Step Into The Wardrobe Chronicles


Where fantasy meets reality, step into a world of imagination and endless possibility this week with the Wardrobe Chronicles Theme at Pet Society! A world filled with magic at every turn!

This week have your Pet dress in the beautiful Angelic Queen Outfit and make new friends with Friendly Faun or the Pretty Queen! Start crafting the Mesmerizing Fountain! There’s magic in the painting! Read about untold truths with The Book Of Secrets! All of these and so much more! So join us explore The Wardrobe Chronicles!

56 Responses to “Step Into The Wardrobe Chronicles”

  1. Starflower Says:

    My Secret Garden Room for questing glitched 😦 it only lets me collect books and not build anything else. All i can do is click collect.

  2. Dany Valentino Says:

    ta padre 😀

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