Step Into The Wardrobe Chronicles


Where fantasy meets reality, step into a world of imagination and endless possibility this week with the Wardrobe Chronicles Theme at Pet Society! A world filled with magic at every turn!

This week have your Pet dress in the beautiful Angelic Queen Outfit and make new friends with Friendly Faun or the Pretty Queen! Start crafting the Mesmerizing Fountain! There’s magic in the painting! Read about untold truths with The Book Of Secrets! All of these and so much more! So join us explore The Wardrobe Chronicles!

56 Responses to “Step Into The Wardrobe Chronicles”

  1. Ian Says:

    FIRST! Great week! I like when you do a theme of a movie =) I hope you guys do one theme for The avenger’s movie! thank you

  2. Icicle Says:

    This is Narnia Week!

  3. PETSOFAN Says:


  4. Vale JM Says:

    JAMES McAVOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the actor who plays Mr. Tumnus the Faun… I love James!!! so I´m very happy with the friendly Faun Pal ♥ ♥

  5. Alya Fairuz Says:


  6. karen Says:

    a todo le falta color

  7. sunny Says:

    omgosh this week’s theme is absolutely incredible!!!!!! love everything!!!!!!! thank you pet society <3<3<3

  8. Hana Says:

    Anime of Japan theme, please :”(

  9. Ivaaa Says:

    Why don’t you make Justin Bieber week when you’re about to makeing TV shows films ect.

  10. Cyrina Ba Says:

    as much as the olympus week was nice and well designed, the current one looks completely weird , sorry guys !!

  11. Sandy Says:

    uau . NARNIA !!!! thank you so much

  12. Linda Says:

    the cash limited dress has to be one of the ugliest so far …

  13. yohanna Says:

    chronicle girl outfit, its just like boy outfit, not girl XD

  14. YeeGH Yee Says:

    Again, the rare in the cash is still female dress, CAN IT BE MALE in next few rares pls?

  15. J Marie Castro Says:

    so disappointed after a well-made week 😦 le dress is a waste of cc

  16. Turquoise Says:

    Hi Pet Society
    Can you please fix my error in Pet Society because when I open in the morning I can decorate but when its evening time I can not decorate maybe you can fix it. Would you help me because I want to decorate in night time

  17. cherrd Says:

    kinda bored might pass this week

  18. Alex Fraser Says:

    Some interesting items, I can use to embelish my current Harry Potter rooms. But for I will pass this week. Which is good for my coins!

  19. Goldie Says:

    This week looks so good!! I really like the Voage of the Dawn Treader! 😀

  20. Rita Says:

    Why not just call it Narnia?

  21. Lola.J Says:

    omg, how many plush and throne one pet need???!!! Bring something new to limited edition!!!

  22. Sólo Observo Says:

    I like it, it’s cute,but I agree with yohanna: chronicle girl outfit is more like a chrinicle boy outit. Can you fix it?

  23. cheese Says:

    great week

  24. Susan Shaw Says:

    I love the Chronicles of Narnia (not as much the films as the books), and so some of this I like. But, I have to agree with Cyrina…the intricate detail that was so good in Olympus week is missing…back to chubby coloring book images. In general, I like it because of the theme.

  25. Susan Shaw Says:

    In looking at this again, I see there is a fair amount of detail, just not as much as Olympus….so thanks…I think you’re on the right track. 🙂

  26. Kiley Cavanaugh Venturoli Says:

    I think its adorable good job, Now just dont make the cash items so exspensive like olmpus week the figure bundle was insame priced.

  27. Abeledo Lalin Noemi Says:

    I love this!!

  28. emma Says:

    you guys just complain and complain all the time! you are so annoying. can’t you just be happy for once? I love this new theme, the items are incredibly beautiful and I’m so excited! (as are my friends on ps forum)
    Thank you pet society team =)

  29. emma Says:

    the only thing I don’t like is the beaver – it looks like a scary zombie beaver =D

    • LilyPotter Says:

      LOL! I had to go up and check out the beaver, you are right.

      You are also right about all the complaints, that’s all I ever read on the blogs and forum. People are just haters!

  30. Charlene Mead Says:

    Oh my gawd. Thank you thank you thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  31. Sarah Day Says:

    Why is everything so blurry? 😦

  32. Ingrid Says:

    Nice week! :3 Thank you Pet Society!

  33. Jackie Says:

    Oh come on, a Narnia theme?! I’m not one to complain, but I’ll make an exception for this one. That movie is so irrevalant now, not to mention it stunk…Avengers theme, anyone?

  34. cozcatzin Says:

    *———–* NAAAAARNIA!!! I LOVE THIS!!! THANK U! asdfghjklñ I love the themes based in books! *———*

  35. kari Says:

    I love the Chronicles of Narnia ❤

  36. Jenny Xiao Says:

    Another great week guys! I don’t think I have seen this theme before. Love the literature references~ Beautiful!

    Those who doesn’t understand the reference are making unintelligent comments, so please don’t be discouraged! Keep up the great detailed works!

  37. francisca castillo amulef Says:

    I love this week , i`m a fan of chronicles of narnia , is one of my favorites books , c. s. lewis is a genius , the seven aventures are great , and the movies are so amazing , the lion , the witch and the wardrobe , caspian prince , and the voyage of the dawn treader are incredible books.

    In the future could create a week of twilight saga



  39. Kate Says:

    I do like the windows a lot and some of the decor is cute! Not a big fan of Narnia or these “movie/book-themed” weeks but since I can use some of the items I’m okay with it haha.

  40. Claire Says:

    I love the ice furniture !
    But The girl outfit isn’t for girls !

  41. Josmary Ochoa Says:

    too much magic make something like Japanese Anime Week .I still like the week but too much this and that.

  42. Alice Says:

    Japanese Anime Week will be so awesome!!! Please make it ><

  43. Rosjanteia Viray Says:

    Dear Mayor,

    Excuse me, but could you please make a Elemental Angel Week?
    But please keep the Pet Society Cash Items to a minimum, because a lot of players cannot afford PSC. I’d appreciate it very much.

    Yours truly,
    ~Teia ❤

  44. Apples Says:

    I like the book of secrets. 🙂

  45. 黃振隆 Says:


  46. 黃振隆 Says:

    Hi, I come from taiwan>, I like your article, it’s perfect, thanks

  47. 黃振隆 Says:

    Hi, I come from taiwan, I like your article, it’s perfect, thanks

  48. Gina Says:

    the bed is really tiny in the game x

  49. Josmary Ochoa Says:

    make a Future theme week ? Or a 4th of July Week ?

  50. virginia allison peck Says:

    i love Narnia and c. s. Lewis. it was not just a movie about magic. it can be the most important story you’ll ever learn…

  51. Starflower Says:

    My Secret Garden Room for questing glitched 😦 it only lets me collect books and not build anything else. All i can do is click collect.

  52. Dany Valentino Says:

    ta padre 😀

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