Coming Soon: Town Forest Refresh III!


Guess what Pet Society fans! The Town Forest is finally going to be REFRESHED! So grab your shovels and head out there now! Come THURSDAY and you can unearth a whole bunch of new exciting treasures! Here’s a last chance to dig out all the items available in the current map and don’t forget to complete your composites! Your long sought out wait has finally come to an end! Are you excited?! 🙂

26 Responses to “Coming Soon: Town Forest Refresh III!”

  1. PetSocietyFan Says:

    Airport? You really are running out of ideas. I haven’t had the ambition to play petSociety in months, it’s boring.

  2. Josmary Ochoa Says:

    yeah yuh whole new level !!!! I like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. crumble Says:

    Why airport stuff? Hope this isn’t the big “coming soon” surprise we’ve been teased with. Not worth the wait.. I’d rather have the old forest forever.

  4. Joel Says:

    Awesome I am level 52 and i have all the make ups and rooms 😀

  5. neyla teresa Says:

    excelente!!!cosas nuevas por fin!!!

  6. Timbit Kalmar Says:

    I thought you had simply forgotten about the town map. while I appreciate the long time to find items, that was overkill, meanwhile some of the craft items Timbit logs in everyday and can’t seem to finish, if I am correct Timbit won’t get the plane pieces, mind you she had the parts for the citrus game and never received it after the build so who knows what is happening?
    Thanks for the update though, we are excited! XO Timbit

  7. Vale JM Says:

    I like the wings!! and they are yellow coins shovels!! 🙂

  8. Mazzy Says:

    finally ^^

  9. nangel547 Says:

    Great. I can’t wait.It will be nice

  10. Mia Asakura Says:

    super like..!! XD

  11. Josh huterchon Says:

    Aiport week ? ‘w’
    is there will be a pretty stewardess ?

  12. petsocietysweden Says:

    Yay, i love these! Especially the globe, it’s adorable.
    Not junk at all 😀

  13. Julie Says:

    Isn’t it Thursday now? I went to PS and went to the town digging site and it’s still the old stuff, not new. Please fix?

  14. frampi Says:

    great , i love the movie up !!!

  15. CC Says:

    I like it! =)

  16. Ingrid Says:

    Seems ok to me. Im just really mad with the crafting time you give us. SUCKS being able to only enter one time in the day cause I go to school, and have to see that for the final 5 things to craft one, have to be 24h u.u With only a week to finish.

  17. Josmary Ochoa Says:

    i got all the forest stuff its so cool

  18. iyah Says:


  19. Snoople Says:

    I’m glad there are new items but airport? How boring! I like the globe but everything else is ugly.

  20. Goldie Says:

    I got all the stuff and they’re all creative!

  21. HJHSJDKF Says:


  22. Nancy Teresa Buzo Casanova Says:

    Please helpme I dont play to game!!! PLEASE HELP… I VERY SO SAD

  23. yeilin Says:

    pet society es el mejor del mundo

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