Quest Refresh!


Hey guys! Guess what! There’s another quest in Pet Society! And it’s going to be an exciting one! With all new collectibles that have to be gained and all new stages that have to be completed! And lets not forget an amazing prize at the end! The Angelic Slumber room will be unlocked at the completion of this quest! And oh boy! Is it a beauty! So hurry! Play the game and reach for the stars!

Good Luck Guys!

10 Responses to “Quest Refresh!”

  1. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:

    ¡¡¡Bravo!!! esto sí es bello. Me gusta que apuesten a la alegría, a lo bello, a lo que lleva felicidad al espíritu. Muchas gracias por saber escucharnos.

  2. candydancer18 Says:

    I knew about it since yesturday. There was glitch where if you ate the “Size Changing Lollipop” or wore the “Autumn Faerie Wings”, then you would magically get the room. I have alot of info about it right here:

    Also, check out my blog for spoilers, updates or lots of fun! Because let’s be honest… This blog doesn’t update alot and it’s not very fun!

    Hope I helped 🙂

  3. 'Lily Chan Says:

    Getting sick and tired about this loading issue. I’ve played PS since 2009 , and this time maybe the worst experience i have with this game. Since this game “upgraded” with QUEST thing,Me and some of my friends have loading issue every time the game updated . I’ve read your announcement about you in process of fixing the game,but still i’m as a devoted player feel that this game is leaving me. …..

    I spent hours everyday wasting my time trying to load the game,and you keep releasing new quests and i stuck in here can’t do anything,missed some quests,daily lottery and much more. To be able to play the game 5days a week,sometimes less than that,is frustrating for me. …..

    I can’t connect my FB to the Forum,i have trouble contacting EA ….. at least tell me what should i do,cause i done almost everything to get into the game,cleared cache n stuffs,changed browsers,changed PC,updated my flash etc,but none of these works. I really wish “the QUEST” thing is removed from PS,so lots of players will be happily get back to play the game. Some players left the game cause they hate this quest thing,but i hate the quest thing cause it lots of time made me struggling with loading issue ….

    Really wish,PS team will solved this problem soon … cause if this thing is happening to long,tho it’s hard to do but my friends and i might desperately leave this game …. 😦

  4. Ang Says:

    Another quest just so we can get stuck on last page and waste our whole month’s of effort? fool me once but not twice!!! The whole point of these tasks is so we can keep on signing into ur glitchy game all day and everyday!!! And since we have been, why not reward us then!!! so ridiculous! This game has become such a chore with no guaranteed allowance! Even if I get stuck on stage 6, why can’t I earn up to stage 5?!!!! Cuz you guys are heartless!

  5. Kate Says:

    Really not amused by the short period of time we were given to complete this quest…there is no way I would ever buy ONE PART of the little quest for nearly 5PFC when you need 3 parts to complete it. Apparently EA expects people to have no lives but I certainly don’t have time to log in every 4 or 6 hours to update the quest line, especially when there’s no guarantee I’ll get the item. How can you possibly do this quest without using PFC when even at stage 3 multiple collectibles take 24 hours to build?

  6. Icarus Wings Says:

    Stupid quest with such a short time! You should just remove quests from the game. We are not interested in short time quest!

  7. Izabela Maria Sobowiec Says:

    I love the quest thingy and the new room looks awesome. I’m almost done with finishing everything but I guess that the time needed to complete very last pieces is slightly too long. 40 hours per one piece? C’mon… Other than that, it’s awesome.

  8. Jen Says:

    I can’t the do the ‘ask a friend for a gift’-part of the quest. Is anyone else having the same problem? I post the link on my wall, friends click on the link and send me gifts but it doesn’t change on the quest. Still says 0/3. So have to get PFC to complete it. Unfair.

  9. zyle11 Says:

    can’t someone please extend the days on this quest? i hate having to get so far and be off by one collection and completely miss. they should also make the collections shorter if they going give so little time and so many problems to log in and load etc. And if that cant be granted then removing all these time quests is the next best thing cause trying to log in and still missing sucks. And even if you dont get to come everyday to miss out is the pitts.

  10. Snoople Says:

    I spent so many days and wasted so much time getting this quest nearly finished and now it’s gone. It makes me so frustrated I don’t really even want to play this game anymore. There are so many problems with gameplay lately, it’s just not fun anymore. The short period of time to complete the requests and the long amounts of time it takes to “build” pieces needed for the quests are unreasonable. I don’t have time to log in every single day, multiple times a day!

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