Climb Aboard The Haunted Pirate Ship


Argh There matey! Hop on board! This is the Haunted Pirate Ship! Been sailing the seven seas for an eternity now and the crew decided they want to make a pit stop at Pet Society! Heard that there’s treasure to be found!

Want to be a pirate for a week do ye! Well first things first, check out the Haunted Pirate Outfit! If you want to be a pirate you got to look like one! And every pirate needs a parrot! The Mystery Evolving Haunted Parrot Egg is just for you! Just remember, this ain’t like any other ship! This ship is filled with ghosts and ghouls! SO BEWARE!

There is also going to be a special promotion for Halloween! The Haunted Blue Pirate Fairy is just 1 of 3 special items in the “Halloween 2012 Collection” Each week a part of the collection will be released, and if you purchase all 3 by the time Halloween is over in Pet Society, you will be rewarded with a FREE ROOM!


There is also a brand New Digging Map to be unlocked! And lots of treasures to be found! So grab those shovels pirates and head down to the Haunted Swamp to dig up that buried treasure!

42 Responses to “Climb Aboard The Haunted Pirate Ship”

  1. argendkurosaki Says:

    We don’t gonna have a Halloween week. Aren’t we?

  2. Bandarrita Says:

    This week is made of awesome and epic! How many cool weeks in a row lately? I don’t know who decided the change of path, but congratulations. We were tired of so many lame weeks.

    Plus, a new digging site, too!

  3. Jacqueline Sanders Says:

    Really, we get a recycled Pirate week??? With all of the past updates being more attractive and original…for Halloween you give us recycled items. Nothing original or new to this theme, it really is a let down

  4. Oooga Booga Says:

    Nice work on the new music!!!

  5. Matthew Says:

    I guess its finally time for halloween weeks. I’m not too crazy about this week, but I guess you have to have some halloween weeks.

  6. amonna Says:

    Most of the items are modification of the existing items, like the ship parts. For a halloween theme, I have expected much more imagination involved.

  7. Meowmidas Says:


  8. JaviLab Says:

    Same items, color changed. I have most of them, with other color ohhhhhhhhh amazing

  9. LilyPotter Says:

    Excellent! I’ve been waiting for the Halloween week!! I absolutely love the haunted pirate theme!!!!

  10. candydancer18 Says:

    woot for halloween! check out my blog at

  11. cindyconsidine Says:

    I agree theres been one after the other awesome theme weeks lately ever since the beach bride theme! However, its a pity many of the items in this new theme are ‘recycled’ old items only with different colours. I hope this doesn’t become a common thing….?

  12. Cyrina Ba Says:

    they repeated this theme like 3 or 4 times, so they bring nothing new, good thing the craftable portrait is like the cc limited of last year, was smart enoughto not buy any last year :p

  13. sharondeestefania Says:

    Pirates again??

  14. lady Says:

    why PS is so repetitive???
    the objects are simply a mix of various old weeks… there’s NOTHING new.. the ships come from “mermaid kingdom week”, the bed from a past halloween week, and other objects are from “pets of the high seas week”… objects have been slightly modified, but are the same as the past weeks. even wigs are the same!

    …and everything is obvious, seems a mockery.

  15. Evelina Kawaii Says:

    The same items as the mermaid theme? I mean look at the haunted boat, I already have it in my inventory

  16. luciano Says:

    You hear that wave and halloween as i was waiting for much lla i have decorated my our prices and please pirates again do not have yet another idea that workmanship as long as we WANT BORING Halloween

  17. Alex Says:

    Please only one week for halloween, please no more xD

    This week is better than a halloween theme in oct 11, wait for the 31 october week

  18. Εινα Ϝȋđεια☺ (@elvaeh) Says:

    uhm, maybe if you want make ‘pirates theme’ you can try One Piece (anime)’ll be fun^^

  19. xayi guerrero Says:

    no me gusto nada estamos todos desesperados esperando cosas de hallo pero que llamen la tencion y sean bonitas y tenebrosas no queremos los items repetidos y de paso feos ni siquiera los trajes de niña son bonitos

  20. Grifit Says:

    mmmmm ok, many recicled items and the theme is a repetead one but… witha halloween spin!!! I LOVE IT!!!! YEEEEEEEEEESSS!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

  21. Usakoi Says:

    asi o mas recicladas las cosas?

  22. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:

    HORROROSO!!! por favor en lugar de embellecer la vida y el mundo, aunque sólo sea un juego, todo lo contrario, traen cosas feas, que tienen aspecto de sucio y viejo. El tema no estaría mal si en lugar de cosas feas y personajes andrajosos los crearan más lindos y bien vestidos. ¡qué poca imaginación!!!!

  23. Toni Lyon Says:

    ABSOLUTELY Love It! So what if some pieces are repeats! They were done in style! Looking forward to get some digging done! Great job PS!

  24. Toni Lyon Says:

    PLEASE bring back the haunted ghost ship for purchasing! That would be so cool for this theme!

  25. Jung Yumi Says:

    Pet Society are the best game ever than the others.!

  26. angel faith palermo Says:

    i am looking forward for the japanese princess bundle in the paw mart… 🙂

  27. jacob sarnate Says:

    i’m also looking forward for the japanese princess bundle on paw mart.

  28. jacob sarnate Says:

    i want the japanese princess bundle to be in the paw mart…

  29. uh-hu8h Says:

    For a halloween theme, I have expected much more imagination involved.

  30. argendkurosaki Says:

    We just want Halloween. please, give us something good, this week sucks!

  31. argendkurosaki Says:

    And the coment of One Piece (Anime), well, that is a great idea, I have a lot of time waiting for an anime week. Why not? like Dragon Ball, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Bleach for example.

  32. jhade pereira Says:

    i want the japanese princess wig to be in the paw mart…. 🙂

  33. sushicore Says:

    it’s all old items with new names

    seeing as you can’t even be bothered to TRY any more, just shut down the damn game already, this is getting embarrassing

    • me Says:

      I wrote the same thing under your comment. LOL. Lame theme. I didn’t buy a thing b/c I already have last years. Guess they added some beads on the dreadlock wig. lol.

  34. cindyconsidine Says:

    luciano, I can’t understand your post….?
    I loooove Elvi’s idea about anime-any anime would be awesome, last anime theme was years ago, unlike pirates….:P

  35. vincent rose Says:

    the new halloween music is weirdly addictive to listen!!

  36. lara goo Says:

    i want the eternal monarch wings and the japanese princess bundle to be in the paw mart…. 🙂

  37. me Says:

    this is the same theme from before just different colors. I guess it’s good for new players but not to those playing for years. C’mon creative team, you can do better than this.

  38. BC Says:

    owh… :3.. why haunted swamp?? why not Pumpkin halloween lake ? or something more interesting .. rather than Pirate.. I thought the new diggin site for halloween are gonna be awesome :.. *sigh.. disappointed :p

  39. lady Says:

    someone delated my comment because it was troublesome. but I’m right, P.S. the objects are ALL copied from the old weeks.

  40. Fred Says:

    Cute. Still think you can do better, though, guys. But I do really really like this theme. I hope there are so many repeats because you’re working on an awesome week for the “real” Halloween week. I’m probably not the only one, so I really really hope you guys get this. 🙂 Also, how do I get the third fairy? Hahahaha.

    Cute. ¿Todavía piensas que puedes hacerlo mejor, sin embargo, chicos. Pero yo realmente me gusta mucho este tema. Espero que haya tantas repeticiones porque estás trabajando en una semana increíble para el “real” la semana de Halloween. Probablemente no soy el único, así que realmente espero que les entiendo. 🙂 Además, ¿cómo puedo obtener el hada tercero? Jajajaja.

    لطيف. ما زلت أعتقد يمكنك القيام به على نحو أفضل، على الرغم من الرجال. لكنني حقا حقا مثل هذا الموضوع. آمل أن هناك الكثير من يكرر لأنك تعمل على الأسبوع رهيبة ل”الحقيقي” الاسبوع هالوين. أنا ربما ليست واحدة فقط، لذلك أنا حقا آمل حقا يا رفاق الحصول على هذا. 🙂 أيضا، كيف يمكنني الحصول على الجنية الثالثة؟ كخخخخخخخخخخخخخ.

    Cute. Pa rin sa tingin maaari mong gawin mas mahusay na, bagaman, guys.Ngunit ko talagang talagang tulad ng ang temang ito.Umaasa ako na may kaya maraming mga umuulit dahil nagtatrabaho ka sa isang kahanga-hangang linggo para sa “real” Halloween linggo.Ako malamang na hindi lamang ang, kaya ko talagang talagang umaasa ka guys makuha ang.:) Gayundin, kung paano ko makuha ang ikatlong engkantada? Hahahaha.

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