Its the East Meets West Week!


The mercury levels are rising this summer and we know that a lot of you folks out there are traveling and making plans to visit places around the world… This week, join your Pets beat the heat as we bring to you the East Meets West week!

Dress your Pets in costumes from countries in the East and the West! Bring home the Tomato Cart Trampoline and watch your Pet jump and squish tomatoes! Check out the Taiwanese Mystery Arch that evolves into a beautiful arch! All of these and so much more in the East Meets West theme!

167 Responses to “Its the East Meets West Week!”

  1. Camile Says:


  2. Anthoo Says:

    I’m the first! this week is going to be awesome! YAY!

  3. Cato Says:

    mmmmm nada nuevo bajo el sol………….-__-

  4. Kurt Zio Says:

    i really love the week

    im proud for being a PINOY can u do some
    Stripes and polkadot week??

  5. Lala Says:

    Oh my gosh! Philippines! Ftw! Oh yeah I love it!

  6. Kurt Zio A. Araneta Says:

    Can u do some lady gaga week i would be happy !!

    make some new ponies!!

    make some new Dye table and new makeup kit!!

  7. daniel alan esquivel Says:

    super¡¡¡Y M’exico cuando?

  8. fan Says:


  9. Lady Anne Says:

    I am happy!!!!!!!! because I see the philippines!!!!!!!!!! and I am filipino!!!!!!! my blood is pilipino in !!!!!!!! tagalog is:dugong pilipino ako!!!!!!! translation: blood-dugo my-ako !! ILOVE it !!!!!!!!!! thank you PET SOCIETY because you make it. thank you so much (>_<)

  10. Don Says:

    El tema Es Horrible + Horrible lastima que tenemos que esperar mas de una semana para un nuevo Tema : (

  11. Magic Lapins Says:

    I love the torero arena, I was hoping that you include a Torero outfit but I didn’t see anything 😦

  12. Sólo Observo Says:

    You have surprised me, again. 😉

  13. Maria Clayton Says:

    You do realise that you are glorifying a BLOOD SPORT. This is disgusting and I think I will not play while you are promoting sick senseless violence towards animals!

    • Cyrina Ba Says:

      exactly I think its immoral to put such kind of features , the funniest thing the same people were protecting WWF few times ago :p

    • Sash Says:

      Maria I think you need to go back to your books and start reading about what animal abuse is.
      NO WHERE does pet society have anything violence towards animals.
      LOL@poker is promoting violence towards animals
      QUICK better called peta before a cartoon chips hits an animal LMFAO!

  14. rivah Says:

    bullfighting no thank you

  15. isaymanalo Says:

    Hooray! Philippine Items! I’m a Filipina and proud of it! Thank you, Playfish!

  16. Maria Says:

    Los toreros y las sevillanas no son representativos del estado español. Hay tantas culturas y naciones que me parece ofensivo que aun esteis con esa basura banal y asesina,

  17. Joy Says:

    We’re Taiwanese, if you’d like to know.

  18. lola Says:

    Me encanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Cutu Says:

    Too bad!I refuse to play until they remove it

  20. Victoria Stirling Says:

    Disgusting to promote and glorify the torture of animals, SHAME on you Playfish I am calling boycott on cash for this week, and for the game too most likely :-/

  21. Blue Sylph Says:

    This is SO CRUEL!! D:

  22. ann Says:

    no pobres toros que mueren por pura diversion

  23. Mariola Says:

    That is offensive to the Spanish people. bullfighters are murderers not represent spain. IT’S A SHAME!

  24. Whena Says:

    Wow next week is really COOL! Thanks Pet Society ^____^

  25. nina Says:

    All pet society players who love animals PLEASE dont decore your houses with that AWFUL and CRUEL item, are you kidding me PF??? You supported good causes like the WWF in the past and now THIS??? This is disgusting, even my Spanish friends are disgusted… BOICOT TO PLAYFISH NOW!!!!!!

  26. Scrumtrulescent Says:

    Bullfighting? Really? The themes have been sucking lately but this is the worst yet!

  27. Magic Lapins Says:

    I bet that you have never seen a Corrida

  28. santiago Says:

    mira que lindo promociona maltrato animal.
    toro si torero no

  29. Ansatsusama Says:

    OH NO! i think this theme will be something diferent but NO!!!
    T.T it’s sad… to the nxt week… i hope something MUSICAL week Now!
    this theme is sooo gray

  30. gigi [and mike] Says:

    digging the flamenco touches! a pet juerga will definitely be in order 😀

  31. Linda L Jeska-Patrick Says:

    I like everything about this week !!EXCEPT!! the bull fighting crafting. This is promoting cruelty to animals and should be removed from the items!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. nats Says:

    We want the bullfighting items to be REMOVED from the game, This is offensive to the spanish and alien people and it does not represent any culture, but VIOLENCE AGAINST THE ANIMALS. What is more, “Salsa” has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the spanish culture so please get in culture and don’t name “salsa” the traditional spanish costumes.

  33. Cato Says:

    We do not want that image is an offense for bulls and Spain, change the subject, I will not arm, the animal cruelty must be stopped, not encouraged. Every day I am more disappointed in Pet Society.

  34. Susan Shaw Says:

    I like the Taiwanese items much better…agree about the bull fighting item…won’t be getting this one.

  35. Yuno Gasai Says:

    I’m from Spain and I hate when people only thinks in bulls and flamenco when they hear about my country. This is the first time on Pet Society that my country appears and now I would prefer if it didn’t…

  36. Miri Says:

    Do NOT like the tortouring of bulls !!!!!! No Bull Fighting ITEM !!!!

  37. sunny Says:

    okay this is not right! bullfighting and casino?!

  38. candypatches Says:

    I agree, BOO! to the bull fighting themed items :[

  39. Pink Britt Says:

    Bull fighting ring? really?? What’s next? A dog fight training ground? Poor taste. This item should be removed.

  40. Oussama Mrad Says:

    wtf shup up all its just a game why the fuck ur not bying the blood sport -_-

  41. pki5 Says:

    Con todo lo bonito que tenemos en España y nos tienen que poner lo peor. Me parece horrible que den pie a identificar nuestro país con la lacra que llevamos 😡

  42. Jav Says:

    torero arena is disgusting!

  43. Renzo Resol Says:

    OMG!! they finally add some Philippine items! yay!!!

  44. Hanna Says:

    I totally refuse to go crafting this horrible idea of yours. Actually, that just made me go towards hating this week’s theme. Thanks a lot and “congratulations”, Playfish.

  45. AnimalLover Says:

    Are you seroius? Bull Fight?? in a game which is played by kids too?? Isn´t there enough cruelty in this world???! Plase remove this item or me and my friends will delete PS. We will not support this Blood Sport and you shouldn´t either

  46. María Ivonne Lissidini Says:

    Stop supporting animal abuse!!! this is shame

  47. Amanda Says:

    this is just a game don’t take it so seriously it doesn’t mean that they support animal cruelty come on, In some religions they sacrifice animals should that be against the law? like I said come on this is just a game!

  48. Linda Says:

    I agree with the people who wrote above and also think P/S is bringing out way to much stuff to fast. You don’t have time to build one thing and fix your room before there’s another one.

  49. Marcela Paola Guzman Says:

    No one should arm the bullfighter

  50. George Says:

    not good week 😦 you, guys are great, but expected something more

  51. Ingrid Says:

    I only like the poker things and the fillipino thing. EXCEPT That ugly Bull killing so called SPORT! Shame on u PS!

  52. Marvin Avila Says:


  53. Marvin Avila Says:

    I´m deeply disagree with the item about the bullfighting pleaseee!!! we are animal lovers. Where is the suppor to wwf??? i hope you will remove the item and give us an apologize

  54. Mónica Oseida Says:

    bullfighting, could be a toy, could be just a image… but all we know means cruelty to animales ….

  55. Moni Oseida Says:

    bullfighting, could be a toy, could be just a image… but all we know means cruelty to animales ….

    Un torero puede ser incluso un juguete, una imagen, pero todos sabemos significa crueldad anmial….

    Por favor quiten este item!!!

  56. belinda boelman Says:

    i didnt like the sound of the theme but i love the items. so it will be a great week thanks for letting me know. it kills me to wonder each week what we will be getting. =)

  57. eliianiitah Says:

    I don’t like this week’s theme! I mean.. Im Ok with the taiwan & casino stuff, but, do you had to add that terrible sport?!?!?! no no u.u

  58. Bandarrita Says:

    Bullfighting, seriously? Why not dog fights?

  59. lucia vila bau Says:

    That is offensive to the Spanish people. bullfighters are murderers not represent spain. IT’S A SHAME!!!

  60. Roo Says:


    Bullfighting?? TORERO?



  61. Michelle Says:

    Que terrible, es horrible a lo que ha llegado este juego, después de sacar items wwf para ayudar a los animales, sacan esta abominación, que vergüenza playfish….

  62. arcadiarose Says:

    It is disgusting that a “family game” is glorifying killing pre-weakened animals for sport. What’s next week? Cock fighting? Whaling? Maybe a dolphin caught in a fishing net?

    Couldn’t we have crafted Spanish dancers or something instead? I’m sure that beautiful country has more going on than bullfighting.

  63. Janeice Says:


    But that’s like the Hunger Games. Forcing creatures to kill their own kind.

  64. Mariana Dalzell Says:

    Oh, wow! I can’t see how Pet Society supports Bullfighting 😦
    I love the Las Vegas theme and all, but bullfighting, seriously?

  65. Edgaranimallover Says:

    Do you know what bull figthing implies? Are you out of your mind Pet Society developers? What is next? Craft a coat with live animal skin?

  66. Carolynn Says:

    PLease remove the bullfighting craftable item, don’t you realise what it stands for? Blood and suffering and death!! This is not what I want to see in PS!!

  67. willowtree moondreamer Says:

    Just horrible, how could you do such a thing as the bullfighting, i`m really thinking of leaving Pet!

  68. meh Says:

    I strongly dislike the bullfighting item as well. More research is needed when deciding what aspects to bring into your game….

  69. Karen Says:

    This theme is screwed up, b/c what does bullfighting have 2 do with Taiwanese culture?

  70. Fuya Says:


  71. sharondeestefania Says:

    I don’t like the bull fighting at all, in Mexico and in Spain we just traying to aboiled it… the rest of the theme is horrible, don’t imagination at all, seems like random theme, sorry

  72. Freya Says:


    This is PET Society is supposed to be about “CARE” of PETS not killing them…..

  73. Cyrina Ba Says:

    the components of the theme have almost no connection , I wonder what Vegas had to do there for exple ( which is almost a seperate theme), at least you could have done Thailand, and Philippine together (East theme) not mix everything together, not to mention that i honestly didn’t like too much thailand items, the civilization of Thailand is more great than the items that u had included in this theme !!

  74. Marcela Alfaro Vallejo Says:

    Que vergüenza!!! 😡 poniendo items que instan la corrida de toros!!
    y antes asiéndose los lindos con los items wwf

  75. Luciana Fernandez Says:

    The item to build the bullfighter is excruciating as well puedieron put an item in a game that is played so many children??????! frightening

    Como puedieron poner un item asi, con ese tema de la corrida de toros? me parece espantoso eso que algunos le llaman deporte es una masaccre para esos pobres animales

  76. Charlotte Undery Says:

    Seriously, having a bull ring as a craftable item?! 😦

    Epic Fail!

    I’ve enjoyed playing Pet Society for a couple of years but that’s now been marred. Very dismayed, very disappointed and definitely WON’T be crafting that item.


  77. Vibius Magnus Says:

    I can’t believe people are still whinging when they finally get a bit of what they want lmao.

  78. Josmary Ochoa Says:

    thats not cruel to animals stupids thats what bulls do.there just following the week.there is no blood stupid its just a game.anyways bulls are dumb animals and it’s not abuse

    • Chairman Meow Says:

      Because slowly killing an animal with blades for the amusement of the masses isn’t at all stupid or abusive towards a living creature. After all, it’s just a dumb animal, so it’s perfectly okay! 🙂

    • Grifit Says:

      you are, my dear, an excellent person

    • Alesita VB Says:

      bulls AREN’T dumb or stupid, The only STUPID here is you if you think that bullfighting is a sport and that they born only to satisfy sick desires of blood or violence 😀

    • Josmary Ochoa Says:

      id get it !

  79. Chairman Meow Says:

    Can’t pick on a single theme? Let’s throw it all together!
    East meets west could’ve been done in a more elegant manner. However, seeing as it reference Las Vegas I guess you were going for a trashy version of east meets west. Also, bullfighting? That’s sick.

  80. Josmary Ochoa Says:


    • Cyrina Ba Says:

      no dear , we already had like 3 or 4 french weeks, if not more, most of themes are concentrated on UK, USA, and France, I’d like to see an african week, and more sepcificallt a north african one !!!!

  81. Grifit Says:

    I know is just one item but still DON’T!!!
    if this is a mistake please, fix it, but please DON’T!!!
    I hate bullfighting, I’m from Mexico, and here that is something seen as “normal” but there’s a lot of people that are against it and we want to stop it, please change that item for a “NO TO BULLFIGHTING Poster” please!!!!!

  82. Kurt Zio A. Araneta Says:

    i want some gaga week!!

    with new ponies!! and makeupkits!!!

  83. Samantha Says:

    Thank you for finally putting Filipino themed items on here. I just wish that it was more.

  84. Grifit Says:

    Please, if you are against this bullfighting item, join the page, support the cause

  85. Kurt Zio A. Araneta Says:

    who can buy the girls bundle?

    add me on fb!!

  86. Moni Oseida Says:

    PLAYFISH… could you please read all this comments and realize the bullfigting item was a mistake! say somethig about… anything, dont say anything means you are not concerned about what the players opinion

  87. Moni Oseida Says: please look at this…

  88. Bob Mortenson Says:

    Bullfighting??? That’s disgusting!!

    What’s your next theme, a slaughterhouse?


  89. Rita Mortenson Says:

    I can’t believe Pet Society actually has a Bullfight game on their new “East Meets West” (huh?) theme. What’s next, dog fighting? Rooster fighting? A slaughterhouse theme? Are the inmates running the asylum here? I hope everyone will boycott this theme. They can replace the bullfight with a “Stop cruelty to animals” shirt or poster. Do you suppose anyone is listening?

  90. rivah Says:

    get rid of the bull fighting.

  91. rivah Says:

  92. PooeyHug Says:

    I wish there’s a Vocaloid Week…………….. I want VOCALOID dress and items

    ugh…. -,-

  93. Marci Says:

    WHY would you glorify BULL FIGHTING??? Seriously?? I hate cruelty to animals ~ and HELLO??? Isn’t this PET Society?? People on here happen to LOVE ANIMALS!!! Change it.
    Change the theme.
    Change it NOW!!!

  94. susana perez Says:

    Please remove the bullfighting craftable item, This is SO CRUEL!! promoting cruelty to animals

  95. Rhudea Carla Lescano Says:

    i am a pilipino im a girl 🙂

  96. Clara Mattos Says:

    What a shame! That’s why you stop with WWF merchandising? Because now you’re promoting violence against animals?
    Even people in Spain are trying to stop this “sport” and you’re making a joke of it… In a game to children and teens?

    Please take the Torero Arena out! What the heck you where thinking? Is it Pet Society or Cruel Humans Society?

  97. Kiseki Says:

    Bull fighting? You gotta be kidding me. I rather have more WWF items.

  98. María Ivonne Lissidini Says:

    I hate bullfighting, I’m against animal torture, please remove this crafting, this is PS, we play this game because we love animals.

  99. Fern Eros Fernandez Says:

    proudly to say, i am a FILIPINO<3! waiting for a long time for this kind of theme. thank you PS<3. *u*

  100. estela Says:

    este item es un insulto para los que estan en contra del maltrato animal. En españa estamos luchando para terminar con las corridas de toros y el hecho que el item del toro y el toreros es más que ofensivo, porque si se esta luchando por terminar algo que se considera crueldad… en mi juego del pet, no quiero maltrato animal alguno
    This item is an insult to those who are against animal abuse. In Spain we are working to end bullfighting and the fact that the item of the bull and the bullfighter is more than offensive, because if it is struggling to finish something that is considered cruelty … pet in my game I do not want any animal abuse

  101. Blue Sylph Says:

    What’s the next week?
    white seals killing?!

  102. Randi Steers Says:

    Seriously, Pet Society is a GAME people. No real animals are being harmed if the admins create a bullfighting craftable item. Yes, bullfighting is a bloodsport, and yes I dislike it, but it’s a huge part of the culture there. Bullfighting happens.
    You guys didn’t get upset when the Pet Society admins made Samurai (people who were Japanese warriors and killed other people), and you didn’t get offended when they made pirates (people who grave-robbed, stole from people, murdered people, etc). You can choose to be offended by a simple game that includes items to illustrate the theme of the week (which often has to do with culture), or you can enjoy the game in the context of the game. It’s not glorifying anything. Video games do not perpetuate violence of any kind. Should the makers of Call of Duty stop having in game violence, because it’s “glorifying war”? No. It’s just a game. Bullfights happen. So do rodeos (which are popular in America), where animals are tortured and ridden for sport; some even die.
    I would have an issue with the craftable item if crafting it sent money to help fund bullfighting. But it wasn’t, obviously. Games reflect reality, and reality shouldn’t be shielded. “Oh no! Pet Society put bullfighting in the game, people might get the false impression that bullfighting actually happens in reality!”
    Come on… that’s ridiculous.

  103. Ian Says:

    The Avengers week!

  104. Dan Patrick Says:

    !!Thank You!! for removing the bullfighting craftable!!!!

  105. Grifit Says:

    Thank you so much for hearing our petitions and removing the item, this is proof that Pet Society is always compromised with the players and works with high ethics standards

    • Alesita VB Says:

      Agree, thanks for removing that S***t, I´m against bullfighting and any kind of animal abuse e.e

  106. lucia vila bau Says:

    thanks for remove the item…..<3

  107. rivah Says:

    yes well done 🙂

  108. Mou Says:


  109. Moni Oseida Says:

    thank you so much… :)) i agree with grifit this shows you have ethics standards

  110. CF Says:

    Thanks for the Taiwanese theme! 😀 However, it will be better if you use other costumes to represent Taiwan, aboriginal ones for example.

  111. belinda boelman Says:

    i really love the items. they are very pretty. i felt some compliments were much needed. i would hate to have this game shut down because they get tired of everyone just complaining all the time. i have had two beloved games shut down on me already and i have put money into this game despite that. i would hate to lose all that i have put into this as well as my beloved pet meeps. so saying that keep up the great work guys. it does make some happy =)

  112. Carolynn Says:

    Thank you for removing the bullfighting craft, it made me very happy!!!

  113. lucas cofre veliz Says:

    why not make a week of little red riding hood and they love to do weeks to girl

  114. niki Says:

    quero una mascota bonita

  115. Toni Lyon Says:

    Wow, bullfighting? Really?!! But the whole week is confusing. Why not do a Las Vegas theme. Or an Asian Gaming theme. Love the Africa idea I would really like that. I agree no cruelty to animals. There is so much cruelty in the world why have it in a harmless game. But you got to go with one theme. The outfits are cool but the East meets West items totally don’t work. Love the bus!

  116. Reiz Ibarrientos Says:

    ang ganda sa Pilipinas kapag sumakay ka sa Filipino jeepney dama mong mahangin tapos ipapasyal ka nun sa magagandang pook pasyalan at ihahatid ka sa lugar na patutunguhan mo

  117. Reiz Ibarrientos Says:

    I love Filipino jeepney and scene changing mount Mayon,Filipino jeepney, Filipinina dress,barong tagalog, and other items.The items this week are like souvenirs.I love playing pet society with lots of souvenirs and fun

  118. Jem Says:

    Not enough crafting time for the window! Most people like 2 of each kind of window. We barely are given time to craft one!

  119. patricia celdrán Says:

    POR FAVOR!!! devuelvanme de mi workshop la corrida de toros, ya habia empezado a tener varios items y de pronto desapareció de mi baul de craftables. por favor revisen bién y demenla otra vezzzzzzzzzzzz

  120. Paola Says:

    Mi regalate qualcosa?
    I’m Italienne.

  121. meh Says:

    Thank you for removing the bullfighting craft!!!!!

  122. Oussama Mrad Says:

    why the fuck did u remove the bullfighting im not …………

  123. Vale Cervera Says:

    es genial

  124. Tannis Says:

    Not real impressed with these items… they seem all over the place, won’t be participating this week at all, oh well…will wait for next week

  125. Josmary Ochoa Says:

    I luv the week even the bull stuff

  126. Josmary Ochoa Says:

    why they took it off the bulls

  127. Barbara Howard Says:

    Looking where the heck to click on for the Sunday plushy animal. It isn’t showing up. I have looked every where. I don’t care if I don’t get it, it is just bazaar one can’t find the click area for the item @ doesn’t show it either. Perhaps it’s in TIMBUCKTWO!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  128. Norris Says:

    I’m Spanish and I say thanks for remove the bull item, it’s violence against animals. And I want to say that the spanish items you put this week AREN’T spanish: salsa?????????? spanish hat????????? I’m dissapointed, waiting all this time for a spanish week and you give that to us? It’s a pity

  129. Con Cétchathach Says:

    I only like the Taiwanese door, the craftable window and the evolving Taiwanese mystery arch, but none of these items really go with anything else, it’s all a bit of a mess I think.
    But, I should like to thank you for listening to your fans and removing the offensive craft items.

  130. Jeanette Says:

    i would like to see more things Gothic, like clothes, house items, decor, just with out the hearts.

    it would also be cool if, if you saved up a certain amount of gold coins you could trade them in for pet society cash.

    i like the petlings, but they would be more fun if you could get toys for them to play with or for our pets to use to play with the petlings, and if they were more interactive with the users (other than sticking its tongue out at us).

  131. Toni Lyon Says:

    This weeks theme was confusing and didn’t work. I know a lot of thought and work goes into each weeks themes. Why not have some contests or ask for suggestions. Old movies like Casa Blanca would be cool! 20,000 legues under the Sea you could have a cool submarine and all kinds of monsters. I would like to see some more new fish and other cool items like the shells and the amber that you can catch. But please don’t make all new stuff PFC. The Salsa outfits are very nice and the Taiwanese but does that go with the arch that is out of size with everything else. Please consider size in the rooms. All the aquariums have been so huge that is all you can fit in a room. We need more activities besides racing – a fishing derby, maybe motor car racine theme and a course you could actually race on. Just some idea, you guys do an amazing job but need a tweek here and there. thanks for all the fun tho!

  132. abeer Says:

    هذا جميل جدا قرب ان انتهي منها الى الشجر الجميلة

  133. Ivaaa Says:

    I’ve got an idea 🙂
    I wasn’t playing PS a lot before and when I see houses from pets in caffe there’s so many good stuff but I can’t buy them because they are gone 😦
    So my sugestion is, you can make a week called ‘Lost treasures’ or something and give us some all stuff that were in shops before

  134. Ervine Jan Acierto Says:

    i m filipino :333

  135. Serena E Basta Says:

    Can I suggest a theme week with Africa? perhaps with the beautiful fabrics that are used there! I think, has not yet been made.

  136. Matias Collao Says:

    i am Chilean… everybody right now STOP DA F*CKIN PET SOCIETY CASH

  137. Blue Says:

    i really think PS is running out of good themes!

  138. Olga Says:

    Thanks for removing the bullfighting item!!! But please do more research regarding the culture you are picking as a theme. I mean, Salsa??? That has nothing to do with Spain. Salsa was invented in New York by Latino musicians who were influenced by Cuban and other Latino sounds. You wouldn’t clump together American, British and Australian cultures just because they speak the same language, right?

  139. faran Says:

    hi i am farhan i am playing pt society

  140. Indah Yunita Says:

    i have an idea for a new item i’m thinking about a blue tree with a pet society cash as a fruit. this tree should cost pretty expensive.
    whoever agrees please leave a reply at

  141. Indah Yunita Says:


  142. Mike Says:

    Well, I’d say this week is cruel but it is only in a game and also, the person was not going to kill the bull, there infact was no violence at all except an innocent looking bull and a person holding a red cape. Whats the matter? Well I’d support you people saying it is cruel but they had to include it since it is a very important or would I say significant tradition to this country (Spain, not been rude to them) so since it says ‘It’s East meets West Week’, they have to put something related to the theme. There is nothing else you can think of which has animation, can you?

  143. Angel Barrios Says:

    Hello my name is Angel I could do a favor and I would appreciate muchicimo rooms resold mysterious coin societi mo cash for pet stores and I see it I will thank muchicimo.

  144. Dany Valentino Says:

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Bl

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