Abracadabra! It is the Pawitched Week!


A new digging map is about to enter Pet Society! Be sure to craft the Pawitched Statue to unlock this map and get digging! Unearth lots of exciting treasures in the new Pawitched Digging Map, coming up next week!

Bring out your magic wands and brush up on your magic spells everyone! Get ready to have some of the most enchanted moments on Pet Society’s Pawitched Week! Experience dressing up as a sorcerer, brewing magic potions, flying around on your broom and more! Scroll down to take a peek at what is coming up next week!

64 Responses to “Abracadabra! It is the Pawitched Week!”

  1. Bintang11 Says:

    Is it Halloween already??
    Do we have a new Harry Potter book coming out??
    I’m assuming the new dig site will be blue shovels…

    Wait a minute… Pawdenta mask? (“V”?) That’s not magical… that was about a subversive plot to destroy the government.

    • Ang Says:

      I was thinking the same thing about the Pawdenta mask!! what does that have to do with the theme? lol just throw random things in~

    • gigi [and mike] Says:

      spot on! yup…. somebody’s running out of ideas… 🙂 they should do a Jane & the Dragon theme… then again ‘medieval’ has already been covered — that shouldn’t stop them lol

  2. Cyrina Ba Says:

    how many wizard, harry potter, witches weeks, did we get till now ??? I think not less than 10 or more may be, I’m wiating to see the prices for cc items, hope they’re not super high :p

  3. Divyanshu Says:

    Thanks ! After-all after so many stupid weeks here’s a great one :*

  4. Don Says:

    Que feo tema no se sabe si es halloween o harry poter. Y por favor mas temas modernos actuales y mas ropa y accesorios. : (

  5. Anthoo Says:

    Niiiiice! Now it’s clear why they unreleased the pet noir statue!

  6. Ana Milena Says:

    A mi me gusto, dejen de quejarse, ¿o es que no recuerdan esas horribles semanas donde cada segundo era todo rosa?…. afrontemos, los temas se están acabando, pero por lo menos Pet Society sigue dándonos entretenimiento, así que mejor confórmense o dejen de jugarlo…

  7. Ivaaa Says:

    Don’t like it :/
    I was hoping for summer or something..

  8. Jackie Says:

    Sweet! I have a Harry Potter themed house, so this week is awesome. 🙂 Stop complaining people, they work hard on this stuff…

  9. kari Says:

    i like ❤

  10. Macatý L Šedivec Says:

    Im very thankful for Vendetta mask! One of my favourite comics. Also, magical week is great! I just hope that new digging map wont be for blue showels, but its seem it will…

  11. Kiley Cavanaugh Venturoli Says:

    I like it, about time something to look forward too. I like this week u can fit it into many different themes. its like aladin, harry potter, and Halloween all had a baby.

  12. Feni Mettasari Says:

    😀 Love it, great, fantastic, I always like spooky scary, mysterious theme.. 🙂

  13. Kurt Zio A. Araneta Says:

    i was hoping for school

  14. Shaina Estévez Says:

    You should have gone with magic show related items, like a beautiful assistant outfit, rabbit in a hat, disappearing box, and other magic props…

  15. Izabela Maria Sobowiec Says:

    I actually like this theme since I’m a fairly new player and I’m sure I’m not the only one who missed the previous magic themes. I’m hoping for the summer and otaku themes in the future. 😀

  16. Maria Says:

    Sweet 🙂

  17. Josmary Ochoa Says:

    make a summer vacation week.

  18. Josmary Ochoa Says:

    Ice age week

  19. Josmary Ochoa Says:

    summer clothes

  20. LilyPotter Says:

    Love it! I can add to my Harry Potter items!!! Perfect, perfect. I really enjoy the darker colors and variations of purple. My niece’s pet is completely purple and she’s always looking for some variations of purple. Nicely done!!!

  21. Maggy Manzullo Says:

    How utterly disappointing! What happened to spring/summer themes? The themes on PS r going downhill w/o any rhyme nor reason each week! I am getting most discouraged w/the themes lately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Susan Shaw Says:

    Don’t like being a wet blanket again, but… I agree with Shaina…if you wanted magic show, then that would have been more unique. This is another repeat theme in chubby coloring book form. How about some of the more original themes mentioned here: Summer vacation and clothes, ice age, or, a trip to: Scotland, India, Scandinavia, the Swiss Alps, Or, a land where everything floats, or Plant people…plenty of original ideas here.

  23. Carmen Says:

    Oh c’mon, this theme is great and a way better than the previous one… I like it!

  24. Blue Sylph Says:

    will be another crafting map with CASH showels?? :/

  25. Sarah Day Says:

    “chubby coloring book form” is exactly what i do not like about many of your recent items… I agree with susan.

  26. Krys Says:

    I agree with Shaina, the Magic Show theme would have been more different and fun. And through the usual leaked channels….the POTIONS cost PFC from a PFC TABLE?! Ridiculous! I consider buying PFC tables when the potions/drinks/etc are yellow coins, but I will not spend PFC for the privilege to buy PFC potions.

  27. Emilia Says:

    I agree with the above about the “chubby colouring book” look of the recent themes. This theme is ok, but still another magic theme, yet again.
    I dont mind the unrealistic themes (susch as magic etc) BUT it’s the unrealistic look of the itens that i dont like.
    I have some suggestions for themes that you should make in the future:

    Burlesque theme
    Antique week
    Summer vacation country house
    Parisian theme
    New york loft
    “vintage” train vacation
    Abandoned town/mansion
    Haunted mansion
    Baby’s room
    Teenage bedroom

    Please consider those 🙂
    I love pet society ❤ sorry for being such a bummer, just want to help improve future themes.

  28. Ingrid Says:

    Love the colors, I have no idea what Pawitched is… I like the digging site, but, i dont want it to be cash… But still like it

  29. valentina Says:

    as usual the coolest things are blue coins! boring!!!!!:(

  30. Shana Ann O'Herlihy Says:

    i love it!

  31. Colleen Winters Says:

    What, no Endora reference? Lame! If you’re doing “Bewitched” then you should always have throwbacks to the wonderful series!

  32. Jaiden Says:

    stop complaining this week is very nice and summer technically isn’t here till June 21st so why should they do a summer theme unless it actually is summer. Just because your summer break started doesn’t mean it is summer. So stop whining.

  33. ansatsusama Says:

    my week AWESOME}!! is all beautiful and magic!!! weeeee i can’t wait for HALOWEEN!!! YAY!!!

  34. sultana purnamasari Says:


  35. Blackheart Says:


  36. Vale JM Says:

    I like it!! 🙂 it is the first theme that I really like in this month…..

  37. Andreia Guerrero Says:

    JUNE BRIDAL WEEK! or american indepence week, or school enrollment week and a amix of rainy season week.

  38. Ang Says:

    how about lego blocks or similar ideas where we can craft things ourself to our imagination?

  39. Nunya Says:

    I don’t care what the rest of you guys say, I REALLY like this week compared to what they’ve been having recently. Love the items. Saving up my coins was worth it, even! 🙂

  40. Rita Says:

    You should stop having new themes every week. Make it once or month or just for special occasions. Then you wouldn’t have to stretch so far for a theme and we’d all have more time to build and enjoy the themes we do like.

  41. kimi3241 Says:


  42. princezz healliena Says:

    it really beautiful!!! love it! ❤

  43. Suzanne Ford Says:

    This week looks amazing! I am so excited!!!
    So many great items that look like they will match my existing magic-themed rooms really well!

  44. Yanna L. Crimaudo Says:


  45. Grifit Says:

    I love it… but because I love witches and scary things… not for everyone… but let’s be honest there’s been already to much bright and pinky weeks it was about time for a dark week!!! yeeeey!!!

  46. micah Says:

    make a melody week

  47. Norris Says:

    a mí este tema sí me gustó mucho. y los colores morados son muy sugerentes y preciosos. enhorabuena por los items de esta semana! congratulations for this week items, are beautiful!

  48. Izzy Says:

    I love the colors, and I’m totally in love with the window – odd I know. However, This theme has been done in many variations in the past. Please start taking the unique theme ideas from the players and give us something new. I’ve played since the start and now I don’t do anything but log in anymore. I love PS but i’m bored, do something to excite me!

  49. Joan Says:

    I really love the colouring too! The theme itself isn’t completely original, but it’s an improvement from the previous weeks 🙂

  50. gigi [and mike] Says:

    when I first saw the title I got a little excited for a ‘Bewitched’ theme — like old school Elizabeth Montgomery, the 2 Darrins, Tabitha, Endora, etc… but this is just…. been done before… :\ maybe I’ll still tweak mine to capture the show

  51. 102212yuri Says:

    Simple. I will be here two weeks .

  52. barbara Says:

    love the new tree seed (phoenix seat)

  53. YeeGH Yee Says:

    I am still stuck on the composite in fables, which i still in progress, could you post on facebook for free blue shovel so that we can (maybe) finish the composite and start on the pawitched composite>

  54. Mico098 Says:

    I love this because I like witches and wizards

  55. Toni Lyon Says:

    I love it! Fun colors, imagination, inspiring and cute! Come on everyone lets play! Pet Society you’ve got a home run in my eyes!

    But I am waiting for more original stuff like the African theme maybe a Safari to find (and not kill) special animals, Fishing Derby with different poles and outfits to catch special fish, and maybe a SciFi fantasy of some sort. I am counting on your staff to put on their thinking hats!

  56. nani Says:

    good week, but other disney classics theme??

  57. Kiley Cavanaugh Venturoli Says:


  58. Bandarrita Says:

    I CANT BELIEVE THE POTIONS IN THE POTION MAKING TABLE ARE ALSO CASH COINS!!! There should be a note at the boutique so that people can know this in advance!! This is simply a scam.

  59. Mike Says:

    I sort of like this week especially the potions and the teleporter. Pet Soicety should make a week with Narnia, that’ll be great and since they cannot use The Lion Witch and The Wadrobe (copyright), it can just be TLWATW. LOL

  60. Cyence Says:

    can you please state which of the items are of “one week only”… you use to have it before you change to this new outlook…
    thank you

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  62. katherine luana martinez morales Says:

    yo quisiera que volvieran a poner coin limited de antes por quee ami me gustaria tenerlos todos mayor escuchenos!!

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