Welcome To Splashes Of Color!


It’s going to be a colorful week in Pet Society! So get out your paint brushes, pull out those cans and paint the town red with Splashes of Color! It’s vibrant and colorful plus cute and creative! With so many amazing items you just wouldn’t believe it!

It’s all about adding some color to your life next week, It can be your hair with the Color Splash Wig Dye Table or to your look with the Make Up Kit! Oh hell! How about your entire pet while we’re at it with the Color Splash Body Paint Kit! Next week’s theme is going to make a splash in Pet Society so make sure you’re there to enjoy it!


69 Responses to “Welcome To Splashes Of Color!”

  1. Blossom 23 Says:

    One week of Thanksgiving wouldn’t be demanding at all. We have other countries holidays all the time. If you meant that Christmas counted as a U.S. holiday, your wrong. Lots of countries celebrate it. It’s a very big holiday so asking for one a two weeks isn’t demanding. We’ve had about how many weeks of Halloween??? Around ten. I know people love it but if it’s cutting out other important holidays then I think they could cut it down to at least three weeks this year.

  2. esther Says:

    Hola quería saber si alguien hoy a podido entrar al pet ya tengo una hora y no puedo

  3. Airoctiv Says:

    Pet society is becoming increasingly boring, I think this week really fell short of a lot of peoples expectations, I suggest a user submitted week in future.

  4. Alexita Saldivar Says:


  5. Dani Says:

    i can’t load my game since morning.

  6. carolina Says:

    me too lily chan…. same error code, what happends

  7. Teo Qi Wee Says:

    Please fix it!Iam crafting so many things and redecorating my house and it suddenly reloaded and it can’t open now!!!!

  8. Cinnamon Says:

    I Can’t Play it starts to load gets to 12% and stop’s… I am missing out on Building not fair..

  9. Haikal Qilbari Says:

    i can’t play pet society,,..!!
    please fix that~

  10. kidcat Says:

    i cant go in game to it load to 93% and the mayor show up error code 1345884480/EVT:IPb:PLF/RPC:IPb:RPCF/RPC:IPb:RPCF

  11. zyle11 Says:

    yea i’m getting that problem too

  12. ansatsusama Says:

    i like the halloween is my favorite season of all it’s very funny this week is funny too amazing i like very MUCH the AQUARIUM *o*

  13. christian Says:

    Why this is not updated? its already monday..

  14. Ang Says:

    Hi PS, Please extend the new room for another week? I notice some of the building parts require 48 hrs, that’s 2 days to build! I managed to get to step 6 and thought I could get it on time but half of the items require 48 hrs to build! It’s such a demanding task! You want us to enjoy this game not become a slave of it and find it it’s a chore right? thank you! I know it’s been extend once before but due to computer problems, loading problems, daily life, it’s nice to have more time.

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