It’s Chinese Legends Week!


23 Responses to “It’s Chinese Legends Week!”

  1. Ivaaa Says:

    Can we have United Kindom week someday???? Please, we had Japan now China.. I bet a lot of British fans would be amazed

  2. eklektike Says:

    wow, great! šŸ™‚

  3. val Says:


  4. deela Says:

    Awesome ^_^!

  5. allurah Says:

    looovvvveee it! ā¤

  6. Jennie Says:

    We’ve had chinese/japanese/asian theme soooo many times – boring!!

  7. Marcel Darmawan Says:

    Fa Mulan !!
    oops …

  8. Zoey Angel Says:

    Wish I had more rooms! How about giving us a way to get more rooms!!!

  9. mochibunny Says:

    mulan…whaaatt???there’re better chinese stuffs other than mulan!!!

  10. Jami Says:

    You guys love doing asian themes. Gotta agree with a comment above that they are getting boring. Puppy petling? Isn’t there already a dog petling? …….>_>

  11. Cupcake Says:

    Stop complaining… This looks great!!

  12. Su Ah Says:

    People need to stop thinking that Chinese and Japanese themes are the same thing It’s two completely different countries, speaking two completely different languages and two completely different cultures. It’s not our problem some people are too ignorant to know the difference.

  13. Bilqis YoonAddict AndSooyoungster Says:

    Great,can we have France Week?,i love that country!

  14. macerayısevenadam Says:

    booring :/

  15. LilyPotter Says:

    Nice!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Jen Says:

    Boring!!!! Horrible artwork.. šŸ˜¦

    I’m getting bored with PS. I guess I’ll have to find something to replace it.

  17. Raquel Michelow Says:

    FANTASTICO!!!! Me gusta TODO!!! Felicitaciones a PS

  18. Jackie Says:

    Aw, stop complaining everyone…SHEESH! They make tons of new items a week…if you play on a cruddy site like Neopets, they make nothing. Pet Society is where it’s at! These items are amazing, really. Mulan ftw!

  19. Toni Lyon Says:

    I really like some of the new stuff, but do I want another pet – especially in a package of the special items – a resounding NO! Come on. There are some great ideas out there. How about Monster week – King Kong, Godzilla- Runway week – put the clothes together to make your own style, fireman, police man, jeeze there are so many themes just asking for print. I would like to see more variety – love the game – getting bored with the same stuff recycled!

  20. Valu Medi Says:

    pua sarpe este juego deja mi pet tiene la mitad de estas cosas

  21. kassandra valdes Says:

    pet society , es el mejor juego consejo deberian hacer una temporada de star warts serias asombroso

  22. John Kelvin Gregorio Says:

    wow i very very like it am playing that game on my facebook

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