You’re Cordially Invited to the Beach Wedding!


Salty toes, sandy kisses are some of the few things a Beach Wedding would be about! You and your Pet are cordially invited to Pet Society’s Beach Wedding! It’s going to be a beautiful celebration by sandy waters! A wedding that shouldn’t be missed!

This week enjoy the beautiful beach scenery! Watch the Champagne flow with the Champagne Fountain, listen to the soulful sounds of the Jazz Band, and sit by the Dolphin Pond and flaunt the beautiful outcomes of the Mystery Evolving Bride Wigs! Now what are you waiting for? Go enjoy the festivities!


33 Responses to “You’re Cordially Invited to the Beach Wedding!”

  1. NotFromMars Says:

    Seriously, MORE SUITS?! There’s already SO MANY.

  2. cozcatzin Says:

    ASDFGHJKLÑ i love it!!

  3. Bintang112003 Says:

    After last week’s AMAZING dragon theme (not in to Vikings though), you bring us back to cute and cuddly… another wedding? Really? The royal wedding theme wasn’t enough?
    I avoided that one, I’ll be avoiding this one.
    I’m interested in the Turbo Crafter, but I’ll wait and see how much it is before I get too excited. Other than that I won’t even think about buying items this week… not for coins and DEFINITELY not for CCs.

  4. Bintang112003 Says:

    After last week’s AMAZING dragon theme (not in to Vikings though), you bring us back to the cute and cuddly… another wedding? Seriously? The Royal Wedding theme wasn’t enough?
    I avoided that one, I’ll be avoiding this one.
    I’m interested in the Turbo Crafter, but I’ll wait and see how much it is before I get too excited. Other than that, I won’t even consider buying anything this week… not for coins and DEFINITELY not for CCs.

  5. Grifit Says:

    don’t like weddings ¬¬ if you want to post wedding stuff (again) why don’t you post about an Indian wedding or Japanese wedding??? That would be interesting, I mean, the white dress wedding (is it a catholic/christian tradition??? I don’t really know and there’s lots of cultures that use it) is not the only wedding out there

  6. Evelina Kawaii Says:

    I like but, beach wedding, that season is already (nearly) over??

  7. Maine Says:

    i love it!!!!

  8. Susan Shaw Says:

    Although I like one or two things (shell chair), I agree with others…repetitive, and chubby coloring book “cute”. I enjoyed the viking theme…now it’s time to save up my coins for a week. I like the Indian theme idea (although maybe not wedding)…just think of all the colorful costumes! And decorated elephants, spice booths, architecture…etc.

  9. Kiley Cavanaugh Venturoli Says:

    im usually a postivie player but I agree this week stinks, and wheres the bride? oh wait she was in the royal wedding. I dont like this theme at all, al though the craftable are cool, If u r running out of ideas pet society we as fans would love to help. I have tons of ideas. lol

  10. 'Lily Chan Says:

    i’m having loading issue again!!please fix it,This is what i’m afraid of, …. loading issue after update 😦 …. why always like this???i’m afraid i’m going to loose my extra garden ……..

  11. 'Lily Chan Says:

    fyi , mine only showing blinking loading sign 😦

  12. temperance Says:

    I like it 🙂 Beach weddings are so romantic. the hues are my fave color too 😀

  13. Goldie Says:

    We have had alot of wedding themes, but there are some items I like!
    I think you should do a victorian england week.

  14. dhea Says:

    another pond/pool -_-

  15. Tasmia Tasin Says:

    I thought the Shell Photo Frame was a plushie,but it was just a decoration;though it’s very cute.

  16. PetSocietyFan Says:

    Love it all, so cute!

  17. Eiko Says:

    So we get a priest and a groom plushie but no bride?

  18. twocolonten Says:

    The Indian wedding idea is such a great one! You should do that.
    I agree that the white wedding dress/priest type weddings are getting really really old.

  19. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:

    Me encanta !!!! Es precioso, gracias. Alguna vez podrían hacer algún hábito para religiosas. Somos varias amigas y jugamos a tener un monasterio, pero es muy difícil la vestimenta ya que no hay ropas ni túnicas adecuadas. Muchas gracias por tenernos en cuenta.

  20. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:

    The theme is very cute. Can they make clothes sometime concerning nuns? Several friends have played a monastery, but getting the right clothes is very difficult. We will be very grateful.

  21. 'Lily Chan Says:

    idk what happened,but i can load the game now ^_^ if you have something that fixed my loading issue i’d like to say thank you 😀 , and double thank you for extended the extra garden deadline ❤ …….. i've said to my friends i love this game for better or worst,no matter what happened i'll keep playing it,i'll be the one who never leave,i'll play the game till the end …. TY PS team,wish you all the best and bless you …..

  22. Toni Lyon Says:

    Why not update the fishing, stadium and make more interactive fun things to do besides buy stuff. I have really studied the fish that were from a couple of years ago. Some are awesome! You could have different ponds and catch different fish. You could have the catch of the day, a contest of who can catch the most fish.

    The stadium could use an update also. Different courses and maybe different running attire for each event. We just had the track and field for the Olympics. That should have inspired someone! Swimming? Different suits to make you faster?

    You could have different outfits help you catch different fish. I have fished and fished and still haven’t caught the Poseidon’s fish. I loved the flower fishes also. New junk stuff also, I hate the tire, and the paper fish and especially the tape fish! YUCK!

    How about mountain climbing in the alps? An African Photo safari. You get a special camera to take really cool pictures of animals. And then they shrink down and you can hang them in your room.

    Horse races! Your pet picks a animal and you race with others and see if you win. Trophies, money, outfits.

    Come on Play Fish! You are better than this!! Another wedding? We just had the UP movie with a wedding gown, the Royal…. Another Pond? And the thrones – How many can you have? Another Valentines whatever? You just keep recycling and it is getting more expensive all the time.

    Maybe something creepy would be cool. We could start digging for the Halloween items early. Start now so you can have everything by a certain time and win a new Halloween room. Give people incentive to come back everyday.

    Think outside the box! New Veggies, put surprises in the digging areas like maybe a couple of PFC, anything to make it fun again. After 2 years I am almost too bored to turn on the computer.

  23. noname Says:

    lovely~i like it

  24. Jen Says:

    Yeah I agree, please update the things like the cooking book, stickers (I’m still collecting!!!), stadium, fishing etc..
    I love the new features but don’t forget about the ones we already have.

    PS. In the Southern hemisphere it’s coming up to summer so beach wedding it’s grea – loved next week’s theme!

  25. Goldfish Says:

    Come on guys stop complaining. They are doing the best they can to give us nice items each week. If you don’t like the theme, save up your coins until there is a new theme that you will like. I love Pet Society! ❤

  26. fred Says:


  27. Matthew Says:

    This week is okay, but we have had alot of wedding weeks.

  28. VioletaPet Says:

    COmo se quejan todos 😦 muy quejosos!!!
    Me parece que se estan aburriendo de jugar, y no del juego…
    Para mi en cuanto a diseño estan mejorando y mucho!…
    no hagan casos a algunos comentarios me parecen demasiados quejosos ya!…nunca nada les viene bien..

  29. Cindy Says:

    I think this week’s theme is the best in a long, long time! The colour scheme is stunning, the detailed graphics and images are really appreciated (I on’t like the more simple, rounded designs we see sometimes like the nursery theme) and weddings are always popular-thats why we have seen them in the game a lot. And to the complainers-why bother coming here just to whinge ? I didn’t like the viking week but didn’t complain because everyone has different tastes and I respect that the developers try to appease as many as possible

  30. Caro Says:

    Batman week :3

  31. Ang Says:

    I LOVE beach and weddings!!! I was just thinking maybe my future wedding could be on a beach with similar color themes and style hah! i love the graphics of the items they are so amazingly done! wow good job!! Plus it’s not just another wedding~~ it’s an inclusive honey moon too 🙂 thanks!!

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