The Pets Retreat!


Do we have a surprise for you! Pet Society is expanding! For the first time in Pet Society your Pet can have two houses to live in! We are very proud to announce the inauguration of the Pets Retreat! It’s bigger, better and has some amazing rooms and garden up for sale! These new gardens will have 9 whole plots!

Finally a place for your Pet to sit back and relax in a big spacious room, or plant trees in the garden! Oh, and it gets better! The first room in the Pets Retreat is yours for FREE! All you have to do is claim it! And my god! It is one beautiful room! Where luxury has no bounds! So what are you waiting for? Visit your Pets retreat!

Just remember though to place the Lavish Angel Figurine within your room! Your friends will only be able to visit if the figurine is placed within the Secret Room!

17 Responses to “The Pets Retreat!”

  1. candydancer18 Says:

    wow im so excited! check out my blog:

  2. Zuripi Mooh Says:

    Except this little ugly room… all the other ones are with PetCash?…
    Thank you for nothing ¬¬

  3. JulieG Says:

    How do you get the first room?

  4. Maggi Says:

    My new room has no wallpaper and no windows 😦

  5. ansatsusama Says:

    well is pretty… well not all the items… i’m not like very much the dual version… I LIKE STAR TREK WEEK! or space week!

  6. Marina James Says:

    Still having trouble loading the game. It’s always stuck at 0% or 12%. Thank you for the retreat.

  7. shou Says:

    im stuck at loading of 12% but i still love pet society

  8. Toni Lyon Says:

    Answer to my dreams! More rooms to decorate with the beautiful objects I have purchased. I was getting worried because I had so much and the game was lagging. Because of the lagging and storage issues I was getting bored and ready to move on and not play anymore! Well – I will always play! lol But this is awesome! Thanks PS!

  9. Jesy Flippy Junior Says:

    iia me asia falta otra abitacion todas mis abitaciones son ermosas llenas de luujos pettlings muchas cosas ii iia qeria otra abitacion lo malo es qe la abitacion qe regalan esta mui chiqa :l

  10. dog poop Says:

    wow!!! It’s so fun.. I enjoy so much…

  11. 10susanamabel Says:

    Ayer estuve regalando material porque no tengo lugar. Tengo 70 puntos y me dieron una habitación nueva, pero sigo teniendo demasiado, lo mismo hice con la ropa. No compro los que son para comprar, deseo jugar pero sin costo. Los tiempos en que vivimos no lo permiten. Me da pena ver que casi todo lo gratis es menos bonito que lo pago. Y con el cash que regalan nunca llegué a los 5, casi siempre son 3, hay muy poco para comprar. Una vez no lo usé, para acumular y lo perdí.

  12. queen Says:

    why i can’t apply wallpaper and floors? how it’s supposed to be a retreat while i can’t benefit from it? it’s more rooms but i can’t apply all the items there! thanks

  13. Antoinette Says:

    Your “upgrade” caused a glitch where the CASH welcome mat doesn’t work anymore. The forums are full of reports. Been over a week now. Please fix this!

  14. k Says:

    every time i try to buy the red carpet girl dress outfit bundle, my game freezes. every. time.

  15. Ann-Marie Yard Says:

    I have my welcome mat and the figurine in the second house but when I load it reverts to the first house. PLEASE HELP ME THANKS.

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