The Mythical Wonder of Pet At Olympus!


Where the strong and mighty have walked, where heroes were born, where the entire world looms beneath you… Behold the Pet at Olympus Week! A week of splendor and beauty, one which will be remembered through the ages!

So this week have your Pet sit like a king upon the Olympus Throne, make new mythical friends, or have the mighty Pegasus sit in your room! Have your Pet plant an Olympus Wreath Tree and have a taste of the beautiful Wreath fruit, dress in the gorgeous attire that it has to offer and come, bask in the glory of Olympus!

58 Responses to “The Mythical Wonder of Pet At Olympus!”

  1. Cris Says:

    My favorite designs in a long long time. I like the details and more sophisticated look. The curtains and furniture are my favorites.

  2. Kate Says:

    After thinking about it I’m really, REALLY happy for this week. There are many items that I can use without having a specific ‘theme’ in mind (vases, painting, pillows, carpets, etc.) and it’s been a long time since I had the opportunity to mix certain weeks’ items together. Thank you PS artists!!!

  3. Michael Intan Woang Says:

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  4. Michael Intan Woang Says:

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  5. Michael Intan Woang Says:

    this the 6th day i cannt open my ps . pls fix it . ty

  6. david Says:

    why in this event we didn’t get any present like in another game?

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