Quests Are Here!


The Quests are here! Pet Society is introducing three new exciting quests that your Pet can embark upon! Starting with the Build a Room, New Pet in Town and The Beginning Steps! It’s new and it’s exciting! And it’s here in Pet Society! So are you ready to take the journey of a lifetime?

You want to know more about these Quests?

Build A Room is as the name suggests, you will have to build a room! At the end of this Quest you will unlock a mysterious and magical Secret Garden!

Well the New Pet In Town takes you through an exciting journey within the game where you will have to complete a set of tasks and be rewarded with “collectibles” and remember you only have limited time!

At the completion of the New Pet In Town, you unlock The Beginning Steps! This quest plays out exactly like quest two and enables you to earn plenty of collectibles!

So what are you waiting for! Start playing now! Times-a-wasting! 🙂 Don’t forget to visit the Forums for more information about the Quests!

76 Responses to “Quests Are Here!”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    This sucks!! There is already too much to do to try to keep up with this game. It isn’t fun anymore.

  2. tony wigglesworth Says:

    we need pet society sorting out first please, its all distorted and slow, been like this 2 weeks now, thank you.

  3. Putra Says:

    I love this idea!!! 😀

  4. laura Says:

    pleesssssss en español

  5. BananaBrain Says:

    I’m sorry but are the developers at Pet Society really that out of touch with their users? What makes PS popular is the lack of quests like the competitors games have. We went to Playfish to get AWAY from the quests – I am officially done with this game. Thanks for the memories, sorry that the developers ruined what was one of the last remaining “simply for enjoyment” games on FB.

  6. maria dolores hernandez flores Says:

    no lo tengo demasiado claro, pero lo intentare

  7. fred Says:

    I’m sorry, but boo…. 😦 I was excited about this, too…. Can’t you guys do something DIFFERENT, that’s fun and not stressful? Time limits just make this game stressful. I want to play to forget stress, not stress about something new. I see no point to even playing Pet Society anymore, it’s just got too much. Back to PetVille for me. -sigh- At least we have Zynga, lol. I used to love Pet Society. But I can’t even get Pet Cash. In PetVille I can, so…. 😦

    Please make the game fun again, it used to be my favorite.

  8. Abeledo Lalin Noemi Says:

    I like’t so much!!!

  9. Wati Erni Says:

    i can not play my pet society…. on my computer or my laptop why ???? please i don’t understand…

  10. queen domingo Says:

    why the security checks? I find them irritatating and get them wrong, so will not play

  11. Rosanna Tsai Says:

    what does “build all” mean?
    I clicked on it and it turned into a countdown

  12. Snoople Says:

    Oh great more time limited quests that are impossible to complete unless you have a lot of friends who play the game or you want to pay real money for PS coins. I have a hard enough time trying to do these in Sims Social and now this? I’m sad. I was hoping for something more fun.

  13. Josmary Ochoa Says:

    yes!!!!!! keep up the work pet society i luv it 🙂

  14. sugarpie lovelace Says:

    Hating the new Captcha. As much as I love the gave I’m not liking the extra work

  15. María Elena Andina Says:

    I love Pet Society

  16. María Elena Andina Says:

    I like it

  17. Andreia Guerrero Says:

    I’m disappointed. It’s just like collaborative. Playfish doesn’t think about people who have friends that DON’T like app invites.

  18. Jiane Kirsten Castro Says:

    wow im glad to see that!
    🙂 I love you pet society!!

  19. Jiane Kirsten Castro Says:

    >.< can't wait!!

  20. carol Says:

    ilove it

  21. fred Says:

    I’m glad a couple people like it. 🙂

  22. Laura Esther Cerros Says:

    n__n oki

  23. Aspen Kay Says:

    I hadn’t started playing the newest part of the game yet, but I have reviewed it and read the instructions and it looks pretty cool…
    I hope it does not get harder as we go along and get to higher levels…
    Some pets may be left out of the game if it gets too hard or complicated…
    I hope for fun all the way through!!!

  24. Ioana Anana Says:

    A) I found the DISCUS THROW SCULPTURE in the Town Forest, the game confirms that, but it doesn’t validate that…So, I can’t finish “NEW PET IN TOWN”…I want your help!!!
    B) When you give up the security codes?
    I expect an answer and a solution.
    Thank you!!!!

  25. MaQi Mizuki Says:

    Hmmm.. i hate fishing XD why include that thing..
    you making this quest? for what reason? to make players get soa ddicted?

    for someone, it a better idea..
    but for those who are very busy sometimes,, its not..

    can you post the advantages and disadvantages of it?

  26. Nikola Says:

    Pet society is best game ever. 😀

  27. maria dolores hernandez flores Says:


  28. kevin dee Says:

    the quest that you have to dig this weeks treasure will not accept the fact that it is complete and I can not move forward in the quest

  29. jeanette Says:

    i hate it it takes for ever to get through it all looking for animals , ect ect if this keeps up i wont be starting them again.

  30. Martha Seiverling Says:

    I need help and can’t seem to find any:(

  31. Estrella Sanchez Ruiz Says:

    La verdad que esto es inaudito completas las misiones y la mitad no las publica, vaya un tongo

  32. Conny SiLa Says:

    I go to level 5 and found the discus throw statue several times and it says complete, but it wont let me go to level 6… What can I do?

  33. Silvia Gonzalez Says:

    No me deja completar la silla, ya excavé el tesoro semanal y no me da el premio. Hay errores en el juego.

  34. Novia Says:

    I have completed the pawlympics couldron. but why when i click complete, it still can’t completed, so I can’t continue to the activity no. 6 (it still locked) 😦

  35. Nicole M. Marzola Says:

    My Quest has a glitch and I can’t move on, where can I get help please?

  36. snoopy Says:

    no me gustan los captcha para enviar mysterys box. o publicar las recompensas. para todo lo q publicas nesesitas llenar el captcha de seguridad.

  37. Says:

    me gustaria saber como se hacen los coleccionables del armario.grax

  38. Laura Says:

    someday, it’s gonna be impossible, super fast-paced…. just like the sims. and then the game will close. but to look on the bright side, there isn’t really any “friend activity” involved… hopefully it stays that way D:

  39. irem Says:

    just like sims…

  40. Angie Lau Says:

    When I click the below freebie forum, why you said I don’t hv permission to access this page? As I want to get thefree gifts which should collect it at forum. Pls help

    Check out the freebie forum today, tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday for extra goodies with an Olympic theme.

    Angie Lau, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

    Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else’s post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
    If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

  41. Albert Says:

    I wanna buy “Mermaid Palace” wallpaper!!!!!!!!!

  42. Alicia Reyes Says:

    liked but i seriously doubt i may finish it

  43. Alicia Reyes Says:

    can’t access the play fish forum don’t know why

  44. aletta Says:

    I much prefer it to be friend involved, that should be the basis for social gamin. Otherwise this should be just another console game, which is not what I look for on FB.

  45. Brittie Says:

    Where do u go to look for the items?

  46. Lanora M. Ruiz Says:

    I am very happy to see PS evolving! We are so lucky to have a game that is several years old and still giving us NEW things to do! Some games just stay as they where when introduced and then they die off, but PS is always giving us something new. I am happy because when I think about all of the time and money I have put into this game I do not want to get bored I want to keep playing! Thank You PS!!!

  47. ana Says:

    completado misiones, pero no lo hagan las cosas teniendo que pagar con cash, y cada vez hay mas lo que te gusta tienes que pagar. Pet es un buen juego…… pero ya se esta pasando a ser demasiado negocio si sigue asi dejare de jugar.

  48. Aoi Says:

    I hate how it takes soo long to find the weekly treasure and they should know that it isn’t that easy.

  49. Olga Says:

    I’m sorry that I don’t have time to do quests. I was very busy and not had time… Is there a possibility to buy himself a garden?

  50. Ines Says:

    I complete the level five in the pet town and never can go to the next level its stupid. The collectibles in the new room sucks. And I have problems because I can not share nothing with my other friends and they can not share nothing wit me or post nothing in my timeline, does somebody can help me with that please.

  51. tiamson Says:


  52. lee tiam sing Says:


  53. 'Lily Chan Says:

    my game back to square one,also my nephews’s ….. just showing blinking loading sign for hours! please fix my game and others who have the same problem ( i know i’m not the only one ) . There’s nothing wrong with my connection,other games can load … and all pc at my house having the same problem,what’s is going on here??just like i’ve been blocked from the game that i love so much 😦 … please fix the problem, Pet Society team ,i don’t know where i can report this problem,i can’t connect my FB to the forum anymore (don’t know why),and i can’t report to EA either cause they already got problem with registation filling form also …… please make update that suitable for every player,cause every time you update something loading issue come along ….

  54. 'Lily Chan Says:

    btw i have loading issue since monday night update (my time)

  55. Rosie Schrell Says:

    Why is Facebook asking for security codes for every post. What did you guys do? I hope they fix it soon its very annoying. It’s making it very hard to even let your friends know you visit or post a Hideeni.

  56. gabyta Says:

    es jenial el juego yes yes

  57. Danièle Marseille Says:

    Il faut vendre ou mettre sur un autre compte l’item du vendredi que tu as pioché, ensuite tu repioches pour en gagner un nouveau, tu retournes sur la fenêtre de ce challenge clique sur “completed” et après sur OK, le 5 sera enregistré, un clique sur le 6 et tu passeras après au cadre….

  58. eric Says:

    this sucks

  59. 'Lily Chan Says:

    congratulation ….. for becoming the most heaviest game to load on FB ….. Day 7,i still can’t load my ps game,stuck in 12% for hours ….. i can load The Sims Social n other games but Pet Society ….. i think i’m about to give up,but i’ll wait until the new update,wish everything will changed ……

  60. cusco busines Says:

    Me gusta porque el juego es compartir y mas nos enseña mucho y su creatividad es muy buena ..pero lo que pediria es por los exteriores . estoe año no huvo cambio de casas y la casa del mayor es descuidada … me gusta los exteriores ..porque tengo un pueblo muy bonito..con diferentes casas .gracias a pet socity ..que nos da un momento de entretenimiento sano.

  61. Clementine Says:

    mmmmm es lento …. muy lindo , talvez lo logre algún día , deberían dar más facilidades , para qué tanta complicación ????

  62. sheryl727 Says:

    I have gotten the last two done (not really sure how) but the first one I am still stuck on. How do we get these done without paying money? I have posted for these and I would be very surprised if my Pet Society friends were not trying to be helpful as they are a very good group. It seems like some of these are totally random. A couple of these I have paid for and then I went back and the money is gone and I am back to having 0 again. 9 coins gone for nothing. Really, if this wasn’t ready to roll out, you should not have done so if you were going to be using real money. I am unhappy,.


    Queridos amigos podrian ser tan gentiles de orientarme??
    comence la mision para obtener el cuadro y justo cunado ya lo iba a obtener caduco, a pesar de eso hoy vi con alegria que me pedian 5 monedas azules para ampliar el tiempo pero al aceptar hacer el pago el juego se cierra y aparece el aviso de “failed”
    me podrian decir que puedo hacer???
    atentamente :
    una fan que los aprecia muchisimo!

  64. Nancy Gould-Ratliff Says:


  65. ninjasawon Says:

    I have completed the quest, it says I have unlocked it and I haven’t been able to find it in my chest – looked for it two days now – took a long time to complete and am disappointed it’s not there 😦

  66. Duckie Says:

    I have now played Pet Society for nearly 4 years. I joined about a month after the release, and my pet is now level 29.
    I had hoped for some activities at last! At last, Pet Society would be interesting again!!
    BUT NO. You feed me that crap?! I have to collect more items, just like it has been for a YEAR now. It’s boring! So. GODDAMN. BORING. I don’t WANT to collect items to make something that looks like crap. The more recent themes are worse than ridiculous, and you’ve turned me off playing.
    Make something inventive instead of just sitting on your butts making honeybee shit that no one will want to buy. Now that you’ve gone commercial, now is the time to make awesome stuff! But you don’t! It’s just ALL JUNK. So thank you for nothing. I’m gonna stop playing Pet Society now.

  67. Starflower Says:

    My Secret Garden Room for questing glitched it only lets me collect books and not build anything else. All i can do is click collect

  68. Bourboulithras Says:

    Why do we have to build the same collectibles again and again? I reached level 6, that means each collectible takes 40 hours to build, Why does each of them start all over again after I press “finish”? It happened 3 times now. 80 hours are way too much for each collectible!! Please fix the bug! We will not make the garden in time because of this bug!

  69. 장저민 Says:

    Can anybody tell me why I keep on collecting an item on stage 5 for days? I have collected 1028 of the same item and the completed button is still not enabled. I only need one item to complete and I have 1027 more than needed! I want to move to stage 6 please help me with this.
    This is the link of my captured photo of my concern:

    Please help.

  70. Crystal Says:

    This sucks. I’m stuck on “Build A Room” on step six. The only way to finish it is to buy the pieces. It won’t let me build any of the pieces, and the only one I can ask friends for help on won’t complete. I only have around four days left to finish it. What a disappointment. I was really looking forward to that new room… :(. Does anyone know any fixes?

  71. rachel Says:

    pls help….Can anybody tell me why I keep on collecting an item on stage 6 for days? I have collected 330 of the same item and the completed button is still not enabled. I only need one item to complete and I have 229 more than needed!

  72. 장저민 Says:

    I messaged Pet Society regarding the problem I have encountered and they fixed it right away. 🙂 Print screen the error and send it to the creator. They will fix your problem as they have fixed mine 🙂

    • rachel Says:

      can you please help me….by telling the step of how to take picture of the link..and how to contact Pet Society regarding my problem. cause i not good at this kind of stuffs..and my problem same as your…keep on collecting the same item and the complete words never show,even it more then i needed. Please help….thank you

    • raffaele d'agostino Says:

      Hy, I have this problem too, Can you please tell me how did you send a message to the creator? thank you.

  73. rachel Says:

    i not really good at this kind of stuffs….from where that, i can find the creator of Pet Society? and where to send out my help so that it can fix like you mention it….Thanks

  74. Ricky Wong Yii Says:

    Excuse me admn…. i cant change my pet’s eyes…. when i choose my other eyes, it seems to remain to the old eyes… admin pls help.. thx a lot ❤

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