Welcome To The Origami Week!


This week Pet Society enters a world of paper folding like no other! An entire world crafted to perfection! We have folded simple paper into beautiful sculptures! Come and join us for the Origami Week!

With the Origami inspired theme you and your Pet will have endless choice and unlimited fun! So ride the Kami Boat or hop on the Modular Flying Jet! Try out the Mystery Evolving Tessellation Wig and see what stylish outcome you will get! Look out into the Origami world through the Scene Changing Kami Window! A world of art and originality that you will be sure to fall in love with!

Also this week you have to check out the new ELIXIR CASH TREE! It’s a tree décor that can be placed anywhere in your room and grows 4 PSC’s every 5 Days for as long as the sun shines! And the most amazing part is that the PSC’s will grow even when the tree is in your inventory! Don’t forget to collect on the 5th day though! You have a two week window starting 6th July 2012 until 19th July 2012 to own this awesome PSC growing tree! This tree is unique and non-giftable, so enjoy your elixir!

48 Responses to “Welcome To The Origami Week!”

  1. Ivaaa Says:

    not bad, better than stupid Narnia

  2. Alya Fairuz Says:

    i love it 😀 ❤
    so cutee .

  3. Cyrina Ba Says:

    the only thing I liked in the game is the cash tree , some items are truly horrible like the coin LE, I’m not sure though if the treeis giftable at purchase or not, and I hope it doesn’t cost a fortune! Not everyone can afford buying expensive stuff in PS.

    Alos for those who don’t like to see people expressing freely their opinions, well u know what u do :p

  4. Cyrina Ba Says:

    hmm as expected the cash coin tree costs not even 50 cc , but 199 , yes yes u don’t drem its 199 cc , definately at that price EA, u can expect me to buy that LOL

  5. cuan Says:

    i like the cash tree, but i think PS will not sell is in cheap prize, i bet it will be more than 20cc = =

  6. lluisadiaz Says:


  7. NotFromMars Says:

    Everything looks pretty awesome! ❤ EXCEPT THE CLOTHES. YUCK. WE HAVE SO MANY SUITS ALREADY!!!

  8. Greg Says:

    The tree is 199 cc.
    It gives you 4 cc every 5 days.
    Most months have 30 days.
    So it would take 8 months just to get back all the cash you wasted.

    • Cyrina Ba Says:

      meanwhile Pet society might close

      • Karen Says:

        Close? What do you mean please…close?

      • Bintang11 Says:

        We have no guarantees that this game will stay open…EA have shut down other games, how do we know they aren’t just throwing this one out there to drag in some more revenue before they pull the plug on this game?
        More to the point… how many of us have 199 CCs to throw into the game on one item?
        Because of the FB credits, exorbitant prices on mobile prices, and NO discount on mobile purchases in the sale, I can’t even afford to buy 20 CCs, let alone 200!

    • Nina Suojanen Says:

      yeah .. I thought the same. lol. It´s ridicilous.

  9. Echo Says:

    Can you make windows looks like ‘Tall Cabin Window’ but with summer view? please!

  10. Pikatzoo Reborn Says:

    ps going 3d LOL

  11. Cindy Says:


  12. Benji Says:

    hmmmm , not sure on some of it but the furniture looks amazing :O !

  13. Susan Shaw Says:

    I like this one! It’s something different, and I like the soft colors. I’m always wishing for finer details and shading and this has it…Although it may not be as exciting or “action packed” as some players would like, I’m going to enjoy this coming theme…thanks, PS 🙂

  14. emilia Says:

    what do you mean it might close???

  15. emilia Says:

    I love this theme, actually all of the japanese/asian themes are always so beautifully made with the details, the colours, everything. (Except for maybe the harajuku theme that was too chubby coloing book-looking for my taste, please do another harajuku themed week!)

    I know for sure that i will buy at least half of the items, might not use all but i sort of collect japanese items.
    The origami bear is just adorable! Like a piece of art.
    Thanks, PS! Awesome!

  16. Nichole Says:

    I love this theme, so much better than something based on a movie or fairy tale and not overly girly

  17. Samii Morales Says:

    this week is so pretty i love it, congrats petsociety yo finaly made a great week ❤

  18. Jenny Xiao Says:

    OMG! SO BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE EVERYTHING! IT just keeps on getting better and better. The amount of detail that went into this, you could tell effort and heart and love went in~
    Now….I just need to save up money, so I can buy everything! haha

  19. ansatsusama Says:

    Much better than last week 😀 is cute

  20. elwing Says:

    Awesome! I think the mystery evolving paper ball is a brilliant idea xD ¡I’ll buy lots!

  21. Goldie Says:

    I love the Narnia week!!! I think it would be neat if you did more weeks like that! This week is really creative!

  22. Brianne Says:

    This is lovely and original! Congrats! Congrats!

  23. Shaina Estévez Says:

    Interesting and unique theme. 2 thumbs up!

  24. Sólo Observo Says:

    Orig-inal this Orig-ami Theme, 😉

  25. Katherine Says:

    Help please!!! pet society, i completed an offer and you said that i recieved 6 pet society cash and i accepted. But there was no added psc!! please help!

  26. Claire Says:

    I love the theme and the outfits and the tree is wonderful
    I just hope the prices aren’t on fire !

  27. Kate Says:

    This is a super interesting theme! I love those stairs, the changing window, and some of the decor! The PS team did a great job on shading as well. Good week!

  28. Alice Says:

    The tree is too expensive!!!!!

  29. Vale JM Says:

    I like many items BUT……..

    Thanks for the cc tree……… it a really bad joke right?????? 😦

  30. Josmary Ochoa Says:

    I LOVE IT ! make another thats unique otherwise your going to lose fans or already lost fans.

  31. Kenouji Kurisutobaru Says:

    I’ll just w8 for my 5th day bonus cash.. instead of buying that expensive tree…

  32. Sandrastica Says:

    I love the Tesselation wig but the one that has not evolved… it would be really nice to be able to keep it that way, maybe you could release it like that another week! There’s few curly wigs and we really love them! 🙂 Thanks!!!

  33. Toni Lyon Says:

    I think this weeks stuff is quite unusual! I really like the shapes of vases, birds and the stairs. Don’t like the furniture but all other stuff gets a thumbs up from me!

  34. Sarah Day Says:

    i like this week… but the cash tree is kind of mean. nice origami staircase etc.

  35. Nina Suojanen Says:

    You buy the elixir tree for 199 pfc.
    It grows 4 PSC’s every 5 Days.
    (Don’t forget to collect on the 5th day though)

    So ..do the math .. you get 0,8 psc/day.
    248 days to get 199 psc.

    It´s ridicilous!

    I used to play their other game restaurant city b4. They did close it forever. But before they did they had all kind of cashitems for “good” prises .. people bought a lot of cash and items .. and then EA announced that the game will close down. They just like to rip of people.

  36. Ingrid Says:

    I love this week, too bad the new flash player is ruining the game. I have a white screen where my game should load… Please fix? I tried everything the forums said.

  37. Akemi Vuong Says:

    Does anybody have that amount of pfc?It is so expensive!

  38. Sarah Day Says:

    Now that this week has come, I LOVE it! So pretty!

  39. Sher Says:

    ♥ AMAZING!!♥
    This must be my Lucky Day because I’ve just got Cash&Paw Points Generator for doing a Free Survey!!(They’ve found a BUG/Glitch and created at the same time a Cash&Paw Points Generator)!! 😀 Go to: http://pet-society-golden-rewardss.blogspot.com/

  40. Michelle Says:

    199 PFC?!?!?!For 1 tree?!?!?I don’t think that’s fair!!!

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