Walk The Red Carpet In Style!


The stars join us at Pet Society for a week of lights, cameras and the moment to shine in the spot light! This week Pet Society travels to Petwood to join the stars in a monumental celebration on the Red Carpet! It is going to be a week to remember! So be sure you don’t miss out!

The first thing when walking the Red Carpet is to pick the outfit! You can’t go wrong with  the Red Carpet Mystery Outfits! Enter the EXCLUSIVE Stage and take a bow! Hear ’em cheer for you!  Follow it up with a dinner for two! We promise a scrumptious meal awaits you! Well, what are you waiting for? Hurry down to Pet Society and soak up the limelight!

33 Responses to “Walk The Red Carpet In Style!”

  1. Cleo Says:

    I love this week!

  2. Lily Potter Says:

    Cute! I like some of the red carpet dresses!

  3. Bubble Says:

    love the Red Carpet Dinner For Two ❤

  4. koi Says:

    what i hope is plz update with a formal timing at every thursday, it’s not a good day for us to be waiting a long long hours… even the theme is nice.

  5. candydancer18 Says:

    Awesome theme! I can’t wait! Check out my blog at http://www.petsocietystar101.wordpress.com

  6. Hamdani's (@PijanHamdani) Says:

    awesome! but defitenely don’t want the never say paw outfit….

  7. Yue-lin Shen Says:

    Hahaha~awesome names!!! I love it~~~

  8. Grifit Says:

    what?? no Halloween??? I like the theme but we were waiting for halloween

    • Randi Steers Says:

      It’s only the first week of October; this new theme will be for the second week. There’s plenty of time for a Halloween theme.

      • Grifit Says:

        so, if you compare to the other weeks we had 4 weeks of halloween, now two of those weeks were used in other themes… that means will have only 2 weeks… or 1 if the next is another theme

  9. Matthew Says:

    Another great week for PS!!! This week looks really nice! We’ve never had a theme like this before!

  10. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:

    Me encanta el nuevo tema. Y por favor, denle importancia al día de gracias, no a halloween!!!

  11. Ivaaa Says:

    OMG there’s actually Justin Bieber outfit :OOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Love you PS

  12. Malvina Says:

    “Walk The Red Carpet In Style!”

  13. grapegummydrops Says:

    I really like the time changing window!

  14. Vibius Magnus Says:

    Great week for Scarface poster alone

  15. Argentina Morales Says:

    You must be fucking kidding me! You update to late, and then theres no halloween? WTF? and the worst thing, what about the Justin Gayber bundle? You must be crazy! ¬¬

  16. jlr Says:

    ps, you read my mind. i just bought the items from the similar theme in the past, “premiere week” yesterday, and here we are with all new things to go with them! awesome & gorgeous items 🙂

  17. Brandy May Says:

    ugh!!!!!!!!!! i was also looking forward to halloween items ,very disapointed ,so disapointed i won’t be buying i thing from this weeks theme,almost like last weeks theme .boring : (

  18. Guest Says:

    Please make cute cc wigs ;O

  19. Sofonisbo Says:


  20. Katka Says:

    Please,I wanna HALLOWEEN!

  21. dhea Says:

    pwilight ? lol

  22. frampitwilighter Says:

    twilight yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaahhh LOL i very very love the twilight saga, i going to buy this billboard, it is one of the bests weeks of pet society, the only thing wrong is justin bieber

  23. selena Says:

    I don’t like this theme very much, i thought that if they made this theme ther would be more stuff.

  24. Ashley Says:

    Not a fan of the Twilight stuff, but that furniture is gorgeous.

  25. noxpetsociety Says:

    Hope we get Halloween next!!

  26. sushicore Says:

    still über boring themes with no imagination and no halloween? good thing I quit this game.

  27. frampitwilighter Says:

    lease in the future create a week of twilight saga pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisss, vampires and werewolf are greate

  28. frampitwilighter Says:

    sorry please

  29. Stephanie Says:

    i realized that the “welcome” carpet is not working anymore? everytime i logged on Pet Society it always brings me to the very first room on the first floor…

  30. clawdeen Says:

    yo tengo el red carpet floor y el red carpat wallaper 😀

  31. christina Says:

    i have a problem with step 3 in quest “the haunted pet” pls tell me what to do

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