It’s Beau Monde Week!


36 Responses to “It’s Beau Monde Week!”

  1. TYNOI Says:

    Me Gusta

  2. Yon Says:

    wow! It’s so beautiful!

  3. GuessWho Says:

    girl week again……

  4. only_me hasna Says:

    boring about the L.E cash, i love bundle but i dont like this time, the wig are
    look like a poor woman :/
    but i like the clothes 🙂

  5. PETSOFAN Says:

    so cute =)

  6. Maria S. Kluge Says:

    Guess I’ll go on vacation this week as there are no items worth playing for. The new furniture is gaudy. the wallpaper doesn’t go w/the furniture at all. Not much to look forward.

  7. Gloria Marinero Says:


  8. Lolsters Says:


  9. Bandarrita Says:

    I love the pet hair make over machine.

  10. Christine Nicole Says:

    Ooohhh…Cool. Love the clothes. I’m so excited to buy these new things! xD

  11. LilyPotter Says:

    These are great! I know someone who is totally into the whole modeling thing, so she will really dig this week!!!

  12. allurah Says:

    weee fashionista week! ❤

  13. Susan Shaw Says:

    Hair makeover machine and hat vending machine are nice…wonder if the pets will be able to carry the purses or wear the jewelry. If so, that’s a plus too! Other than that, I probably won’t buy much of the other items, not really my taste.

  14. Jackie Says:

    It’s cool, but I would LOVE to see a Star Trek, Star Wars, “Retro TV Week” (items after old shows like Leave it to Beaver, I Love Lucy, etc) and a Toy Story week! *o*

    • Susan Shaw Says:

      I like that idea!

    • tabby Says:

      Lol jackie if they do one of those ideas then ppl will be complainting about it LOL “its not orignal” LOL
      I would like to see toy story,star wars,star trek even smurfs lol.
      I would love to see them bring back harry potters themes 🙂

  15. Linda L Jeska-Patrick Says:

    Those of us who have pets that are into modeling will love this week. I know I will. A runway!!!!!!!! Awesome. Keep up the good work, guys!

  16. Ivaaa Says:

    I adore it. Great items to redecorate my ballerina green room, I got bored of it already xD Can’t wait for Monday.

  17. NotFromMars Says:

    Boy pet stuff please… and just cause it looks like or is called “boy clothes” doesn’t mean it’s anything a boy pet would actually be caught dead wearing. 😐 (or that their owner? would actually have them wear)
    Oooh and I agree with Jackie, Retro TV week sounds cool!

  18. Ingrid Mayes Says:

    It looks good and all, but why are you realeasing Cash Bundle Outfits every week, it’s hard enough to only receive 1 cash every 5th day u.u

  19. miriam Says:

    LoVe it, like always CANT WAIT!!!!

  20. Toni Lyon Says:

    Awesome! Can the pets wear the jewelery? So cool! Can’t wait to start decorating!

  21. Chairman Meow Says:


  22. belinda boelman Says:

    i love it all and i just cant wait.

  23. belinda boelman Says:

    i really love all the hair that is in the pictures. wish we could have hair like that for our pets.

  24. alex Says:

    me gustan todos los articulos

  25. lucas cofre veliz Says:

    hey pet society there are boys playing this game and these weeks so only girls could not be make a week for men and women
    the fairies gothic alice in wonderland passion of the little mermaid mulan weeks just for girls

  26. Jamie James Says:

    the theme is good im in agreement too many girl stuff i dress like a boy and so does my pet!!! saying that love the hair dye machine and i love the monde shelf the reason being i can use it to stack my wigs on thanks very very very much 🙂

  27. alex Says:


  28. lolbanana Says:

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  29. Laura DeBruyne Says:


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  31. victor Says:

    queridos amigos las nuevas cosas so guao

  32. Lizzy Says:

    Quiero una semana de One Direction Por favor :DD

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