Welcome To Dragons And Vikings Week!


Mythical creatures born to fly and breathe fire! Are you afraid yet? Yes? Well, guess what! In Pet Society you shouldn’t be! The dragons here are cute and friendly and want to play! This week it’s all about Dragons and Vikings!

So get yourself a pair of Dragon Wings and fly around with the adorable Dragons from the Baby Dragon Bundle! Watch the Naughty Baby Dragons play with fire or try to find the Cute Chameleon Dragon in your room! See the hungry little dragon catch his food from the Dragon Pond! It’s all about Dragons! So remember if you can’t take the heat don’t tickle the dragon!

34 Responses to “Welcome To Dragons And Vikings Week!”

  1. CC Says:


  2. Vale JM Says:

    Mmmmm the dragons aren´t very cute…. the ones of the machine are a lot better for me…

    the only things that I like are the wings and the cc girl bundle….

  3. Lily Poter Says:

    OH I like it! my son will enjoy this theme a lot!!!

  4. Ivaaa Says:

    Skiping this week :/

  5. Grifit Says:

    LOVE IT!!! I loved How to train ypur dragon!!! I will surely enjoy this week

  6. Bandarrita Says:

    AWESOME WEEK! Awesome I say!

  7. Pierangela Says:

    pessimi !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Susan Shaw Says:

    Many have requested a Viking week (although not me)……..so here it is! I like a few items like the horn furniture and decor items. The dragons are too pudgy for me, but we have other dragons from the past to display. Thanks for the originality of this theme, PS. :). And…….I loved the bee theme! The colors were great and lots of cute ideas. I would still like to see a Scotland theme or how about the Canadian Rockies?

  9. Diana Stein Says:

    Love everything Dragon!

  10. Christy Long Says:

    I just wished ALL the cute dragons weren’t cash items. :/ I mean can’t you give us 1 for coin? Seems a little unfair. *sighs*

  11. Hatake Mariya Says:

    The mon petit viking outfit is too expensive, are u out of ur minds or something :@

  12. Paula Andrea Says:

    todo esta bonito tratare de obtener lo mas posible

  13. Faye Says:

    I don’t like this theme! 😦

  14. Middle Man Petsoc Says:

    This is sooo stupid,I don’t like MPC it’s too viking for MPCs

  15. angeles zaragoza Says:

    me gusta este nuevo juego

  16. Kiley Cavanaugh Venturoli Says:

    I like it a lot, as a 4 yr player there is alot you can do with these pieces. Its all about out imagination and crativity. Good JOb.

  17. belinda boelman Says:

    i love love love all the dragons. dont care for the viking stuff at all.

  18. emma Says:

    sooooooooo excited! I love how to train your dragon! thank you soooo much for this ❤

  19. Terka Svobodová Says:

    You made my day, thank you! I love this movie, so you did a great job.

  20. Evelina Kawaii Says:

    I LOOVE THIS MOVIE!!! sad that there is no cute toothless…

  21. Danielle Densmore Says:

    This week makes me a bit sad. I’ve been one of the people asking for a Viking week for a long time. I’m still hoping for a more historical representation someday … helmets without horns, banners, mead, accurate clothing, that sort of thing. 😦

  22. Annacmm Says:

    Does it have new fishes? Does anyone have a list of the reamaing fishes?

  23. NORILITA Says:


  24. Savannah M Says:

    Should have had a toothless plushie. I’m sure people who have seen the movie would love it.

  25. Ashley Crooke Says:

    I… am going to need more monies O___O love all of it!

  26. Diianita López Says:

    quiero conseguirlo todoo! me encanta eso de los vikingos y dragoness!! ^^

  27. Josmary Ochoa Says:

    i like it but make a prom or a dance week.Clothes- tuxedo for guys with a rose with black shoes and with an awesome hairstyle and for the girls a cute shinny dress with heels and a hair clip on there beautiful hair.

    Wallpaper-a purple background with other pets sitting down on chairs with a table.There at a school so they need to show doors.(could be different)

    Decor-tables and chair,pink purple and gold balloons.shining Lights on the ceiling.

    Craft-A snack bar machine.A dress(pink gold black dress with a tiny hat with a bow. pink gold black shoes with a bow on them) A tuxedo (gold with a pink rose and gold shoes).

    Collaborative-a make up kit.

    I wonder why i made this but i guess they don’t read this and if they do it will mean everything to me.

  28. Linsey Hillca Says:

    Isn’t is How to Train Your Dragon?

  29. tumlumthao Says:

    i really don’t like this week .The dragons look very childish and sloppy .The mon petit outfit is expensive. The only thing i like from this week is the dragon candlestand and the viking grand door.

  30. Shae-Lynn Says:

    It’s ok, nothing I’m too excited for. Hope we get a cute cash outfit for the next week.

  31. Aruki Says:

    Yay! Thank you for the week! 😀 I hope you give me a hint on next week’s theme ^^

  32. Goldie Says:

    Great week!

  33. Matthew Says:

    Nice week!

  34. goldie Says:

    This is a great week!

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