There Is Adventure Out There! And We’re Going To Find It!


It’s time to experience an adventure of a lifetime! Are you ready for it? This week in Pet Society, we introduce Air Adventures! We’re about to travel to far off lands, see exotic animals and witness wonders only few have seen! So join us, because on this adventure there is always room for more!

This week there is an abundance of exciting items! The Big Bird Bundle is a sure winner! Your Pet will love playing with them! The Mystery Evolving Little Big Birds are sure to steal your heart! Ride the Adventure Fighter Plane, hop on the Adventure Blimp or train your Wild Dog Bundle! Whatever it is, you’re in for a wild ride this week!

Oh, and you wouldn’t believe who popped up today! The great Hideeni is back! And, WOW! Does he have stories to tell!! Hideeni has been on a quest that the Mayor sent him to look for lost treasure! On his way there he met so many interesting people and learnt so much! What was the treasure you ask? We did too! But Hideeni would never tell!

But he did tell us he got us something! From his insane escapades Hideeni learnt loads and has badges that represent all his different skills! You can get these badges too,  but first you need to find him! Don’t forget to show off your badges on the Hideeni Badge Pinboard!

33 Responses to “There Is Adventure Out There! And We’re Going To Find It!”

  1. KikiKoko Says:

    I;m gonna complete the badge i will be the Pet Society master LOL

  2. anonymouse Says:


  3. Shantal Pugya Says:


  4. Estrella Sanchez Ruiz Says:

    Que bien que volvío el pequeño morenito y sus regalos

  5. petsocietysweden Says:

    Oh this is just lovely! The scene changing window is to die for, i’m in love.
    The detailing is fantastic and it looks exactly like in the movie 🙂
    Thanks ps! Great job!

  6. Sandy Says:

    OMG UP!!!! my favourite movie… thanks a lot, this movie makes me cry evertytime

  7. Gingerpeachy111 Says:

    This week is so creative!! Great job! I think you should do more pixar films, and a winnie the pooh week would be cute too.

  8. PretenderNX01 Says:

    It’s “UP” week, LOL.
    I think if we were going Pixar I would have preferred “Brave” or something. Maybe they can do a Celtic Kingdom around St Patrick’s day and just blend Scottish and Irish.

    • Su Says:

      Brave around St. Patrick’s day is a good idea. 🙂 I like the UP theme because I loved the movie, while Brave seems to be weak for Pixar and more like a regular Disney film.

  9. Megan Kay Says:

    oh i like this one 😀 a nice ‘Up’ inspired week!

  10. Tosh Says:

    Oh! This is my favorite cartoon movie! So cool! Thanks!

  11. sharondeestefania Says:

    I didn’t see the movie but I know is nice… 🙂

  12. Jessica Says:

    awesome week!! totally love it… i need to buy everything! ^-^

  13. Hana Says:

    I love Blushing Bride Outfit ♥♥♥
    it’s simple & so beautiful

  14. cozcatzin Says:

    ASDFGHJKLÑ *0* quieeeeeeeero! esta hermoso el tema lo quiero toooodo!

  15. Ana Says:


  16. LilyPotter Says:

    Lovely!!!! My children and I just have big grins on our faces!

  17. Evelina Kawaii Says:

    Well all the coin items are dull, and I mean the girl outfit is horrible!
    I like the crafting items and the big bird items though…

  18. andrea Says:

    que bueno que volvio hidenni

  19. Ambra B. Says:

    I love so much this week!!!! Thank you Playfish’s designer!!!!

  20. TheDisguisedFairy Says:

    Oh, my! The girl outfit does not tempt me in any way, especially the hair! O.o

  21. Bob Says:


  22. Ivaaa Says:

    Love it.

  23. Romhia Pengson Says:

    i am ganna get that 9 baght and get a reward for my pet and please help me den wen you help me i help you but you help me first

  24. Romhia Pengson Says:

    and i am just a kid i am 8 year old

  25. Toni Lyon Says:

    Well, I thought a tree that would give you PFC was too good to be true and it is. I bought my tree last Sunday evening and here it is Friday evening. I have just done a tug of war with the PFC tree and guess what – it won! It’s been 6 days going on 7 and still no PFC. I DO NOT RECOMMEND buying this tree! It is a total waste of money. I was curious and I am curious no more. Don’t waste a dime on it. Spend it on the real stuff when you want something. This tree is NOT the answer. So when do I reap my rewards you ask? Well lets see so far 6 days and counting for four lousy PFC. Yea, crapshoot and they won. But I am not going down without a fight. If you have nothing better to do with your money to buy pixels, then buy the tree. If you do have something better like food or whatever you may need – this is not the bargain they advertise!!!!!

  26. Bandarrita Says:

    Super awesome week.

  27. CC Says:

    Yay I love Up! Thank you for the great theme! I’m also happy hideeni if back! =)

  28. Guillermo Rafael Luengas Rivadeneyra Says:

    regresooo el negriitoo y sus regaloss n.n

  29. Viittamies Says:

    Love the flying helmet and the gramophone!!

  30. Rum Says:

    Wow, what a great selection of animal toys and accessories – I love the balloon house the most!

  31. Rita Wellard Says:

    Over the last few weeks I’ve missed out on completing a few of the craft items because the time allowed seems to be shorter than it used to be for some of them. I’ve not had this problem before and am pretty sure I get on as much as I used to, so it’s frustrating to start missing out on more than one item in so short a time frame. Going to miss out on one of the items from the adventure craft stuff too now as I won’t be able to collect the last one in time. 😦

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