The Mythical Wonder of Pet At Olympus!


Where the strong and mighty have walked, where heroes were born, where the entire world looms beneath you… Behold the Pet at Olympus Week! A week of splendor and beauty, one which will be remembered through the ages!

So this week have your Pet sit like a king upon the Olympus Throne, make new mythical friends, or have the mighty Pegasus sit in your room! Have your Pet plant an Olympus Wreath Tree and have a taste of the beautiful Wreath fruit, dress in the gorgeous attire that it has to offer and come, bask in the glory of Olympus!

58 Responses to “The Mythical Wonder of Pet At Olympus!”

  1. Bandarrita Says:

    Super cool theme. Congratulations!

  2. Gian Samson Says:

    ..NICE!!!!!!……But pet society..i have one request…can you make a mythical creature coin items thingy a mystery box full of wonderful costumes…just for this it matches…PLEASE!!!!!!!!~!!~!!!

  3. Ivaaa Says:

    don’t like it :////
    I want summeeeeeeeeeeeer

  4. Roxette Says:

    cool theme !! this week i’m gonna get broke … oh and i wanted to congrats you and say a big thank you for the new tree seed 🙂 it’s beautiful

  5. Vain Jayne Says:

    Very well done!! Thank you so much!! <3's

  6. Papaioannou Johnny (@jdpapaioannou) Says:

    i love it!!!

  7. Cyrina Ba Says:

    I don’t know if PF did change their design artists, or not, but I do find the items the last few weeks quite perfectly made, and I just adore this theme, thumbs up Playfish 🙂

  8. Susan Shaw Says:

    The chubby coloring book look is gone…the details are back! Yay! The detail on the furniture and decor items is excellent….great job, PS! And this is a very original theme… again….great job. 🙂

  9. Abby Says:

    I dont really like the theme… I wish the next theme could be related to animals which are endangered.

  10. Darla H. Says:

    I love all the new stuff, but I can’t get into my Pet Society.
    Please fix that looping error so I can’t load the game.

  11. Betty Child Says:

    What about a week about ‘Game of Thrones’? It could be called ?Pet of Thrones’ and it would be amazing!!!! Think about it please!!!!

  12. Carol Keefe Says:

    Appropriate for the coming Olympic Games. Don’t forget 4th of July. Never enough for that holiday.

  13. Magda Says:

    Super gorgeous!!!!

  14. Goldie Says:

    Great theme!

  15. Elizabeth Liang Says:

    I love the ideas, but I was hoping that the clothes and wigs would be for coins, not Pet Cash again :/

  16. Karen Says:

    Thank you PS I LOVE THIS WEEK!!!!! Great detail!!! 🙂

  17. daniel alan esquivel Says:

    admiro su imaginacion, cada vez tienen algo imprecionante k ofrecernos x eso somos adictos al pet.

  18. Sólo Observo Says:

    It´s fantastic, a very pretty theme. And I love the toga!!!!

  19. Bad Apple!! Says:

    Не нравится нечего, только подушка в виде облака

  20. Raquel Michelow Says:


  21. aminosa Says:

    awesome as always 🙂

  22. Kiley Cavanaugh Venturoli Says:

    ths is a great theme, about time, looks fun.

  23. Holly Says:

    Face Book needs to fix their Pet Society program as I keep getting ripped off on my daily sign in that always starts me at day one, and I can never move past it! Makes me want to quit the game as I have spend some money on this game. I am getting ripped off! Fix this program or pay me back what I have spent!

  24. Lizzy Yaik Says:

    why always trees are cash limited??:(

  25. Emilia Says:

    Awesome! Love the details. I hope there will be a bed! Thanks PS!

  26. chantal dumont Says:

    oui ces vrai tout est magnifique mais encore beaucoup de chose sim-cash et moi je ne sais plus avoir de sim-cash le tel ces fini je peux plus et moi j’ai pas le droit d’aller sur un compte car parceque je n’ai pas les appareils pour et comme mon mari veux pas parce que je suis handicapée je vis couchée tout le temps je n’ai que mon pc pour “parler” alors il a peur que je dépense trop de sous enfin voilà donc pour moi un peux moins de sim-cash ou alors le moyen d’acheter avec les deux les sous gagné en jouant ou alors des sim-cashs voila j’ai été longues dsl mais je souhaitais participer un fois


  27. Ingrid Says:

    That Turquoise tables looks amazing! Kuddos on the design! It has impproved a lot!

  28. Bintang11 Says:

    I like the items, but I am SO lazy to go shopping since the DIEnamic loading was brought in. I hate waiting for the shops to load!
    I would buy so much more stuff if I could just click a shop and see everything.
    BTW… wasn’t the Sphinx from Egypt? I don’t remember them ever being accredited to Greece.

    • Mishiee Says:

      The Sphinx was in a few Greek myths I believe, and in the story of Oedipus. It is found in both Greek and Egyptian myths.

    • Grifit Says:

      The Sphinx appears in both mythologies, Greek and Egyptian. Check the wikipage here: but as a preview, there were few differences between them, Greek is evil and Egyptian is a good being, and Greek is a woman while egyptian is a man or an androginous being

  29. KMOORE Says:

    Love love this week!!! Cant wait yeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii after so long of note getting something i really like…. tnxxxx

  30. Ian Says:

    That’s what I talking about 😉 This week totally looks awesome!

  31. Nacu Says:

    O///O Me encanta esta semana, es preciosa!!! Me parece que voy a gastar todos mis ahorros de golpe ^-^
    Los objetos para construir son adorables *__*

  32. Carolina (@caroaidaam) Says:

    I LOVE THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Fairies Says:

    The Sphinx guarded the entrance to Thebes, Greece, and wouldn’t let anyone in who couldn’t solve a riddle. It has to do with the whole Oedipus marrying his mother story.

  34. Grifit Says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!! I love greek mythology it is awesome!!!!

  35. Vibius Magnus Says:

    One of the best weeks in a LONGGGGG time. Fantastic work, team.

  36. Toni Lyon Says:

    Absolutely the best stuff yet! I have loved fashion week and paw-wizard and the flowers. I am ready for some hard lore that sticks to the subject and has fun with the theme and still can be incorporated with the previous stuff. I just need to buy three extra large rooms and bring it up to 12 large rooms. I also need more growing space for all of the really cool trees. Maybe you could come up with a Greek key pot for topiary’s. That would be the best. Good design and I can’t say enough good.PLease pay attention to scale as we put our rooms together and also remember to get more boys clothes! I have several men friends who love to play!

  37. Magda Says:

    Super gorgeous!!!

  38. arief Says:

    i like it ! but how about robot theme?

  39. arief Says:

    thank you pet society group!

  40. Donna Says:

    Ewwwww! And this remark is in no way directed to my Greek friends..Just don’t like all the grey. Lately the themes have been the most boring since the game first launched. Looks like the devs have run out of ideas.

  41. Joe Says:

    Michael Jackson, i want michael jackson! u put katy perry, stupid lady gaga but no michael jackson :/

  42. LoL Says:

    Recycled theme

  43. fred Says:

    I wish I could get Pet Cash more easily. Under eighteen and am never buying virtual things (waste of money), but I wouldn’t mind being able to feel like a member sometimes. 🙂

  44. Mademoiselle Says:

    the details are amazing * ¬ * ,btw can you guys make it so that we can name our rooms,itd be easier to find them ,i mean,instead of clicking every single room just to find one….

  45. Suzanne Ford Says:

    Wow! Some really fantastic looking items! I can’t wait! Big applause for the great art!

  46. Jami Says:


  47. David Says:


  48. David Says:

    kidding it sucks

  49. Hana Says:

    nice theme
    I hope PS will make Anime of Japan theme >.<
    like Shakugan No Shana
    I LOVE Shakugan No Shana ♥0♥
    or maybe Tegami Bachi / Letter Bee

  50. Malvina Says:

    Pet Professions

  51. Cris Says:

    My favorite designs in a long long time. I like the details and more sophisticated look. The curtains and furniture are my favorites.

  52. Kate Says:

    After thinking about it I’m really, REALLY happy for this week. There are many items that I can use without having a specific ‘theme’ in mind (vases, painting, pillows, carpets, etc.) and it’s been a long time since I had the opportunity to mix certain weeks’ items together. Thank you PS artists!!!

  53. Michael Intan Woang Says:

    This the 6th day i cannt open my Ps since 2 weeks ago . im vacum bcs i have the examp must to do . but , when im back to ps and try to play it . its work but , always stuck on 12 . pls fix my game , i’ve trying more than 5 laptop and pc on my home , but its still not work . i dont know whats the problem . but please , fix my ps . im really miss my ps now . i’ve loading issues since 01 August 2012 .

  54. Michael Intan Woang Says:

    I hope moderator can read it . im really want to play my ps . but it always on 12 % . if ps more long like this , i really2 want to quit to play ps . pls fix my ps ASAP . i know PF have any work to do . but its a complain / report from many gamer which same like me . thanks

  55. Michael Intan Woang Says:

    this the 6th day i cannt open my ps . pls fix it . ty

  56. david Says:

    why in this event we didn’t get any present like in another game?

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