It’s Pet Society’s 4th Birthday!!!


It’s Pet Society’s 4th Birthday!!!

And boy, do we have some

amazing coin items for you!

And we also have everyone’s

favorite…The Special Pony Maker!

Join us for a week of celebration

and some incredible coin items!

FREE coins every day!

There is also a BRAND NEW  Digging Map! The Vanilla Choco Pond! A delicious looking map if ever there was one! The treasures are equally delicious! So hurry! Grab those shovels and head there!

It’s all about the BIG FOUR this week! So next week, from 6th Aug- 10th Aug GMT, it’s assured that your 5th day bonus will be 4PSC’s and 4 cash shovels! Don’t forget to log in everyday to claim this offer!

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64 Responses to “It’s Pet Society’s 4th Birthday!!!”

  1. nicole Says:

    nice week marvelous !!

  2. Arvica Salwa Says:


  3. :( Says:

    coins boy outfit is nice, and the cash girl outfits too… but please stop with those fruits – sugar – cream – chocolate themes!

  4. Laura Zaccaro Says:

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow ❤

  5. Daphne Says:

    It says it’s pet society’s third birthday in the URL, but in the post it says it’s their fourth.

  6. Fahriyah Raihan Maharani Says:

    they all totally awesome! and absolutely….deliciouss! make me hungry..

  7. Kairie Says:

    first post, nice~!

  8. jeanette Says:

    loving this theme ponies are gorgeous , i very much like the one on the pony machine fab.

  9. Michaela Says:

    I think I’m gonna like this a lot ._. xD

  10. Michaela Says:

    Oh and, Happy Early Birthday Pet Society ^_^

  11. Alma Says:

    non abbiamo tutti soldi da buttare, quindi sarebbero graditi anche pony con coin gialli, GRAZIE!

  12. Marina James Says:

    Thank you! Finally something that is worth buying and uses coins instead of cash! 🙂 Thank you so much!

  13. Fahriyah Raihan Maharani Says:

    hey i got the two weekly items in expensive mystery box, and one weekly item in mystery box! woohoo 😀

  14. Dissa Zaccara Says:

    love the vannila and chocolate birthday girl outfit! wig wig wig wig ^-^

  15. jane Says:

    love it

  16. Ivaaa Says:

    Like, like like ❤
    I loooooooove vending machine and fairy's. They are soooo cute. Also, I agree with Marina because I've got lots of coins don't know on what I could use them xD

  17. annahauser Says:

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee chocolat !!!!!!!!!!!

  18. goldie Says:

    This week is cute!!

  19. Tasmia Tasin Says:

    I love this theme.
    Thank you so much Playfish and to everyone who worked on this. 。◕ ‿ ◕。

  20. BoSy Says:

    very nice

  21. Deela Says:

    Thank you so much for this week its fantastic, cant wait *-*

  22. Aurora Says:

    Feliz cumpleaños 🙂 y que sean por muchos años más.

  23. María Elena Andina Says:

    Really nice!

  24. Arina Voronina Says:

    Thank you for this week!!!!!!!!!!!!^—^

  25. Lily Poter Says:

    Totally cute! Excited!

  26. frances Says:

    You guys are seriously running out of ideas 😦 Boo on this theme. Totally boring.

  27. ansatsusama Says:

    aweeeeeeeeeeeesome week!

  28. Amey Farrell Says:

    I always enjoy the Pet Society birthday week as it’s also the same week I made my Pet (1st birthday :D). I wish this pony craze would end though… Only because I have no money to spend on them! ;;

  29. Fuya Says:

    I love itttt!!! Finally, there’s special coin items!!! Thank you Playfish & Pet Society!!! *Party*

  30. Aileen Leonard Says:

    cant belive its been 4 years

  31. margarita jaimes ortiz Says:

    me fascina pet society lo juego todos los dias viva lo imaginativos y creativos que son

  32. poppy popov Says:

    Glad I have been saving up my coins from the past weeks…

  33. Tashee Walton Says:

    sorry, but those v3’s aren’t cute. :p Happy birthday 🙂

  34. MollyKathe Says:


  35. laura Says:

    one of the creators is a brony /)

  36. fred Says:

    Awesome! 🙂

  37. belinda boelman Says:

    very cute theme. happy birthday to pet society.

  38. seoyoon Says:

    \more more more more coins 😀

  39. jj Says:

    Cool outfits are for cash, ofc…. will stop playing..even for a birthday U cannot come up with something cool… -.-

  40. Vibius Magnus Says:

    Love it! Keep up your great work

  41. Jim Marchesani Says:

    Happy Birthday how do I get a party theme ?

  42. kurenai manatad Says:

    hey its so good to play this one

  43. IVONNE Says:


  44. Josmary Ochoa Says:

    i luv it all i wanna craft all the stuff but i can’t cause its my personal reason
    😦 i wanna build it !!!

  45. Marsya Chlarissa Says:

    great!!! ^.^

  46. Kevin Dychitan Says:


  47. Eva Chibby Says:

    wooow.. i love chocolate & love the items..
    Happy birthday PS

  48. anita Says:


  49. Monica Lagos Says:


  50. Jim Marchesani Says:

    thank you How do i send in a photo to forum for a problem with a captcha pop up any chance you can help? 🙂 Please Thank you ❤

  51. Evelina Kawaii Says:

    I like many items except the outfits and digging items ;( But I really like these cream-choco themes, even though you could have made more intresting items, which we could have wondered “What’s that?” or “How does that work?”

  52. toady2312 Says:

    happy birthday pet society~ btw, i wondered why i can’t receive my daily rewards? it keeps popping up, but nothing happened.. please help, thank you

  53. choco Says:

    love it ❤
    like i'm gonna buy them all xD

  54. Kate Says:

    I guess I’m one of the few that doesn’t really like this theme; it seems more chocolate cutesy-themed rather than birthday to me haha. Glad for a new digging site though, hope it’s for coins…

  55. fernanda Says:

    yo tampoco puedo gastar no tengo mucho porque me robaron =(

  56. fernanda Says:


  57. gabriela Says:

    Yesterday in the bonus of the day, i win five playfish cash and today the first day of the birthday four playfish cash, but I still have the one playfish cash that I had before the two bonus mentioned. Why i dont have credited those bonus

  58. Cantia Tarizka Says:

    Happy B’Day Pet Society ! I hope Pet Society can interesting many people ! 🙂

  59. Mila Andresen Says:

    extremely ugly with such a harsh brown. good bye pet society – you’re not getting another year of my cash.

  60. Luz Says:

    That’s nice, my pet is also celebrating her two-year old birthday on August 7th.

  61. Joelian Opena Says:

  62. Marina Says:

    I haven’t played the game in a while, but all of my stuff is gone but my main room…I had 2 floors and a whole bunch of stuff. Now it is all gone, plus it wont load properly, and wont save.

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