Welcome to the Citrus Week!


23 Responses to “Welcome to the Citrus Week!”

  1. Tanya Lee Says:

    very unique~!!

  2. allurah Says:

    awwww everything is so cute! ❤

  3. Jackie Says:

    Ooh! Me likey! (I think you shoud make a Star Wars themed day next! Or the Emperor’s New Groove! Haha.)

  4. deela Says:

    In love with the mystery outfits ^o^ ❤

  5. Ivaaa Says:

    Amazing ❤

  6. NotFromMars Says:

    It’s cute, but really?? Everything is SO GIRL THEMED. I’m sure more girls play, but there are girls with BOY pets and a 1 in 6 chance at a boy outfit with a mystery box isn’t right. D:

  7. Jami Says:

    Those Lemon Glasses from the mystery box look a lot more like kiwi.

  8. 7alawah Says:

    I like the hairstyle of the kiwi girl costume =)

  9. 7alawah Says:

    I like the hairstyle of the kiwi girl costume =)

  10. Toni Lyon Says:

    love it love it love it! what a awesome change! Thanks PS!

  11. no one123 Says:

    the creativity is back,good work ps community…

  12. cascadingrain Says:

    Hm… kinda reminds me of “Tutti Fruiti Week”… running out of ideas? But good job man! Love this theme more than Tutti Fruiti, though the coin only outfits could do a MUCH better job. I swear.

  13. cascadingrain Says:

    Hm…. Kinda reminds me of “Tutti Fruiti Week”. Running out of ideas i see. But… Good job! I love this theme more~ (Though the coin outfits could do a MUCH better job.)

  14. 102212yuri Says:

    sour theme

  15. Vale JM Says:

    Please reduce the parts and time of the cfrafting items. I want them to decorate on Monday with the update 😦

  16. cherrd Says:

    Haven’t we had fruit week it is kind of almost the same.

  17. arihoma Says:

    Finally! That’s creative, cute and fun!!! Love it! And any previous fruit theme wasn’t half as cute as this one. Got someone new on the team?

  18. Athena Says:

    I love it!

  19. meaghan Says:

    i really really do NOT like the new blog…have you realized that you can no longer search them (with the search bar) since they’re pictures, and not entered as text, it doesn’t read them…very inconvenient!

  20. Dog beds for large dogs Says:

    this is beautiful one.

  21. mrs payne Says:

    your just rediong everything citrus is like the tutti fruitti and next week neon =cyber punk does any 1 realise??????

  22. Khaira Hudna Says:


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