The Bees Are Here!


Sweet, golden sticky goodness! Mmm Hmm! This week is all about delicious honey and the busy little troopers who make it! Pet Society would like to welcome you to The Bee Week! No matter who you are or where you’re from, one universal prevails! Nothing is sweeter than honey! 🙂

Fly with the Bees! Turn heads in the stunning Evolving Bee Outfit and unwind in the Bee Jacuzzi! Find out what it’s like to be a bee with the Bee Transformation Potion! Make friends with the Bee Fairy! This week is buzzing and the items are just Bee-u-tiful! Bee ready to be blown away!

48 Responses to “The Bees Are Here!”

  1. Alya Fairuz Says:

    nice (?)
    but i want a anime heart wig in paw mart :<

  2. Goldie Says:

    This week is very cute! A winnie the pooh week would be really cute!

  3. tony wallace Says:

    How about a NASCAR theme?

  4. HoneyLover Says:

    Honey I like it!

  5. laviebunny Says:

    cute theme ^-^

  6. michaelsetiyawan Says:

    Now i call it ‘Bee an olympian games!’

  7. laviebunny Says:

    finally, a cute theme ^_^

  8. Антония Says:

    Най-сладката седмица от тази година !

  9. Alicia Says:

    cute but i wish not every cool things in psc -_-“

  10. ROsa Says:

    زييييي الزززززق xD

  11. Michaela Says:

    Awww >_<" this theme is so cute!!! xD I like it ~^-^~

  12. sharni alexander Says:

    Just wondering if there really is a v3 pony maker coming out?? I saw a spoiler but wondering if its real??? cheers sharni

  13. Linda L Jeska-Patrick Says:

    I like the theme!!! And I agree Winnie The Pooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Itzzana Says:

    Honey i s my favorite food Yum

  15. silvanae66 Says:

    so cute ….i love bees….

  16. rosa Says:

    todo esta super.

  17. Aquilla Donna Fadya Says:

    It’s just like Winnie The Pooh theme … but I like this theme!

  18. laura Says:

    me encanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Albert Says:

    When will the “Mermaid Palace” wallpaper sale again?????
    I wanna buy it !!!!!

  20. jj Says:

    hate bees!

  21. ansatsusama Says:

    awesome theme hachimitsu!

  22. abeille Says:

    yay , I like this theme too, the girl outfit is really great, I think its original and changes from the same boring themes :p

  23. Susan Shaw Says:

    I like this….very cheery 🙂

  24. Juan Says:

    genial.! me gusta el tema. yo tambien quiero anime heart wig en paw mart.!!! :3

  25. Lydia Says:

    Love it!!!! This week is really cool. I would like a pokemon week too!!

  26. Anna Žofia Švarná Says:

    Pretty cute :D, but I’d love a Twilight Saga week/s :DDD

  27. alicia reyes Says:

    love it but i don’t know what happen with my account in e a can’t access and had to type the security words to post I’m been here since 2009 but like most of my friends i my have to quit if this is happening

  28. belinda boelman Says:

    all the items are really cute. thanks for keeping us posted.

  29. Vale JM Says:

    I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

  30. Josmary Ochoa Says:

    yes new weeks i luv it :)))))

  31. María Cristina de Jesús, ocds Says:

    Está todo muy lindo y alegre, lástima soy muy pobre de petcash. No podré adquirir todo lo que me gusta. Pero gracias igual.

  32. Marcela Says:

    yay!! love the week :3 ^^ agree with winnie pooh too 😀

  33. Andreia Guerrero Says:

    finally a theme that’s cute. the last 2 weeks were.. so-so..

  34. Laura Goodrum Says:

    I can’t wait!

  35. maula Says:

    is the god news 😀

  36. ilenia catalano Says:

    Queste apette sono bellissime…. complimenti a chi le ha create 🙂

  37. Matthew Says:

    This week looks fun, but I think you should do a romantic age week.

  38. Matthew Says:

    This week is fun, but I think you should do a Romantic age theme. 🙂

  39. Marsya Chlarissa Says:

    bee!!!!!!!!!!! I love the beeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  40. susana perez Says:

    😀 winnie the pooh week, please!!!!

  41. Annacmm Says:

    Adorable week indeed, but i’m missing new tree seeds e fishes!
    And i wish it could have a list of existent fishes, i don’t know if i have catch them all, please make one!!!!!!

  42. moi Says:

    How many PCS cost Bee Fairy?

  43. Ivaaa Says:

    Cute. Can’t wait

  44. eveelover Says:

    One of the best weeks in a long time

  45. mark Says:

    aww so sweet

  46. Charlene Mead Says:

    I love this week. Everything’s adorable and for once I actually got all three outcomes of a mystery egg after buying only three. Thanks very much! Keep it up, PS.

  47. Karen Says:

    Stupidest week EVER

  48. Monica Lagos Says:


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