Decorate Your Room!


Hey guys! It’s time to show us your designing skills with Pet Society’s Decorate An Indoor Room Competition! Decorate your room based on any theme you like, and with so many awesome themes to choose from, its going to be one hell of a competition! Post your cool designs on the Pet Society Forum!

The Best room will gain a chance to win 250 PSC! So hurry guys! Submissions end on 12th August, 11:59pm GMT!

PS :- Don’t forget to read the Rules and Regulations before you enter!

19 Responses to “Decorate Your Room!”

  1. Cantia Tarizka Says:

    Indonesia can’t ?? 😥

  2. David Says:

    there is an error in Build your Room/Garden Quest! i cant finish the 2nd item! i only can collect it i have allready 80 parts of the item but i can’t finish it! please help

    • Mariu Says:

      I have somewhat the same error. I can’t finish the 4th, nor the 6th item because it says the shop is busy building bubblegum.. and that item says “collect” all the time and thats it. No matter how many times i click there.. it doesnt finish. Did you find any clue on how to avoid this?

  3. Josmary Ochoa Says:

    does it have to be the week theme to make a room or just any kind of room?

  4. Josmary Ochoa Says:

    where can you post your photo of the room?

  5. Cyrina Ba Says:

    as usual not everyone can enter the contest, and this is based on subjective “laws” which didn’t use to exist when playfish started at first, obviously it’s reserved for commowealth countries, Europe, and some asian countries, I just think that EA makes these kind of contests, based the countries who buy the most cash coins, for the others they don’t count as much for EA tem , sadly that”s the truth !!

  6. Patrick Pilla Says:

    where can i post the photo?

  7. cozcatzin Says:

    TT___TT why not Mexico?

  8. jasminkip Says:

    i wonder who is the mayour
    by jasmin

  9. sara Says:

    poeque no aparece “vainilla choco pond”? quiero excavar allí pero no esta en el mapa

  10. Petar Says:

    Macedonia can’t WHY?

  11. Blue Says:

    Where do we post our pic……..

  12. Lyn Macabulit Says:


  13. Karrel May Sinfuego Says:


  14. margarita jaimes ortiz Says:

    amo pet society lo juego recien inicio los felicito x l diversion

  15. libertoamin Says:

    Reblogged this on LibertoAmin ☞ Reliable Reference.

  16. marquinhos Says:

    I Have one Room cute rock ^ ^

  17. CasualPlayer Says:

    I’m having the same bug as David: when I go to the Quest panel it says “Collect” under Bubble Gum, but when I click on it nothing happens (I’m already over the limit somehow- 12/5). I can’t build any of the other parts I need because “the workshop is currently busy building Bubble Gum. Please come back later.” This has been going on since Friday. I can’t find anywhere to submit official bug reports- is there such a thing?

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