cool!

  33. Cristina Isabel Parada Rodriguez Says:

    ¿ya no dan dulces como en otros años?

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