Welcome to No Theme Week!



21 Responses to “Welcome to No Theme Week!”

  1. Love Fernandez Says:

    cool !

  2. Lolsters Says:

    Thank You PS!

  3. Tasmia Tasin Says:

    This is new yet I like it.

  4. Icarus Wings Says:

    this is “Modern Theme Week” not “No Theme Week”

  5. Feri Domo Cv Says:

    love it!!

  6. Haoshi Says:

    wow! awesome :3

  7. Cyrina Ba Says:

    and why do u call it no theme , while its kind of “modern week ” ? i don’t get it LOL

  8. Ivaaa Says:

    wow amazing. my house really needs a refresh and Im totally using this stuff

  9. 132132312 Says:

    I’ve got great ideas for pet society weeks! who is week creator?

  10. Linda L Jeska-Patrick Says:

    Woot!!!! I Love It All!!! It will so go with my house and look good. Plus it will work for my husband’s pet also!! Thanks Pet Society!!

  11. jlr92 Says:

    awesome, such cool furniture!

  12. Bintang11 Says:

    Thank you for using the 2nd idea I suggested!
    (The first one was the poo outfit!!!)

    • aminosa Says:

      you shouldnt brag you know ^^ your not the only one who suggested these themes, they picked them because they were sugested a lot 🙂 😛

  13. izzy Says:

    I have been playing ps forever, and this is going to be the best week I have ever seen!!

  14. Susan Shaw Says:

    I like the garden gate and fence…but that’s about it for me. I think it’s because I’ve been playing so long and have so many similar items to this week’s. But I know many will enjoy it, especially the newer players. Still waiting for a Scotland week…kilts, bagpipes, Nessie monster, heather bouquets, castle, and golf 😉

  15. miriam Says:

    YOUR KILLING ME!!!!! This is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!

  16. NotFromMars Says:

    (but that totally is a theme… XD)

  17. Amey Farrell Says:

    Thank you for finally listening to your fans ideas! This week is going to be great!

  18. Linzon Says:

    A “No theme”-week? Genious! 😀 But there’s a lot of modern things as people have said… 🙂

  19. andrea.c Says:

    it would be easier and faster if you put a search bar in shops so it would not take a lot of time to buy things that we wanted or you can make a list of themes and when a player click the theme that he/she wants it will show the items for that theme 🙂

  20. Animelover Says:

    Can we please have a hetalia theme sometime? please!!! it would be really really fun ❤

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